Dogland! (and Fish, too) (Updated 1X)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

7/19/09 Should have updated this ages ago…The Betta is officially named “TROOPER.”  I attempted to “balance” the tank, but later learned that it was too small to do it. In the meantime, Trooper was looking pretty wan.  I then went out and bought a second tank set up and now prep the one tank and simply transfer him into every 4-5 days.  He is now robust and has grown and is a very good boy!  I fast him on Saturday, then on Sunday he receives a few chunks of a defrosted frozen pea which prevents constipation.  Yes, fish do get constipated!  So “Troop” hung in there while I learned all this… hence, the name “TROOPER”!!

Of course, he is now on camera most of every day via the webcam that you can access from the tab at the top of the home page!


The Betta in his first home before moving into larger digs…Please help me name him…leave suggestions in comments!

Betta in Need of a Name!

Betta in Need of a Name!

Dogs rule!

Lazy Tico in his favorite position…lying down!



Adorable Slick also goes “undercover”!!!



Toro basks in his favorite place as Slick eyes it for later use!

Slick (L) and Toro (R)

Slick (L) and Toro (R)

3 Responses

  1. Cool puppies. Dogs do Rule.

  2. Hi Scott!

    Something tells me Zoe would like GRL’s “guys”.

    • The boys do like my Zoe. There’s a male Lab “Buzz” that makes his way to our house when he’s in the mood, he lives half a mile away.

      Zoe spends most of her time with other dogs trying to hump them to show em who’s boss.

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