What? ACORN Given 20% of Bailout Money under Original Bailout Proposal??????? UPDATE 1X

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL


NoQuarter has posted the draft agreement on the bailout and notes section 3-c which pertains to ACORN…


The ACORN Poison Pill

By Larry Johnson on September 26, 2008 at 2:39

A commenter has raised the question over whether ACORN would actually be getting 20% of the $700 million package or whether it would get a portion of “the profits.” This section of the draft refers to this mention of “profits.”

But that still leaves the question about why ACORN and other groups mentioned would even be included in this bill as an earmark!  Why wouldn’t “profits” be distributed to things like shoring up Medicare or paying down the national debt, rather than going into organizations like these???  I don’t know about the other two mentioned, but “ACORN” and the term “transparency” are not exactly synonymous…

And I am still waiting for the mainstream media to do a thorough investigative report on ACORN and Obama…HA!


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Race, O.J., and Politics–The Potential for an October Meltdown UPDATE–SIMPSON GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS


From the Las Vegas Sun:

Simpson guilty on all counts; could face life imprisonment…

O.J. Simpson is going to prison.

A predominantly white, predominantly female jury has found the former NFL All Star guilty of all of the 12 robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges he faced following a run-in last year with a pair of memorabilia dealers.


Note the opening of the story–as if you could miss it. Just as I predicted.  Racism taking center stage…not to mention the “woman” factor…

I’ve been thinking about the possible ramifications of a guilty conviction, especially since racism was injected into the trial as well as during jury selection (see below)…What does Obama do?  Will he be under intense pressure from his black voting block to issue a statement of some kind?  And what kind of a statement could that be, what kind of balancing act would he have to do?

I guess it depends on what kinds of demands will be made by some of his more radical followers…and if the mainstream media even allows us to know about those demands…after all, they hide nearly everything when it concerns anything dubious about Obama, his connections, and his followers.

More on Judge Jackie Glass later…I’ll just say that my research on her has revealed that she has a reputation as a very tough judge when it comes to sentencing…

Edge of Forever has commented that the media will bury the story–no more “Trial of the Century” hype like last time…and, the way things are going, she’s probably right.  I speculated in the original post that the media might love the story for it’s ratings potential and give the media and Obama another chance to play the race card…but things have been shifting, so that’s probably out the window.  It’s all about making him “the winner” now and preserving his gloss.  But, we still have to see what “the followers” do…


~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

The O.J. Simpson trial now going on in Las Vegas, NV wasn’t on my radar until Monday when my mother read something from the paper to me. And yesterday, while sitting in a medical office, I was trapped into watching a report on CNN and found out that they’re streaming the trial live at the CNN website.

Well, obviously it’s being discreetly handled by CNN at this point…but does it warrant on-line streaming?  In the real world, no. In Obama Media Land, however, it makes perfect sense.  It’s part of the slow build-up and they’ll be able to jump to the verdict immediately.  I really think that if we didn’t have this mortgage crisis drama unfolding, they’d have the trial going full-tilt all day…

Now, with the polling being done to prove that 30% of Democrats are racists and that white women are “a problem,” we’re getting the preview of the blame game that will happen if Obama loses fails to steal the election.

But, I believe all this will pale if the verdict on O.J. comes in and he’s convicted.  I’m not going to review the current case, since all the info is up at the Las Vegas Sun, which has an entire page dedicated to the trial.  O.J. may not be convicted, of course, but if he is, it could be a huge ratings opportunity…and another chance to help play Obama’s race card.

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