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March 21, 2009 Do visit Carolyn Kay’s site,  Many Years Young !!   News and views on various health/life topics!


6/30/2009 Some Good Eating

6/10/2009 HUGE BREAKTHROUGH in Breast Cancer Diagnosis; When Will We See It in the U.S.?? (If Ever…)

2/15/2009 ACP Foundation (American College of Physicians Foundation) Mainstream site, but free information on conditions. Click  on “Health Literacy Solutions,” then “Health Tips”

2/12/2009 Health Links: Alternatives to Mainstream Medicine re: Cancer and Other Diseases; Stem Cell Research Clinic

2/07/2009 We’ve Lost a Noble Warrior, But Will Not Give UP the Fight! In Memoriam: Marlene C. Utz


8/31/08 My Interview with The Pakistani Spectator

8/14/08 CHANGE–Anybody Can Do It!! (How to Buck “The System”…)

7/11/2008  I Survived “The Blog Bunker”…Apologies to PUMAs (Never Got to Mention Us)

7/10/2008 About My Upcoming Interview on The Blog Bunker on Friday… (Sirius Satellite Radio)

6/1/08   I’m Seeing Red…Tornado Red (New VW Rabbit)

4/14/08 Housekeeping: Computer Fan is on the Fritz

4/05/98 How to Ignore Politics Without Leaving Home


3 Responses

  1. Insight, LUV your spots about the four footers and the cam for the dog!!


  2. All I see are fish on the cam.

  3. The fish are on at night…during the day I get the street scene up, sometimes a bit after the fish eats breakfast at about 7 am MT! The dogs walk in and out and you can sometimes see them (and me) as we go in and out of my office. The dogs are really quiet now partly because the weather is perfect and they hang out outside quite a bit. The rest of the time (and on cold days) they curl up in their beds under their blankies and sleep, so I’m not focusing the cam on them for now….

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