Obama’s Presidential Portrait Already Chosen??? (See here) (Why Bother With More Debates or Having an Election??)

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Well, if this isn’t proof that the fix must really be in….

Why even show up for a debate or waste time with an election? Or discuss the money earmarked for ACORN in the mortgage bailout bill? Or resist at all???

From the Washington Post’s “The Sleuth” column, we’ve got the not-so-subtle speculation that we’ve already got a Presidential portrait of Obama to admire! (Why doesn’t The Sleuth (Mary Ann Akers) go “behind the scenes” and do some sleuthing about the Democratic primary fix, Ayers, birth certificates, etc.?)

Artist Paints Portrait of ‘President Obama’

He doesn’t have the White House locked up yet but Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) already is the subject of a portrait titled “President Obama.”

Barack Obama
(Courtesy of Chaz Guest)

“The painting is on hold and ready for when he walks into the Oval Office,” says Chaz Guest, the artist who painted it. Guest tells us the painting will be on loan to Senator/Possibly President Obama from the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago “until it is official.”

Guest decided to paint the portrait of “President Obama” since the Illinois senator was so appreciative of another portrait Guest painted of the late Justice Thurgood Marshall. That portrait, which Guest loaned to Obama, has hung in Obama’s Senate office for three years now.

Obama sent Guest a note thanking him for that painting on Oct. 11, 2005, saying: “A few years ago, Vernon Jordan told a graduating class that, ‘You are where you are today because you stand on somebody’s shoulders…and if you stand on the shoulders of others, you have a reciprocal responsibility to live your life so that others may stand on yours.’ One of the people whose shoulders I stand on is Thurgood Marshall…. Looking at the painting each day provides me great inspiration and comfort.”

Guest, who lives in Los Angeles, says he first met Obama four years ago at a fundraiser held at the home of major Obama bundlers Mattie and Michael Lawson when the rising political star from Illinois was running for Senate.

The artist sure seems confident that his portrait will be hanging in the Oval Office come next year. Perhaps there will be serigraphs (silkscreen prints) created of the painting of Sen. Obama at a later date,” Guest told the Sleuth via email.

The Sleuth seems to think that this really is IT because the artist “sure seems confident” and perhaps she is right, considering that Chaz Guest has known Obama for 4 years and has already been praised by Obama in flowery terms referencing Thurgood Marshall’s shoulders…OH, and the portrait has already been hanging in Obama’s little-used Senate office for 3 years. And why would Guest muse about the possibility of  “silkscreen prints”?  Jeez, are we going to have “silkscreen prints” bedecking every inch of the country???

Frankly, I think the portrait captures Obama almost perfectly…It’s all about looking forward, which these days equates with sideways and not really looking anybody in the eye…and it sure conveys a certain arrogance. The folded arms…ah, I know it looks strong, but folded arms indicate distancing or defensive. See ChangingMinds.org for more info on this posture…

Well, this portrait does have the potential to make it to the White House, I guess, but wouldn’t this one be more appropriate???

You may want to check out the post I did on this back in May…the little “stars” on the body parts sure do have interesting placements…Back then I described it as “hilarious”…but now, I’m no longer thinking it’s hilarious…

I’m thinking everything that has transpired this year has passed into the realm of the downright FRIGHTENING…



From PUMA (Will Bowers)

COINS being minted, too!!