Help the Animals in New Orleans and Mississippi ….Info Here (UPDATE 1X–“Hurricane Safe” Mail Address for Donations)


I found the mailing envelope from Louisiana SPCA which has the “hurricane-safe” address for donating:

Ana Zorilla, Chief Executive Officer

Louisiana SPCA

P.O. Box 96495

Washington, DC  20090-6495

By the way, the Lousiana SPCA has been give a “4-Star – Exceptional” rating by Charity Navigator, the largest evaluator of charities.  Over 93% of the SPCA’s funds go directly to programs and services!


As Hurricane Gustav bears down on the Gulf Coast, I’m hoping visitors to this blog will offer support for the dedicated people who are trying to save pets as well as people.  As I write this post, the first rain has begun falling in New Orleans.

I’ve been donating to the Louisiana SPCA since Katrina and for quite a while, their temporary facility operated without running water.  Up until the new shelter opened, people there were literally bringing in water with pails.  I can’t imagine the dedication and hard work of these folks.  Read this beautiful piece entitled “I Cried at Work Today” for a poignant look at what it means to work at any animal shelter.

And now, another hurricane is hitting them.  Every effort has been made to prepare for this, including the evacuation of their shelter animals as well as companion animals.  According to their site, all of the SPCA animals are safe at this time.


Thank you for your well wishes and your prayers. Your support is greatly appreciated!!! We are hoping the loss suffered with Katrina is not repeated with Gustav, but it isn’t looking good. Our animals are safe. Staff is working feverishly assisting with the City evacuation. We will do what needs to be done – and then get out. Please note: As much as we would like to, we will not be able to respond to emails for awhile. Information will be added to our site as we are able.

Please visit their site to find out more about how you can help them weather this latest crisis. In the event their site goes down, here is information on how to donate:

mail donations to:

Louisiana SPCA
1700 Mardi Gras Blvd.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70114

Or Call (504) 368-5191, ext. 202

Because of the uncertainty of hurricane season:

We are maintaining our PO Box. Please feel free to contact us at:

Louisiana SPCA,  P.O. Box 127,  Mandeville,  Louisiana 70470

We have also set up a system that will provide us access to our mail while we are out of the city, should we have to evacuate during Hurricane season. Certain mail is being directed to a PO Box in Washington,  D.C. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

As a  private, 501c3, non-profit organization, we were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Having always relied on memberships and donations for support, now the need is much greater. Your contribution not only helps care for the many strays on the streets of New Orleans and the hundreds of lost, neglected and abused animals housed in our shelter daily, it also benefits the programs and services we offer the Greater New Orleans area and beyond.  We have come a long way since that fateful day in August 2005. We have a long way still to go.

Information on the situation in Louisiana and Southern Mississippi can be found at Petfinders. Shelters are posting updates and evacuation news.  Areas in Texas are also preparing; I’ve read stories about how temporary shelters have been constructed for animals.

My 3 guys–Toro, TIco, and Slicker– urge you to help out their buddies on the Gulf Coast.  If you’d like to see a picture of “my 3 sons,”  check them out here.

My Interview with The Pakistani Spectator…

Last week I completed an interview for The Pakistan Spectator, which is an extremely interesting blog and news site dealing with Pakistan and international news.  I’ve included it my  International Press Library.

Interview with Blogger GRL

By The Pakistani Spectator • Aug 19th, 2008 • Category: Interviews

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THE PAST WEEK: Recaps & Rambling Thoughts–August 24-30 (Steny Hoyer Parties on Behalf of CHANGE; The ORANGE Site Spreads Unfounded Rumors re: A Palin Pregnancy; Obama & The New Black Panther Party; My Interview with The Pakistani Spectator; “Holy Smoke”; Animator vs. Animation)

Well, this roller coast of a week is finally over but with Labor Day, the real onslaught of the political season will be going into full throttle.  It’s been a disappointing few weeks, culminating in the sham Democratic Convention.  The misogyny has been in full swing, fueled by McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin.

I’m tired but here’s taste of what went  on at the Obama festivities, which mark the great CHANGE:

While the Democrats pose as the party of the people, they sure weren’t acting like it when many of them accepted the hospitality of ATT & T:

AT&T Throws ‘Exclusive Party’ For Blue Dog Democrats Who Helped Pass Retroactive Immunity»

The telecommunications giant AT&T is “virtually everywhere” at the Democratic convention this week, “wining and feeding delegates and members of Congress with a relentless schedule of luncheons and evening celebrations.” The Texas-based company threw a special party outside the Mile High Station for its biggest supporters:

On Monday, AT&T threw an exclusive party for the Blue Dogs, the House’s moderate and conservative Democrats, at the historic Mile High Station in downtown Denver. Among the guests was House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., who in June led Blue Dogs in crafting a compromise bill that shielded telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government’s terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping.

Hoyer spokeswoman Stacey Bernards said Hoyer was not aware of any connection between the party and his work on the legislation. “I’m sure Mr. Hoyer didn’t even know who the sponsor was,” she said.

Leading the Blue Dog Democrats, Hoyer was “the point man” in negotiations over the new FISA law that Congress passed and Bush signed last month. He helped secure retroactive immunity for the telecommunications companies (including AT&T), thereby condoning their participation in Bush’s illegal spying program.

The president paid “special tribute” to Hoyer for his work in passing the legislation. While Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) called the legislation “one of the greatest assaults on the Constitution…in the history of our country,” Hoyer heralded it as a “significant victory.” And he has earned the telecommunication companies’ special thanks this week at the DNC convention.


Please understand that Hoyer had NO CLUE that who was sponsoring this party, no clue at all.  Nope, didn’t know ‘nuthin’…in spite of the fact that the party was announced and attendance was by invitation…


Can’t you just feel all the CHANGE in the air??


I haven’t gone to the ORANGE site in months, but was compelled to see for myself the post questioning whether Sarah Palin as the mother of her Down’s Syndrome baby or whether it belongs to one of her teen-age daughters.

Classy.  No matter that someone has provided a picture of Palin while pregnant (scroll down).  The original post still sits there.


Logistics Monster has a little ditty up on Obama and the New Black Panthers, which have a link on the Obama website.  I love the part with the two guys standing at attention with guns…reminds me of when I was at Cornell and the student union was taken over by rifle-wielding black students.  It made the naitonal headlines then…why not this now?  I trust the GOP will do the job, the question is when?  They’ll be accused of “playing the race card,” of course.


I was interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator, which is a great source of new and views from Pakistan.  This site is now listed in my International Press Library.


Ever see the movie “Holy Smoke” (1999) with Kate Winslet? It was on Encore last night….It’s about a young woman who becomes hooked by a religious guru, and how her parent hire a deprogrammer (Harvey Keitel) in an effort to get her back. Seems very appropriate these days…(“satiric yet disturbing,” according to the blurb)


Take a break and see how this line drawing battles its animator:


Out in the garden, the eggplant are getting smaller. The lima beans are at their peak production, while the peppers and tomatoes are still going strong. It’s hard to rip out producing plants to replace them with a fall crop of veggies, but I’m facing this dilemma soon. I have two small raised beds which produce year round, but it’s hard to rotate crops and wish I had a third bed!


Have a good Labor Day, everybody!


*Posted by kenosha Marge

My Interview with The Pakistani Spectator…

*How Dare He Do That?

Putting Clinton, PUMAs and Palin in Their Place–The Pundits Don’t Skip a Beat

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THE PAST WEEK: Recaps & Rambling Thoughts–August 17-23 (Memories of Anita Hill; Timing of Rezko Sentencing; ACORN; Meet Emily; and Lima Beans!)

How Dare He Do That?

–Posted by kenosha Marge

How dare John McCain pick a woman as his VP? He’s just pandering to the silly little women folk. Well duh! He’s in trying to pick up some votes from a demographic that make up over 50% of the population. He panders. He’s a politician. That’s what they do. Say it 3 times; politicians pander, politicians pander, politicians pander. Cause they do. All of them.

McCain is not pandering to the silly women and men folk that are having hysterical fits all over the television and Internet. He’s pandering to the folks he needs. Conservative women, Republican Women, Reagan Democratic women, Catholic women and if he gets a few disgruntled Liberal Democratic women that’s icing on the cake. It looks like he did a damn good job the way the Shrillosphere on the left is reacting.

“It’s an insult to Hillary”, some moan. Ah no, the insults to Hillary, at least this year, came mostly from her own party and the Obamacrats. Their own party vilified Senator Clinton and former President Bill Clinton endlessly, remorselessly and dishonestly. Saved the Republicans the trouble of having to do it.

“Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton”, they cry. No of course she isn’t. Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin, which if you are a conservative is someone of whom you pretty much approve. She’s a conservative Republican running on the Republican Ticket. What is wrong with that from a Republican voter’s point of view?

Speaking just for me I have always hated the constant attempts to make someone into the next “JFK”, the next “Reagan”, the next whoever. Some politicians may have some things in common with a revered predecessor. But each and every candidate for each and every office should be examined and evaluated as who and what they, as people are. Anything else is just nostalgia.

There is a whole lot of silliness on the Internet. We are all guilty of contributing to it at one time or another. Too often the keyboard is faster than the thought process and we have posted something not well thought out and kind of dumb. Guilty as charged. But some of the comments out about Governor Palin have passed thoughtless silliness and entered stupid territory. Not to mention lies, more lies and damn lies.

Once silly comments have gotten out of system it is time to pull on the big kid pants and act like adults. John McCain is trying to get elected president of the United States. Did anyone seriously think he was not going to put up a fight? John McCain? You don’t have to like or agree with the man but for heaven’s sake at least stop underestimating him if you don’t want to see another Republican in the White House.

Sarah Palin’s a conservative Republican and we are liberals. Where’s the need to lie? If you want to define her try talking issues. Denigrating this woman, this self-proclaimed PTA mom, this self-proclaimed Hockey Mom for being a woman may have worked against Senator Clinton with the Democratic Misogynistic Party. It remains to be seen if Republicans, Conservatives, those reviled as not respecting woman treat her with respect. If they do, and I suspect they will, then liberals, Democrats, and the offal that infests the left Shrillosphere will have demonstrated for them who truly and honestly respects women.

Putting Clinton, PUMAs and Palin in Their Place–The Pundits Don’t Skip a Beat

Kenosha Marge found this treasure  from the Boston Herald columnist a day or so ago and decided to share it with me.

It’s time to put aside hurt feelings

By Margery Eagan

What’s the principle at stake, I asked. Then he offered the by-now-familiar batty refrain about Democratic honchos fixing the race and robbing the votes in Michigan. It was like debating a stubborn 3-year-old.

I( wonder what Ms. Eagan is thinking tonight, after the Palin bomb was dropped on the Obama crowd today?)

Kenosha Marge (and I do, too) take issue with this crapola of equating genuine anger over the Democratic Party’s primary “process” with the tantrums of “stubborn 3-year-olds.”

I emailed her as one Marge to another and asked if “she couldn’t work a little harder at being condescending?” Because you know how being condescended to by a twit like this makes us all just so impatient to vote the way she thinks we ought to vote. Since I am using plain text I cannot use an emoticon with smoke coming out of it’s ears. But you get the general idea.

Well, my feelings are still being “hurt” as I watched Morton Kondracke, Juan Williams, David Gergen, and then heard Michael Savage all shrieking about Sarah Palin’s inexperience. And then they launched into the “one heartbeat away from the Presidency” fear card as if they’re hoping John McCain might croak any minute. Morton Kondracke’s condescension simply dripped all over the place…it was really so obvious. He was literally squirming with discomfort and had to resort to being snide. Do I sense Palin is threatening their masculinity?  What asses!!!

For God’s sake, I actually agreed witih Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes tonight. They had met Palin months ago and saw her potential as a candidate and were thrilled over the pick.  They didn’t seem to be threatened at all…

And what the hell has Dan Quayle got to do with all this?? She’s as bad as Dan Quayle, according to the media idiots. Really??  I feel sorry for Dan Quayle. Resurrecting and ridiculing Quayle as a way of demeaning Sarah Palin is supposed to be funny, I guess.

By the way, why all the sudden reverence for the experience of Senators over governors? Didn’t we use to hear that being a governor was a superior background because of the executive experience gained in office? In Obama’s case, he can’t even claim years of experience and expertise built up on key committees.  What, he’s had something like 176 days in the Senate, with most of the time spent running for President?  Call a meeting of the committee that deals with NATO?  Nope! Oh, and what did he do in the Illinois legislature in the 55 days or so a year he was there except cut deals and play cards with Republicans? Oh, but he has blowhard Biden to save the day!  I feel SO REASSURED!

So, first the media insults Hillary Clinton and now it’s on to Sarah Palin.  Without skipping a beat.

As for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party…I hate to see Hillary boxed in, still expected to push Obama along to victory. Frankly, I think she should develop some mysterious illness and drop out of sight for awhile and steer clear of Obama as much as possible. Lord knows, she won’t get the respect of either Obama or the vipers I saw today, no matter what she does…

She should get out of town and stop propping up The Chosen One before people begin thinking she’s not as strong as we thought she was. Kowtowing to this mob for too long will ultimately work against her by undermining her image as a leader.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin could be on the verge of reinventing the image of what a woman candidate can be this year.  And, hopefully, it doesn’t involve being cornered and stripped of her power….this time, not by her party, but by the media alone…