UPDATE  8/25/09
I mentioned transferring stuff from my old website to this site?  Forget about it, it’s such OLD NEWS!!!  I can hardly keep up with today let alone worrying about “old stuff” when the Democrats actually seemed to be better than they actually were!!!  LOL!!  And, no WMW or WEW either…they’re all still up at Buzzflash…
This site will be evolving as I transfer material from my old site to this one! I will also be creating new versions of the World Media Watch and World Energy Watch. I will also do some political blogging as I get the urge to do so! Much of the older material will be archives of commentaries I wrote for Buzzflash before that site changed its orientation during the Democratic primary season. These older commentaries reflect the time when progressives were united against the Bush Administration instead of being in the present state of chaos …
This will all take place gradually as I find the time in between taking care of my 3 dogs, doing my gardening, and practicing my Tai Chi Chih!
I’m happy to say that the International Press Library is up…and I’m still working on the International Broadcasters section, although some of the bigger international services are included in the Intl’l Press Libary under their respective countries.

You’ll probably be hearing more about these interests as I go along…and, of course, I’ll want to hear about your dogs, gardens, and various practices like Qigong and the various meditative practices as well!

Til Later,


My Background: Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science; 5+ years in the field of market research, including stints at Exhibit Surveys, R.H. Bruskin Associates, The Gallup Organization and United States Testing Company (including many consumer products and consumer product safety testing; 2 years with The Hartford; 8 years as a public librarian and school media specialist in all grades, from pre-school to Grade 12. (Assorted extras: Associates Degree in Automotive Technology/Chrysler Program (only woman in class, graduated #1); cosmetology license and advanced training in London at Vidal Sassoon; Trained and certified in hypnotherapy by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.)

UPDATE January 24, 2009

I was tagged:

I’ve Been Tagged…So Here Are Six Things About Me….

UPDATE December 3, 2008

American Lassie has a tax background!  And I also have to mention that Leslie, another refugee from Buzzflash who found IA, is now our Chicago Correspondent!

I’m not going to be doing World Watches anymore, but have started to do the Political and International “Scanners” instead  on an occasional basis.

The webcam went up on Thanksgiving Day (11/27) and I’m getting a kick seeing where all the visitors are coming from!!

As for those “older” items from my old site…think I’ll be skipping that! There’s too much going on NOW, LOL!!!

UPDATE October 27, 2008


We’re happy to welcome American Lassie to the roster of IA contributors!  We’re in the proccess of getting some background info on A.L.–but she’s a rising star, that’s for sure!

Again, WELCOME American Lassie!

UPDATE September 22, 2008


We are happy to welcome Grail Guardian as a contributor to InsightAnalytical.  Grail Guardian will be posting her thoughts when the spirit moves her and time allows, so we’ll be looking forward to her thoughts in the future! Here’s Grail Guardian’s introduction in her own words….

“I am an IT professional from Upstate NY, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, I am deeply outraged at the hijacking of democracy and the American electoral system by both political parties, and my hobbies include studying history, genealogy, and ensuring that Barack Obama never steals the White House.”

Again, WELCOME Grail Guardian!


UPDATE July 29, 2008


A big WELCOME to kenoshaMarge, who is honoring this blog with her contributions!  KM has “known” me since the old Buzzflash days and managed to find her way here after my hasty departure from that site during the primary season. I’m so glad we’re “together again” and I hope visitors will enjoy reading her thoughts.  (She’s from the “North Country” and I’m in the Southwest, so it will be interesting to perhaps see different perspectives.) She’ll be posting when she gets the inspiration to get something out there…

Again, WELCOME kenoshaMarge!!


30 Responses

  1. Gloria,
    I used to read you all the time on b*******h. It used to be my homepage, but not any longer. I cannot even look at the front page any more. They have written me that they believe they are neutral. If they saw it through my eyes, they wouldn’t be able to read themselves either. I am excited to find you (through the Confluence).I do hope your breathing is easier in the SW.
    I’ll be visiting here as often as I can.
    Be well.

  2. Thanks, Leslie!! Will be getting our floors cleaned and sealed, so It’s going to be difficult to post the next couple of days, although I have a couple of things in the works…

    It’s sad about B…H….They are nice people, but I really didn’t want to be part of the hysteria….

  3. I think you are my spiritual twin~ yours is the only website I have found that presents the political factual truth on the ground in the context of Presidential ’08.

    I am truly delighted and awed to find so quickly the background about Nunn and Boren and what there endorsement of Obama really convey….so many are ‘blinded by the truth’ they won’t even try to approach this primary objectively.

    I supported passionately John Edwards for President and have the same wish as you do~ out of this nomination mess, John Edwards would become our nominee…..but he isn’t so I will vote for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton on this Tuesday, April 22, 2008. I changed my voter registration from Independent to Democrat just to do so.

    I believe Hillary is a great leader and would truly be an excellent President, but for the baggage of the Clinton Administration…and lot’s of it…and the failure to understand the power of the Obama candidacy and a strategy to nail his operation…it has proven unfortunately difficult to overtake him.

    And it will be a unity government, the elite against the working class…will this make it even more difficult for the people of this country to stop them once Obama et al are in power (if they win)?

    I will vote for anyone but Obama…..enjoy your dogs, garden, and tranquility…

    From an appreciative and grateful reader, from Levittown PA.

  4. Finally a place to comment.

    Your comment gizmo is totally screwed.


    WB-7 First Plasma

    We may be closer to fusion than you think.


  5. Oops–just looked at the photo again. Organ mountains, no? Either way, I miss New Mexico.

  6. Hello GRL, I just found you through your comment on noquarter, came over here, and I’m already a fan. I’m a new blogger, who’s been writing up a storm for Hillary, as my contribution to do as much as I can to help her. I’m adding you to my blogroll, and hope you’ll stop over and add me if you like mine. I look forward to talking chi gung, the meditative and healing arts, and gardening sometime in the not too distant future. Thanks!

  7. I am sorry…is this a bash obama forum or ecological forum or what? It sounds like ladies ( and I use that term losely ) on steroids.

  8. Hello Gloria,

    My name is Alexandra Di Trolio and I was looking to contact you about being a guest for a radio show. My apologies for leaving this message in your comments but I was unable to locate an email address. I work for a show called “The Blog Bunker” on Indie Talk channel 110 on Sirius Satellite Radio. It is a political talk channel, not party affiliated, that is described as “political talk for people who hate politics”. The show “The Blog Bunker” is a casual political talk show and many of our stories and information come from blogs across the country. We are based in the New York area and would welcome the opportunity to do an in studio interview or a phone interview if one in studio is not possible. Thanks Gloria and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Alexandra Di Trolio
    “The Blog Bunker”
    INDIE TALK 110
    Sirius Satellite Radio

  9. To the Founder of this web site. Please contact me at my e-mail address. Thank You
    Candice Board of Directors
    Clinton Supporters For John McCain

  10. Hello, I just stumbled on your site. Can’t remember how. I am in Santa Fe and have been blogging here since November. Before that I blogged for two years in New York. I am a reluctant Obama supporter because I want the Democrats to win. Perhaps we can link? Let me know.

  11. Hi GRL,
    Interesting interests!. I do try meditiation using Yoga. Are you aware of that?

  12. I found you from another website, and I made a youtube video about Obama’s FISA vote that no one in the media seems to be talking about. I was wondering if you would possibly share this with your blog readers. Thanks!


  13. Kendall, I’ve cross posted this at The Confluence which should give it lots of eyeballs!!
    It’s in the thread of the July 12 post entitled “Obmaphiles: You’ve Been Had”

    Thanks for visiting!

  14. GRL,
    There is no means to comment on your recent Obama letter. So, I suggest that you take the return envelop, and after scrawling FISA across the “contribution” form, drop it in the mail. I’ve been doing this of late, and my brother – a FORMER Obamatron – is going to do the same from now on.

  15. Sorry, I forgot to tick the box! Thanks for reminding me!

    I’ve already sent the letter from Obama back to sender with appropriate comments!!! LOL!!

  16. Thanks for all the links to foreign press..

    I cannot imagine how you did that column on the Chicago site I used to support. Amazing.

  17. Please add this special tribute video to Hillary’s 18 million voices on your site –

    thanks!! http://www.hillaryresponders.com

  18. I love those mountains. Thanks for the picture. I used to work at the missile range and would drive past them daily.

  19. If Hillary had run in 2004 but Kerry still had gotten the nomination would you have voted for Bush? Will you subject this nation to another 4 years of Bush-style policies out of spite for Obama? And in hopes that the only true candidate can run in 2012 (assuming we still have a democracy then)? Why don’t you just write-in Dick Cheney instead? COMNTSMF (Cutting Off My Nose To Spite My Face) might be a better acronym for this movement but if McCain is elected because of your abandoning the Democratic party you will be forever known as PUMAs (Pushed Up My Ass!). Bill certainly believes in a cult of personality but I doubt Hillary really does. I would love for her to be the first female President of the United States but I think it’s pretty stupid (and selfish) to try to ruin any chance of a Democratic presidency until she’s the only candidate. I’m a Democrat, not a Obama-maniac but I don’t want another 4 years of right-wing disasters!

  20. Leslie…I’ve had the same problem and have been writing with “clues” to WordPress for days now….I will forward your info to my WordPress contact …..(no names)
    So, I’m not the only one!!!

    Thanks so much for telling me about this!!

  21. G! reconnect via home email. Much to update.

  22. Just saw this from last summer–I, too, ditched BuzzFlush during the primaries as soon as I saw what kind of nonsense they resorted to.

    Great site!

  23. Truth is Gold….your site is awesome….adding it to our blogroll!

  24. Is the comment box de-activated?
    I’ve left you an e-mail

  25. Hi,

    We found a link to your site at HillBuzz.

    We’re neighbors! We live in Mesilla Hills. We loved seeing our beloved Organ Mountains on your home page.

    Your site is great. Keep up the good work.

  26. Hi, Ruth Ann!! Would love to contact you via email…

  27. Please feel free. I would enjoy speaking with you.

  28. Insight, can you email me? If you don’t have my address I can be reached by clicking on the contact link at truthisgold.blogspot.com.

    Many tia,


  29. We should chat. We have similar interests it seems. Eustace was just here for a visit and I’m familiar with regression therapy..



    • Giving you a shout out tomorrow…And I didn’t write the piece on Mullins, American Lassie did, although I did the editing…

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