If You Don’t Take Care of Women in Your Party (and Don’t Respect Those in the Other Party), How Can You Be Trusted with Issues Affecting Women–Or Anything Else, For That Matter? (It’s the Loss of Credibility, Stupid!)


That’s all I have to say now.  The Democratic Party has ZERO credibility with me now.

Oh, it was hanging by a thread even before this primary season.  In 2005, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were going to “Drain the Swamp.” Except that the Democratic Party itself turned into “The Swamp.” on their way to achieving the lowest Congressional approval ratings ever in Gallup poll history . The first 100 hours went by in a flash with nothing much happening.  Harry Reid kept mailing me about how he was “giving them hell” but I never saw any flames.

And my criteria for “results” was pretty low. Did I expect a wave of programs sailing through and a rollback of the Bush agenda? No! All I expected were a few signs of life and SOME FIGHT!!  Did I get any? None that stick with me.

I wasn’t a Hillary Clinton supporter in the beginning. The only one who appealed to me was John Edwards, because he was mentioning corporatism and how its tentacles affected every aspect of American life.  The media ignored Edwards out of the race, which turned out to be a good thing as his pants had been unzipped unbeknownst to us who really were hoping for a fighter.

Obama never really made a great impression on me. From the get go, I didn’t trust him.  He had no experience and I knew early on about his questionable connections.  Being an old hag, I wasn’t buying all the hopey dopey stuff.

I saw a book event by Obama biographer Shelby Steele in Berkeley, California and listened to his discussion of Obama’s life and how his followers would be disappointed.  It sure made a lot of sense to me.

Once Obama opened his mouth saying that the Viet Nam war held no lessons to be learned and then launched into his admiration for the operating system of the Reagan Era (all in the same interview) he was pretty much over for me.

His version of “change” didn’t look like change to me as he voted for FISA and it was revealed that he was going to vote for John Roberts for the Supreme Court but was advised otherwise because it wouldn’t look right.  He caved on his nuclear safety bill and accommodated the GOP. Well, he also accommodated himself since Exelon was one of his biggest donors. His flip flops would later come at such breakneck speed that I couldn’t figure out when he had the time to stick his finger into the wind to even see which way the wind was blowing.

Then there was the crap he started dishing out to Hillary Clinton.  “You’re likable enough,” uttered with his head turned down and away from her, was a complete turnoff. His strutting around the stage like a bad imitation of a nightclub comedian bugged me.  When he flicked Hillary off his shoulder and gave her the “street finger” I was appalled at his cocky arrogance. With this behavior, you knew he and the Party weren’t about to stand up to the misogyny being dished out to Hillary by the media.

The man swung between intoning platitudes with forced gravitas and acting like a street thug.  It was like he couldn’t make up his mind whom he was talking to.  One minute he was talking like a preacher, the next he was posing for a “crotch shot” for women reporters on his plane. And, oh, that plane. Just the type of plane that Sarah Palin would love to put on Ebay…

But the crowning achievement of Barack Obama was to re-create Bill and Hillary Clinton as a racists.  It took all of his own talents as a whiner and faux victim, coupled with the same qualities in his wife, to accomplish this.  The surrogates waved paper around on Meet the Press and off they went, leaving the wreckage of Bill Clinton’s legacy and the old guard of the civil rights movement behind.

I didn’t like the people he hung out with.  Rezko, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Nadhmi Auchi, a boatload of “mega-pastors, ” William Ayers…but not too many real people.  And Axelrod…the guy who cleverly gave Obama Deval Patrick’s speech to read and was emulating every Rovian trick in the book.

You know what really appalled me? That comment about women and late-term abortion: “”Now, I don’t think that ‘mental distress’ qualifies as the health of the mother,” said Obama.   And NARAL and even Planned Parenthood are still on board. Was it the money promised or the threats of no money that got them there?

And then his crew got to humiliate Hillary Clinton at the RBC Meeting and the Democratic Convention and the next week, stood by as Obama followers trashed Sarah Palin.

Threats. Intimidation. Lack of respect. Acceptance of misogyny. Divisiveness. That seems to have replaced reaching out…especially to many in his own Party!

I’m recalling the lovely black woman whom CNN caught on tape…She wept as she expressed what Hillary Clinton represented to her.  Beside her was a young man, whom I thought was a guard of some sort.  Well, it turned out he was…an enforcer from the Obama camp, who spoke sharply to her as she finished speaking.

The hallmark of the Obama campaign has been the lack of caring for anybody but Obama. I don’t see much evidence of his really caring about much else…and that includes the people in Rezko’s slums

Last night I caught a rerun of “The Best Man” on TCM. The older Secretary of State (played by Henry Fonda) confronts the ruthless Joe Cantwell (Cliff Robertson) with this hard truth:

“You have no sense of responsibility to anyone or anything…and that is a sad thing for a man and a disaster for the country.”

Seems to sum it up perfectly.

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  1. Great post. God, I sooooooooo agree. We are supposed to think Obama/new Dem party care about women’s issues when they craps all over women?

  2. IA–Seems we have a lot in common. I, too, was an Edwards supporter for exactly the same reasons you cite–the takeover of our democracy by big money and big corporations. Obama was never even a consideration, however. I didn’t vote for him for Senator here in Illinois because I’d never even heard of him in the local political scene. Seems I was right, because I never received so much as an acknowledgement when I emailed him on issues. He’s just a creation of the Chicago machine, caring for no one but himself.

    Sadly, as you point out, only a handful of Democrats care about the people they’re supposed to represent. Pelosi, Dean, Kerry, Rockefeller–the list of corrupted Dems goes on and on. I’m through defending them. We need major party rebuilding from the ground up.

  3. The democrats problem was that they tried to foist a pushy criminal woman who was really a 70s era feminazi on us.

    The republicans gave us Sarah, a babe, with traditional values who’d improve any guy’s office.

    Win for Republicans

  4. after listening to rudy and romney, i remembered why i hated republicans.

    Rest of ticket = DEMS (except the obvious-kerry, pelosi…etc, etc-)

  5. Talking the talk should no longer be enough for women in either party. The old “sure I’ll respect ya baby” just ain’t getting it done.

    Democrats talk about being the party for women, unless it means putting a super qualified woman on their ticket.

    Republicans, supposedly the party that does not respect the female gender does put a woman on their ticket.

    What does that say?

  6. Hi! I just saw this link and had to respond. Like you, I was an Edwards supporter first. I changed to Hillary for many reasons, the first one being that she wiped the floor with Obama and Edwards at every debate and she showed me what a real President should look like. I never would have voted for Obambi because he’s Senator of my State, Illinois, and I can attest for the fact that the guy has done NOTHING for Illinois and what he did do was corrupt and immoral as could be.

    The one thing that I do like about Sarah Palin is that she said she would be there as an advocate for moms with children of disabilities. I think in general, she will add the woman’s voice that needs to be heard and is often…no, always dismissed as not worthy to be addressed. After all, there are bridges to name and money to be stolen from the taxpayers…why deal with equal pay for women or universal health care so single moms can afford medical attention while pregnant…or who could have access to free birth control?

    Great blog, I’ll add you to my blogroll on The Divine Democrat. I also have a blog Bad Habit, but I moved all my political posts to TDD. Please stop over if you get a chance. 🙂

  7. Yup! Obamacrats are like the bully in grade school who would beat up and rob others of their lunch money. How many people would vote for that guy if he ran for class president? Yet they expect us to vote for him. No sale here. I don’t vote for bullies, thugs and idiots. it’s against my principals!


  8. Great Site, Mary Ellen! I’ll add you to my site as well….

  9. INSIGHT…YOUR BLOG IS A DAILY DOSE OF LITERARY CAFFEINE…at least one stop a day for me…


    The Elephant in the Room.

    This describes me in a nutcase-shell…I can’t believe I have loosened the reins of the Dim-ocratic Party’s shackles,
    and have jumped into the Lion’s den of the Republican camp.
    Just testing the water, and so far, the peanuts are the same…except for…SARAH PALIN…
    finally a woman on the top ticket. Yes, I am that kind of feminist.


  10. ” His flip flops would later come at such breakneck speed that I couldn’t figure out when he had the time to stick his finger into the wind to even see which way the wind was blowing.”
    Best line EVAH!
    and one of your best posts, as well.

    Mary Ellen and I could be neighbors, sisters, neighbors.

  11. McKinney on C-SPAN

    Cynthia McKinney can be seen in a half-hour interview for Road to the White House, scheduled to air on Sunday, September 7 at 6:30 pm EST and again at 9:30 pm EST the same night.

  12. wow. you just made deciding so much harder. I did not know all this happened.

    this past few days, I was really hating pubs. mccain- I think has sold his soul to the devil. I liked him in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. now, he’s made it so apparent he’ll do ANYTHING to be in the white house, not necessarily to do anything for us, but more because it was a goal to do so. that maverick is gone. and throwing his POW card, even on jay leno. I’m very offended by that, because, although it was very honorable, throwing his POW card to advance his chances of going to the white house, cheapens the experience. then when he thought he was losing, he threw palin out there. was I suppose to vote for her just because she’s a woman? I felt insulted. and when she spoke at the convention….the smugness, lies, sarcasm, nasty insults….although well delivered, was in poor taste.

    and if nothing else, thinking about the past 7 years with bush and pubs terrify me.

    I’m glad you’ve exposed me to the nastiness of the dems though. I hear in passing of PUMA and disgruntle hillary supporters, but I never understood the situation and why they were so angry. thank you for sharing.

    but now, I’m truly conflicted.

  13. My two sisters are gay. They are horrified at the prospect of a John McCain presidency.

    If the GLBT community thinks Barack Obama is going to stand up for gay rights I have two words for them…Donnie McClurkin.

  14. “he threw palin out there. was I suppose to vote for her just because she’s a woman? I felt insulted”

    I have been a lurker for awhile. I like your site. I am a democrat who will be voting McCain/Palin. She impresses me – she walks the talk. Something we don’t see in many politiicans.

    Anyway, I have to comment on the quote above. Why would any woman be insulted by McCain choosing Sarah Palin as Vice-President. Sarah Palin is more qualified than Obama so why aren’t these same women insulted that Obama was handed the democratic nomination for President. Are these women really willing to vote for a man who is less qualified than McCain’s VP pick. I hear Obama is for women’s rights but he does not tell us what he has done or show us laws he wrote or got passed improving women’s rights. If you go to the NARAL website they criticize John McCain but do not list anything Obama has done for women. I don’t understand why a woman would be insulted that another woman was picked for a VP slot. The democrats could have had a qualified woman but she threatened Obama’s ego.

  15. creeper…

    see this post about Obama and mega pastors…with links to other posts on the subject….


  16. ia, thank you for the link. It’s depressing to see the intolerant religious infesting the Democratic party.

    Not that it will stand them in good stead, though. The more people learn about Obama’s religious history the less they like it. I’ve always said that if Iowa voters had known about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the time of our caucuses, none of us would be here today.

    “God damn America” does not play well in What Cheer, Iowa.

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