The Direction of This Blog in the Wake of the Democratic Party’s Fiasco

This will not be a pro-McCain blog.

I will not be voting for Obama, but have made no decision on how to handle my vote in November.  I may pull the lever for McCain if NM looks very close in Obama’s favor.  If McCain or Palin say or do something that seems worthy of discussing in a favorable light, I will do so, but that is not an indication of my switching over to the Republican Party.  I am currently a “non-affiliated” voter; I dropped my registration as a Democrat several months ago because of the actions of the DNC and the Obama campaign. There is a chance I will not go to the polls at all, which would be the first time I’ve chosen not to vote.

Blogging here will go on as usual.  I will continue to:

1) Research Obama and comment on is connections, words and actions, as well as the folly of the Democratic Party, which also means keeping an eye on the New Mexico political scene. Frankly, with Bill Richardson here, there’s plenty to watch.

2) Keep up against the misogyny of the media and the Democratic party, which has now become so obvious.

The treatment of women in politics by the media and the parties apparently has not improved greatly; there’s been a festering sore hidden under sloganeering and false commitment on the part of the Democrats which seems to be as deeply engrained as the “Neanderthalism” of Republican’s policies which involve women’s issues.  I’ve been at this since the 60’s and did a good deal of marching on Washington during the Reagan years, but apparently, I have to keep at it.  This is a crucial moment for the country and we must keep going! It is bigger than Hillary, whose experience has opened the window on what’s really going on…It cannot be swept under the rug any longer!!! To that end, this blog will most likely participate in The New Agenda:

Mission Statement

The New Agenda, through its members and partner organizations, seeks to advance women’s rights. The New Agenda will bring about a systemic change in the way women are treated in the media, by the government, at the workplace, and at home. To achieve our goals, we will empower women by working towards parity in the government and in the workplace. The New Agenda will also formulate an agenda based on core women’s issues which we will promote in a non-partisan fashion. The New Agenda will speak out for the millions of women in this great country who often have no voice.

3) Bring readers information about relevant foreign news. I do want to get back on a regular schedule of my World Media Watch and World Energy Watch. So far, politics has taken too much of my time to really do this…but my goal to get back to these columns is still alive. In the meantime, the International Press Library is now available.

4) I’ll occasionally talk about my dogs, garden and other things that make life worth living.

Uppity Woman has commented that she intends to do her part “to enable people ‘NOT TO FEEL ALONE'” and I hope this blog will also serve this purpose.

Thanks for visiting. If any readers would like to submit essays in any of the areas I’ve just outlined, I would welcome the chance to consider them for posting.