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Saturday Sanity: The Antidote to the Madness

Garden, nature, maybe some humor and other bits and pieces on Saturdays (or any other time!) for de-stressing!

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Dogs, Veggies/Garden and Other Posts & Pics

December 1, 2009 A Short Winter’s Tale A magnificent end to our first end of 2009 winter storm

January 20 , 2009 Dog pics HERE! A whole lot of cozy time and a betta fish, too!

January 20,2009  Sunset (Continued), Open Range, Winter Garden Veggies HERE! Open range and garden, too!

11/26/08 A True Tale: “The Saga of Tom Turkey (kenosha Marge)

10/04/08 Thinkin’ Green–The Reckless Life of a Fervent Composter (kenosha Marge)



UPDATE (1/12/09) I’ve got the camera positioned now so that you can see the dogs coming and going in and out of my office…and some of me as I do the same. Still no name for the fish, who survived a bout of New Tank Syndrome this past week…Thinking of calling him “Trooper” because that’s what he is…a trooper! [See for details: The Past Week: January 4-January 10, 2009 (Donor Fatigue among Obamacrats; Wes Clark; Ms. Magazine–Total Sellout; Tess; Street Numbers Man; “Grounding” with Harvesting; Betta Fish Drama) ]

UPDATE (12/18/08)  I now have a Betta fish and he will be a feature on the cam. The dogs are now cuddling under blankets more as the winter descends, so you may be seeing more of the fish than the dogs!

12/20/08…I still haven’t named my fish, although he was bubbling a lot yesterday so maybe he’ll become  “Bubbler” or “Bubbly” Betta?  He now has a new 2.5 gallon home with a nice, gentle filter.  I’m looking for another plant and the perfect “cave.”



My cam is now named “NM-USA Office, Dogs, Betta and the Street.”

It’s on from about 7am-11pm Mountain Time, which is about 1400-0600 UTC.

I finally got a decent webcam camera which doesn’t bomb out my computer!!! (R.I.P., the cheapy I got at Big Lots which I returned immediately after the disaster!)  This one is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 and it seems to be fine!

I actually bought it in hopes of spotting the stray dog I thought I was feeding…I was feeding on, I’m sure, for about a week (I saw a black hair in the empty food dish), but once I got the cam up all I saw were grackles/crows and white doves.  I sure hope the little dog is OK…

So now I have the cam set up in my office where Tico loves to hang out most of the day (he’s the little one with the dark body and white collar and paws). Slick comes in to bug him, and then will sit for awhile usually later in the day. Toro, the loner, will waltz in when he wants something, but might be visible if he’s in the bed in my room (Slick’s nighttime bed), across the hall…sometimes he goes in there for awhile.

Very early in the AM, you might see the cam showing the street outside the house…It’s extremely quiet except for people going to work and kids walking to the bus stop.  If the dogs aren’t hanging out wih me, I’ll put up the street view so you can see the NM skies and maybe catch Slick and me out for the mail around 1:30-3pm (local time).  There are a couple of friendly dogs that hang out at the wall across the street and Slick likes to jump up and go visit…you may see that, too!!

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  1. HI, to Uncle Vinnie if he’s checking in from New Jersey!!

  2. hey, G!

    very nice site! be looking for you on cam



  3. Nikki!! Glad you’re visiting and hope all things are good with you!!
    You’ll see me walking in and out of the office most of the time…G

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