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Introducing…THE SCANNER!

~~By InsightAnalytical–GRL

THE SCANNER is a new feature we’re going to experiment with! We may find it too much to manage, but it’s worth a try!

Basically, THE SCANNER is patterned after THE PAST WEEK post that appears on Sundays.  But, THE SCANNER will appear throughout the week on an occasional basis…or perhaps more often…in addition to our regular posting.

We’re going to experiment with possibly three versions:

The Scanner: Politics Edition

The Scanner: International Edition

The Scanner: Readers’ Choice Edition

The Political and International Editions

These editions will pick up links of interesting stories that otherwise wouldn’t carry an entire post, and also include brief commentary.  An example is the “Midweek’s Musings” post from today (whose title will be changed to The Scanner: Politics Edition.)

The International Edition is meant to replace the old World Media Watch. The format will be more flexible and more free-flowing.

The Scanner: Readers’ Choice Edition

We often get interesting links included in the comments sections of posts. We’d love to collect them together in on spot so they aren’t lost.  This scanner will hopefully accomplish this.  We urge all commentors who include a link to FLAG their post, perhaps with a label like ‘LINK‘  or symbols (@@@@, for example) in the post!  That way, they will be easier to spot.  We might also include specific standout comments that we think should be highlighted.

We’re planning to put up a “TAB” at the top of the page (along with the others already there…About, Life, etc) where we will create an archive of the SCANNER posts.  Each post will be dated and labeled so the contents are easily identified.

So, that’s the plan! We’ll see how it works out! Thanks for hanging in there with us!!!


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