The Past Week: Recaps and Random Thoughts, September 7-13 (Where’s Obama’s Empathy?; Body Language a la Clinton/Obama (Experts on THE HANDS); Lower Pay the Obama Way; And a Finger Back at ‘Ya, Barack!)

It’s been a week of some stupefying faux pas from the Obama camp, so here goes!

No matter what Pelosi thnks of Obama (and this pic says it all), we’ve got a loser on our hands…

Let’s start out with the September 11 ceremony which was NOT graced by the presence of Michelle Obama.  She “stayed home with the children” although most of the day they would have been in school, no?  How come she goes onto the campaign trail and leaves them home then?

But on to Barack…in case you missed him at the ceremony, check out the video… watch as he lays THROWS a few flowers down on the memorial at about minute 7:50). If you notice, Mayor Bloomberg does the same thing (although it looked like it was less deliberate–may have been trying to get the flowers to a higher place and had to do a little toss to do so), while McCain and his wife gently lay their flowers down.  Throwing the flowers the way Obama did it, almost casually, seemed inappropriate considering the solemnity of the moment.

By the way, some bloggers have had an edited version of the video up and have said that Obama “dissed” one of the workers.  You can see from this video that he DID talk to the person in question.

FULL Video–Obama at the World Trade Center, September 11


Obama capped off his day in New York with a lunch date with Bill Clinton.  If you missed the video, take a look. Obama’s body language is pretty clear–he’s as stiff as a board and he keeps his hands in his pockets the whole time.  (Maybe he was resisting the urge to strangle Bill?) And, he has to make sure he doesn’t get overshadowed, so he keeps interjecting comments like how he’s going to “put him (Clinton) to work” and how Clinton “knows a little something something about politics.”

According to, a site devoted to how one can “change what others think, believe, feel and do”

Hands are often used in communication and hiding the hands may indicate a desire not to communicate or not to collaborate, saying ‘I don’t want to talk with you’ or ‘I do not agree with you’.

This may be done in a deliberate gesture of defiance, such as stuffing hands in pockets. Liars may hide their hands in fear that they will give themselves away.

Hiding hands may also be a position of listening, sending the message ‘I do not want to talk because I want to listen to you.’

Putting hands in pockets or behind the back can also be due to just feeling relaxed and not needing to talk.

Now, do you think his hands were indicating the last two possibilities or the one I’ve bolded?  I’m going with the ones I highlighted…

As for that comment by Clinton about how he’s predicts that Obama will win “handily…”–sounds like he’s selling the Brooklyn Bridge, if you ask me. Note how Clinton says he’ll being doing things for Obama AFTER he finishes with his Global Initiative and what he does will depend on “whatever he’s asked to do.” With the Global Initiative being held from September 23-28. there’s only 6 weeks until election day and we’ll have to see when Obama will get around to asking Bill to work on his behalf.


Let’s move on to that awful ad which mocked McCain’s computer illiteracy…specifically, not being able to send an email. Of course, McCain’s injuries make it difficult to use the computer and he relies on his wife Cindy to help him answer email.  Frankly, if I were the McCain camp, I’d blow this one out of the water because it shows that 1) the Obama camp doesn’t do very much research when it want to slander somebody and 2) they are incapable of feeling any empathy for other people. Oh, and maybe there’s a bit of ageism in there, too…


Then there is the subject of Obama’s great respect for women, including paying them what they should be earning…both Logistics Monster and No Quarter have the details. Suffice to say, Obama’s paying his women staffers $.83 on the dollar as compared to McCain’s $1.04.   Surprised? How could we be after all the brush offs he’s give to us women…


Ah, but this potential voter, from the demographic that the Obama camp disdains, is getting even…expressing what many of us are feeling these days!!


Got a flyer from McCain with two absentee ballot request forms attached…First literature from McCain here in my location in Southern NM….meanwhile, I keeping getting showered with the “Now is Our Time” crap from Obama campaign…



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