OK, So Let’s Talk Religion…Palin and God

By Texas Hill Country.  Cross-posted with permission.

This post really struck me as one of the best rundowns on Sarah Palin on religion. After the last few days of outrageous rumors, I thought it was important to give a straightforward, well-researched piece on Palin a plug. Thanks to Texas Hill Country for permission to post it.


Ok, So Let’s Talk Religion… Palin and God

There have been a variety of accusations running around that Sarah Palin is some sort of crazed bible beater that wants to do away with science, medicine and sex ed…  all of which is patently ridiculous.

So, I have done a bit of digging on Sarah, and here is the real story….

  • Sarah Palin was baptized a Catholic as a newborn (Like Joe Biden, myself, and lots of other people)
  • Her family changed churches often during her childhood  (which is not uncommon)
  • They eventually settled on an “Assembly of God” Pentecostal church in her teenage years  (Joshua Dubois, Obama’s Director of Religous Affairs, and Leah Daughtry, Howard Dean’s Chief of Staff and CEO of the DNC 2008 Convention, are both Pentecostal Christians)
  • Since then she has attended a variety of churches and even today visits several, including Lutheran and Catholic churches.
  • Most often she attends a non-denominational independent Christian church (as does a huge portion of the American population)
  • In 2006, while running for office, the one time she was asked about ID v Evolution, she responded with the “teach both” approach  (as did George Bush, much of the Republican Party and large sections of the American population).  She has never made a move to make this a reality.
  • In the 2007 and 2008 “State of the State” speeches, she doesn’t mention God or Religion or Religious Issues  (HERE, HERE)  Lot’s of economics…  Lot’s of energy…  Lot’s of security…  No God.
  • She is a member of “Femminists For Life” which is a pro-life, pro-contraception group.  She wants to make adoption easier, promote abstinence, and advocates the use of contraception.  (A view not completely different from even Hillary Clinton if we are going to be honest.)  She has never introduced, proposed or supported an anti-choice piece of legislation.  When asked about these issues, she always refers to how difficult and “personal” these decisions are.
  • As far as I can tell, she has never sponsored or promoted legislation based on a religious ideal during her 10+ years in office and has upheld the law in opposition to personal religious beliefs more than once.

Ok, so I hope that this answers some questions about the real Sarah Palin, instead of the disgusting hate mongering rumor mill that the blogs are turning in to.

(Much of the source material originated from HERE and links contained there in.  I lost track of everywhere I gathered the above info, so gave up trying to backtrack links, but if you want to fact check me…  go for it.)

9 Responses

  1. Thank you. The far left is trying to paint Palin as some religious nut forcing her views on others. That’s simply not true and the Democrats know it . Hence the smears.

  2. Thanks so much Texas Hill Country – this will help me rebut when people come out with Sarah-is-a-zealot allegations.

  3. Thank you soooo much for this hopefully it’s ok w/ you if I cross post this where i find it is needed to counteract others…

  4. Feminists For Life IS NOT a “pro-contraception” organization.

    “What is Feminists for Life’s position on contraception?

    Feminists for Life’s mission is to address the unmet needs of women who are pregnant or parenting. Preconception issues including abstinence and contraception are outside of our mission. Some FFL members and supporters support the use of non-abortifacient contraception while others oppose contraception for a variety of reasons. FFL is concerned that certain forms of contraception have had adverse health effects on women.”

    The next bit gets kind of weird:

    “In the time of the early American feminists, sex between married couples was not always consensual. Many women bore 20 or more children, of whom only half survived. In order to affirm women’s rights within marriage, most feminist foremothers promoted “voluntary motherhood,” whereby women would have the education and right to fully participate in the decision to have sexual relations. FFL likewise supports life planning by focusing on one’s education and career plans coupled with mentoring and empowering programs for teens.”

    Which SEEMS to me to encourage even married women to who don’t want to have kids to abstain from sex.

  5. Thanks Texas Hill Country.

    It’s refreshing to get information about someone insteaf of just smears and misinformation.

  6. The last point….upholding the law in spite of her beliefs….sounds just like Mario Cuomo, whose brilliant speech on the subject years ago still stays in my mind…

  7. http://carpetride.wordpress.com/

    my reply to Gloria Steinem…

  8. She said the Iraq war is God’s plan – how dangerous is this kind of thinking…this “reasoning” can be used to justify anything! She thinks creationism should be taught in schools – creationism is NOT science, it’s magic – magic has no place in our education system! These two examples alone are enough to make one question her intelligence/judgment/ability to reason and use logic – bottom line: she just isn’t smart enough to be in the White House – we’ve already had a moron in for the last 8 years, let’s get someone in there who has some brains…

  9. Actually, she did not say that…she said “I PRAY THAT the war is God’s plan” (sic)…which a totally DIFFERENT statement than what you and the rest of the Obama crowd and media are saying she said.
    She does not say that creationism should be taught in schools either…again, do some research….

    Do some “thinking” on your own….instead of these ridiculous talking points.

    Frankly, Palin is not as lazy as you appear to be…and probably a lot smarter, too…

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