Part 1–THE LINEUP: A Who’s Who of The Associates of Barack Obama

~~By Grail Guardian

EDITOR’S NOTE: Part I has been combined in a double post with the follow-up with more Obama connections in Part 2 HERE.

For months now, we’ve been reading and hearing from the Obama campaign that it’s not experience that matters for Barack Obama (whose paper-thin resume includes being a Community Organizer, Chair of the failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and running for public office), but rather the excellent judgment that he displays. In light of the continued media frenzy favoring Obama and shielding him from public scrutiny, I decided that it would be timely to revisit that judgment in the form of the people Obama associates with professionally and personally (both past and present). I personally have been able to find few people that are close to the Illinois Senator that I would want anywhere near the Oval Office, but I’ll let you be the judge. I intend this article to be part of a much needed grassroots effort to educate those that only get their news from the Main Stream Media or do not follow politics closely, so feel free to link it, print it, e-mail it, or do whatever you need to do to get the word out (giving proper credit and/or links to Insight Analytical and myself is always appreciated). You can consider it an Obama 101 Picture Book Primer and a serious attempt to save this great nation.


Antoin “Tony” Rezko: Convicted Chicago developer (16 out of 24 felony counts) that helped the Obamas buy their expensive Hyde Park mansion. Investigation by a Federal prosecutor is ongoing into whether Rezko received government contracts in exchange for political contributions to Barack Obama, and whether Obama was a conspirator in the “Pay to Play” scheme. There is still the possibility that Obama will be named as a defendant, which likely depends on the outcome of the November election.

clip_image004Nadhmi Auchi: This former member of Saddam Hussein’s government lent money to Tony Rezko just prior to the Obama’s purchasing their Hyde Park mansion. Auchi has also donated money to Obama’s campaign.

(Photo: Auchi is on the left, shown with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, right)

clip_image006Rev. Jeremiah Wright (right): Obama’s radical pastor for 20 years (at Trinity United Church of Christ), whose claims that the AIDS epidemic was caused by the US government and 9/11/01 was an “inside job,” caused Obama to leave the church earlier this year amid a firestorm of controversy about Wrights comments and connection with Marxism-based “Black Liberation Theology”.

clip_image008Rod Blagojevich: Illinois Governor and Obama supporter under investigation for his involvement in Chicago’s “Pay to Play” political corruption trials and possible connections to Tony Rezko.

clip_image010Penny Pritzker: Obama Campaign Finance Chair, whose family owned Superior Bank which was the first in the nation to go under (in 2001) as part of the current Wall Street sub-prime mortgage crisis. She is rumored to be a candidate for Treasury Secretary in an Obama Administration.

clip_image012Franklin Raines: Former head of the recently rescued lender Fannie Mae who walked away with some $25 million as the institution crumbled in the Sub-Prime Mortgage fraud. Once claimed to a reporter to be a personal advisor to Barack Obama.

clip_image013Frank Marshall Davis: This confirmed member of the Communist Party USA has been identified as the childhood mentor Obama calls simply “Frank” in Dreams From My Father. Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, introduced him to the boy as a black male role model in Honolulu. In his writings, Davis confesses that he and his wife once had sex with a 13-year-old girl named Anne.

Rashid Khalidi: A Hyde Park neighbor of Obama and the co-founder of the Arab American Action Network, which calls the establishment of Israel a “catastrophe”, Khalidi is a former spokesman for the PLO, served on the Woods Foundation with Barack Obama, and has raised funds for him.


Cecil Butler: A Chicago real estate developer who profited from the privatization of low income, public housing during the 1990s (similar to Tony Rezko) in the “Pay to Play” fraud. Butler is a major supporter of Barack Obama whose low-income tenements were ultimately seized by the government for multiple building code violations.

(No photos of Butler are readily available, but this building has been identified as one of his west side projects.)

clip_image019Valerie Jarrett: An Obama insider once stated of this Iranian-born real estate developer: “She’s always been the other side of Barack’s brain.” She is considered by some to be a top candidate for Obama’s Chief of Staff, and is a longtime political insider (part of Mayor Richard Daley’s team responsible for hiring Michelle Robinson Obama) and stands at the center of Chicago’s controversial efforts to redevelop public housing limiting the number of residents, mostly poor and black, who can live in the new communities.

clip_image021Louis Farrakhan: Supreme Minister of the Nation of Islam, considered by many to be a radical anti-Semite, he had also accused the US government of launching “a war against the black people of America, the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan.” He provided NOI bodyguards for Obama during the 2008 Democratic Primary until Obama received Secret Service protection. Farrakhan has endorsed Obama’s bid for the Presidency in February 2008 calling him the “hope of the entire world”.

clip_image022State Sen. Rev. James Meeks: Obama’s mentor in the Illinois legislature widely believed to have taken bills developed and worked on by various Illinois State Senate members and offered them to Obama to be introduced for votes with his own name listed as author in order to pad his resume for a US Senate run in 2006.

clip_image024William Ayers & Bernadette Dohrn: Unrepentant domestic terrorists with the Weather Underground, Ayers and Dohrn participated in bombings and plots to murder policemen and judges in the 1960s. Obama’s political career was launched at a party in the couple’s living room, and Ayers hired Obama as the Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and served with him on the Woods Foundation. Ayers is famous for stating, “I don’t regret setting bombs” and “I feel we didn’t do enough”, and, when asked if he would “do it all again” as saying “I don’t want to discount the possibility.”

clip_image026Raila Odinga: Obama’s African cousin on his father’s side, who Barack campaigned for in the Kenyan Presidential election in 2007. Odinga is now the country’s Prime Minister in a coalition government thrown together to avert civil war, and has been accused of mass political genocide across Kenya after his failed bid for the presidency.

clip_image028Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: In March 2008, virulently anti-American Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the Spanish El Pais newspaper that he would have no problems if the junior senator from Illinois were to be elected US President. Ahmadinejad has also denied the reality of the holocaust and stated that Israel should be destroyed, as well as denying that homosexuality exists in Iran. Currently the US and allies are trying to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Hardly the type of man you want to be comfortable with an American Presidential candidate, but not the only foreign leader to endorse an Obama Presidency (see below).

Editor’s Note; Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink and major Obama bundler, was among a large contingent of peace activists who met with Ahmadinejad on Wednesday, September 24, following his appearance before the U.N. General Assembly (Code Pink press release).

clip_image030Kim Jong Il: The dictator of North Korea recently allowed it’s mouthpiece Chosun Sinbo to announce “We will see a better relationship between the U.S. and the Korean Peninsula with Obama, who sternly criticizes Bush and who would meet the leader of Chosun without pre-conditions”.

Obama repeatedly stated that he would meet leaders such as Il in debates during the Democratic primaries.

clip_image031Muammar Al-Gaddafi: The de facto leader of Libya since a 1969 coup, he has called America a dictatorship and refers to the Senator as “our brother Obama”. He recently stated “all the people in the Arab and Islamic World … prayed for his success” and “a person lies and lies so that people will vote for him”. Gaddafi also said returning the Palestinians to their homeland is the “change Americans want”.

Fidel Castro: The ailing Cuban dictator called Obama “the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency” and refused to formally endorse him, as “Were I to defend him, I would do his adversaries an enormous favor”.

clip_image035Hugo Chavez: The Socialist President of Venezuela is a fierce critic of American and US foreign policy, but (again) Obama has stated publicly that he would meet with Chavez without preconditions, and Chavez indicated his endorsement of Obama on Sept. 11, 2008.

clip_image037Fr. Michael Pfleger: Radical pastor of the mostly African American parish of Saint Sabina in Chicago, and frequent visitor to Obama’s former congregation at Trinity UCC. Obama has called Pfleger a spiritual mentor, but was forced to denounce him during the Democratic primary for making inflammatory racial statements about opponent Hillary Clinton.

(Photo: Father Pfleger left, shown with Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam)

clip_image039Hatem El-Hady: The former chairman of the Toledo-based Islamic charity Kindhearts, which was shut down by the US government in 2006 for terrorist fundraising and ties to Hamas. Elhady once had a web page on the official Barack Obama campaign site, but it was removed in April 2008.

(Again, no photo of el Hady is readily available, but the image at left is a screen capture of the el Hady profile page on the official Obama site before it was removed. There are 3 friends listed on the right, the last of which is Michelle Obama. Her name was removed immediately after el Hady’s name began to appear in the Blogosphere.)

Robert Malley: Controversial former Middle East policy advisor to the Obama campaign. Malley was fired only after he acknowledged holding private meetings with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Malley argues that negotiations with the Palestinians today must include Hamas.

Zbigniew Brzezinski: High profile Obama Foreign Policy advisor criticized for his 2008 article defending the book “The Israel Lobby”, which accuses American Jews of McCarthyism. The former national security adviser has been at odds with elements of the American Jewish community since his stint in the Carter administration, and is seen by many as staunchly anti-Russian, which could exacerbate the current tensions between Russia and the democratic nation of Georgia.

clip_image044Howard Dean: Current Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Dean identified Obama as one of his “Dean’s Dozen” (a group of handpicked potential Democrats to run for President) as far back as 2002. Dean himself lost a bid for the Presidency in 2004 after his infamous “I Have a Scream” speech, and has been strongly criticized for steering the 2008 Presidential primaries in Barack Obama’s favor and even illegally using his position to declare the race over before the August 2008 convention.

clip_image045Joseph Biden: Obama’s Vice Presidential pick, he is also known as “Credit Card Joe” due to his deep and fruitful connections to lender MNBA (based in Biden’s home state of Delaware). Biden is also known for his mishandling of the Senate confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court. Biden accused former Thomas employee Anita Hill (who claimed Thomas had sexually harassed her) of “fantasizing” the entire incident. Activists lambasted Biden at the time for trivializing Hill’s experiences and setting back the cause of Women’s Rights.

clip_image046Michelle Robinson Obama: Obama’s wife of 15 years has caused much controversy throughout the campaign by stating she was proud of America “for the first time in my life”, stating of former President Bill Clinton that she would like to “scratch his eyes out”, and calling Barack Obama “pathetic” in an appearance on ABC’s The View and referring to him as “My babies’ Daddy” when introducing him at a campaign event. Robinson is thought to have introduced Barack Obama to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers at the Sidley law firm. Her thesis at Princeton has been restricted until November 5, 2008 (the day following the Presidential election), but an excerpt reads: “My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘Blackness’ than ever before,” she wrote in her thesis “I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus, as if I don’t really belong.”

clip_image047George Soros: This Hungarian-born billionaire and self described global financier and philanthropist is suspected by many of being the power and money source behind the Obama campaign. He recently bought, a progressive political organization that has been highly critical of anyone opposing Obama. Soros has stated “The Bush administration and the Nazi and communist regimes all engaged in the politics of fear. Indeed, the Bush administration has been able to improve on the techniques used by the Nazi and Communist propaganda machines by drawing on the innovations of the advertising and marketing industries, ” as well as “supporting the Israeli government in its refusal to recognize a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas, which the U.S. State Department considers a terrorist organization.”

clip_image049Donna Brazile: Campaign Manager for Al Gore’s 2000 run for President, she also serves on the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the DNC that infamously stripped delegates from Florida and Michigan in the 2008 primaries. Following the embarrassing 2000 defeat, Brazile became e-mail buddies with Republican strategist Karl Rove and adopted his tactics against fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2008 campaign. As a CNN analyst, Brazile has been aggressively supporting Barack Obama since the start of the year, despite calling herself an “undeclared” Super Delegate.

clip_image051Nancy Pelosi: The Speaker of the US House of Representatives took no action on ending the war in Iraq or rescuing the failing US economy, but found time to get involved in the Democratic primary race by pushing for NY Senator Hillary Clinton to drop out significantly before the Democratic Convention, and to write her own book. Pelosi leads the Democratic majority of the Congress with the lowest approval rating of all time.


The descriptions listed above are easily confirmed by a simple Google search. Further information can be found at (which also presents a useful ,clear graphic/flowchart) and almost all of the sites listed in the Blog Roll on the right side banner.

39 Responses

  1. […] Barack Obama 29 Sep 2008 | 02:05 am | Category: Uncategorized       admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFollowing the embarrassing 2000 […]

  2. “In his writings, Davis confesses that he and his wife once had sex with a 13-year-old girl named Anne” is untrue. He wrote a SEMI-autobiographical fictional novel in which the protagonist had sex with a minor. Names and identities were changed. “Identity” includes personal information other than names, such as age.

    Vladimir Nabokov wrote “Lolita” years earlier, which involved sex with a 12-year old girl. “Today, it is considered by many to be one of the finest novels written in the 20th century. In 1998, it was named the fourth greatest English language novel of the 20th century by the Modern Library” – Wikipedia.

  3. Not true, at least according to what I’ve read:

    The Telegraph UK is reporting that Davis, a close friend of Obama’s mother and his maternal grandfather, published an autobiographical, pornographic book, “Sex Rebel:Black,” under the pseudonym “Bob Greene.”

    Marshall admitted to having written the book, which he said describes factual sexual encounters that he and his wife had with minors and other couples. “I could not then truthfully deny that this book, which came out in 1968 as a Greenleaf Classic, was mine,” said Davis. The Telegraph states that, “In the introduction to Sex Rebel, Davis explains that although he has “changed names and identities…all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences.”

    The original article in the Telegraph was unavailable when I just searched for it, but this quote came from:

  4. Not true, at least according to what I’ve read:

    The Telegraph UK is reporting that Davis, a close friend of Obama’s mother and his maternal grandfather, published an autobiographical, pornographic book, “Sex Rebel:Black,” under the pseudonym “Bob Greene.”

    Marshall admitted to having written the book, which he said describes factual sexual encounters that he and his wife had with minors and other couples. “I could not then truthfully deny that this book, which came out in 1968 as a Greenleaf Classic, was mine,” said Davis. The Telegraph states that, “In the introduction to Sex Rebel, Davis explains that although he has “changed names and identities…all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences.”

    The original article in the Telegraph was unavailable when I just searched for it, but this quote came from:

    As far as “Lolita” goes – well, tastes vary. I don’t care for rape in any wrapper.

  5. Fantastic work!
    Did you see how AP is defending him against the mean McCain ad?
    remember when we thought Obama will be finished with the truth not lies in the GE? Not to self – TPTB always go against the truth!

  6. For those interested in a more detailed analysis of Obama’s ACORN ties, I recommend this article at American Thinker:

    It includes a handy chart that shows the ties between Obama, ACORN, Ayers, Soros, and Obama’s political inspiration Saul Alinsky.

  7. Great informative article Grail!

    And I agree about Lolita. I don’t care how well written child pornography is, it remains what it is, child pornography.

  8. Well Done Grail Guardian. Concise and informative. You might consider adding links to Rezkowatch archives ? Anyway this is clearly a devastating confederacy that Soeterobama surrounds himself with. Gives a whole new meaning to standing on the shoulders of whom?
    Good to read you hear….been following your commentary at NQ all season.
    ( America Wakeup!…..Or We Are Royally Screwed!….)

  9. workingclassartist,

    Excellent idea. For those interested, here are some helpful links:
    For a humorous approach try:

    Plus Uppity Woman has an excellent piece today:

    And this piece at American Thinker outlines Obama’s ACORN ties:

  10. Your post is laughable…why don’t you post a list of anyone McCain has ever talked to who is controversial? There are plenty, including the North Vietnamise….Get ready because a left winger is gonna be your pres!

  11. In regard to Michelle Obama’s experience at Princeton in the 1980’s, I do not understand the problem with her statement –

    “My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘Blackness’ than ever before,” she wrote in her thesis “I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus, as if I don’t really belong.”

    (The thesis, titled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community” and written under her maiden name, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, in 1985)

    I still think as a country that we are white male dominated. She may or may not have analyzed the causes of her discomfort accurately, but I don’t see why her feelings about her experience are considered a negative.

  12. Purplefinn, would you find it troublesome if I wrote in my Virginia Tech thesis:

    “My experiences at Virginia Tech in the 1980s have made me far more aware of my ‘Whiteness’ than ever before”?

    [Yes, I understand there is “good” racism and “bad” racism as portrayed by the MSM, and that being white makes me a de facto villain rather than a victim.]

  13. Um, I don’t think being aware of one’s race is necessarily a bad thing.

  14. Michelle Obama still carries a chip on her shoulder even though she has done fine in the society she “doesnt’ belong to.” She has actually forgotten the very people she is claiming to be devoted to (working at that hospital that works to keep the poor out of its emergency room, for example). And her husband’s blind eye to the people in Rezko’s tenements is something she has lived with for years.

    There’s a great deal of hypocrisy here (in both of them) and a hostility that we haven’t even see the worst of yet, I’m afraid. It seems to have been awakened at Princeton.

  15. Okay, things are getting a little ridiculous. To call foreign heads-of-state that Obama has never even met his associates is, well, ridiculous.

    Come on people, you complain that the Obama campaign is using fear tactics. What do you call what you are doing?

  16. Purplefinn, that’s a very slippery slope. I’ve never met a man or woman who was color-aware (“My black friend”) and not a racist. (And racism as you should know is not limited to whites, or males.)

    I think you would agree that there’s something very noble to be said for judging a person not based on the color of their skin, but rather on the content of their character (that would apply even to self-examination). From my personal experience, it’s almost impossible for anyone to have their cake in that respect (“I’m white”) and eat it too (“but I don’t treat you differently based on your skin color”).

  17. insightanalytical, I have seen that chip and it does bother me. It seems that her anger is more important to her than progress in race relations. Although her anger may have been awakened at Princeton, that is not inherently a bad thing.

    I am grateful that I became aware of my status as a female in our society and felt my anger. I do not wish to feed upon the anger as a raison d’etre, however.

  18. Penny Pritzer is also the owner of the hotel where Ahmadinejad stayed last week during his visit to United Nations and where Obamas democratic supporters gave him a party.., Also, obama and ayers together gave a farewell party for Khalidi before he left Chicago to go to work at Columbia University, then after Khali got there, he invited Ahmadinejad (while he visied The United Nations last year) to speak at Columbia University..And all he did in that speech was put USA and Israel down..Is the democratic party becoming the antiAmerican party?

  19. The point is, these foreign leaders see him as a potential “friend” if he’s elected. We have no clue how he will deal with them if he starts meeting them without pre-conditions or what his “advisors” will do even if he doesn’t meet them personally right away.

    This isn’t about fear, it’s about tracing the influences in Obama’s coterie. Some of them like Khalidi have direct ties and others are admiring him from afar. They are vocal leaders and we don’t know how the malleable Obama will react to pressures from them when they open their mouths. I sort of like Chavez’s in your face attitude toward American interests in his country…but he seems to like Obama as the next President? The question we need to answer is WHY? We’ve already made nice with Libya and the oil deals are up and running. So, what more does Gaddafi expect?

    We do not know what’s in Obama’s CORE and that’s the problem…What do these foreign leaders see in him that Obama doesn’t want the American public to see???

  20. ea..Obama is using scare tactics, including threatening to have anyone who says anything negative about him put in jail..He is now starting to show his true colors starting with taking away our First Admendment right to free speech.(Starting with Pa. and then Mossouri, one state at a time (all 57 HIS states). How can he even lead our country when he thinks there are 57 states, that The Great Lakes are in Oregon, and doesnt even know what states border his own state of Illinois?

  21. And he wants a civil army. (just like those communist countrys do, and just like Hitler did)

  22. And he sent an order to Pa and Ohio to cease and desist running those TV ads by the NRA showing how he was against gun rights while state senator.

  23. P.S. Purplefinn, maybe our difference comes in that I (try to) look at skin color like hair color (it’s o.k. with me if you have red hair – I actually like it).

    But my attitude does not make up for past societal wrongs. That is the harder issue – if Michelle want recompense, she does have to hold on to her blackness (and I’m not denying her point in that respect), but holding on to her blackness for that reason may hold her (and us) back too….

  24. male role model in Honolulu. In his writings, Davis confesses that he and his wife once had sex with a 13-year-old girl named Anne.
    Geeze….what a concidence….a girl named Anne. Wasn’t that obama’s mother’s name? Gosh…I don’t want to spread rumors- but- if it was- now I know why she was attracted to black men. He sounds like a big sicko, I guess alot of people might have that name too. You hounds out there- take the timeframe and see where Obama’s mother was at the time this sicko was raping the 13 year old kid. If it was her- I now can see why this girl was so mixed up while raising Obama. What kind of mentors does this guy have? A bunch of crazy lunatics!

  25. Good job, but you left some important ones out. What about Emil Jones, Alexi Giannoulis, and Jim Johnson?

  26. Maybe we can get to them next….so many, so little time…right Grail?? LOL

    Search David L. Boren at this site …you’ll get plenty more there!!!

  27. It’s a very scary lineup, that’s for sure. I’m really interested in Alexi Giannoulis, because he has mob ties. Obama keeps his campaign money in Giannoulis’ bank and helped Giannoulis get a government job.

    Jim Johnson was supposed to be off the Obama payroll when he resigned from the VP search committee, but it turns out he’s still advising Obama on economics. Another creepy thing is the story that Obama and Paulson were both getting talking points from Goldman Sachs for the White House meeting the other day.

  28. I’ll try to research them and do something for tomorrow….GRL

  29. bostonboomer,

    I know – it was difficult to stop where I did and there are so many more, but I literally could have added another entire article full of people (maybe I’ll do just that).


    I have a tendency to look a bit deeper than the obvious, especially where Barack Obama is concerned (he deliberately hides so much, it makes me want to know why). I ask myself – why would Barack Obama come out publicly in a Presidential Primary Debate (or 2) and state that he would meet with these specific rogue leaders, and then all of them come out and endorse his candidacy?

    When I wear my journalist hat, I raise questions. It’s up to each of us to decide what we believe. If I got even one person to stop and think about the connection, I feel I have achieved what I set out to do; make people say hmmmm.

  30. To judge a person by that person’s associates and associations is very reasonable. Great job.

  31. Thank you all for the research and information. However, I am deeply saddened that the MSM made absolutely no attempt to “vet” this candidate, but instead promoted, defended, and catapulted him at us. THEY are to blame for this untenable situation in which we find ourselves.

    It still amazes me that “journalists” have sunk to the “Entertainment Tonight” level. Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews: You pride yourselves on your knowledge of politics and politicians. Yes, your memories of other campaigns and election nights are vivid. However, your “coverage” reveals you only as satiric, biased clowns. You DO NOT do your jobs well, because there is never any “investigative journalism.” You sometimes invite guests who disagree with you, and then you rudely talk over them or insult them when they don’t agree with you.

    Madeline Albright once said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” Yet, I think there is a VERY special place in hell for journalists who use their own agendas, inject their own biases, and obscure the truth. You fools are toying with an American electorate and an American election. This is not a popularity contest, you goddam fools. The future of this country is at stake, and yet you political pundits have never found it NECESSARY to investigate the background and explain the inexperience of a 120-day Senator in his first term.

    Yes…there IS a special place in hell for you. Fortunately, we won’t be joining you there.

  32. In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.RobertFrostRobert Frost

  33. Anne Marie,


  34. Dear Grail Guardian…..

    If you doth be the Great Guardian…Please do a post in which you ask your readers to ask 10 more people to vote for McCain…and those 10 to do the same..
    Oh please, I bow on bended knee.

    ASK in Great Big Letters!! if 500 read it, it will be 5000, then 5000 will be 50,000…(well even half is acceptable) You get the idea.

    You honor me with your time and presence…:)

    Your friend, always


    If everyone does this…..(so far I have contacted 8) it would quickly neutralize
    the reported VOTER Fraud..

  35. SPP–

    Robert Frost said “take the road less traveled” he didn’t say jump into a hole of quicksand!

    Obama isn’t the road less traveled, he’s the quicksand. When a political candidate has to cover up so much of his past and present associations, you should run very far away from him. His association with Soros, a self-hating Hungarian Jew who shows no remorse for his treatment of other Jews when working with the Nazis, is enough for me NOT to vote for Obama.

    Frost is about self-discovery, not self deceit. The telling thing about this election is how willing Liberals have been to disregard truths that they hold for themselves in order to have Obama be the next POTUS. Where were the atheists when campaign surrogates and others were comparing Obama to Jesus Christ in their “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor” ridiculous RELIGIOUS comment?

    And no number of New Age gurus, psychics, or religious leaders can tell me that the fact that he was a community organizer means he is akin to Jesus! WTF????

    Grail Guardian — this is a great start. But a suggestion, I would separate his actual associates (which are proven facts), from the other world leaders who have endorsed him. It really undermines your argument as pointed out above. And some more to add, his use of Al Qasa (sp?) as security guards when he visited Palestine, the professor who got others to write him letters for law school.

    looking forward to your next feature

  36. Fembot,

    Part II of the article is in the works…

  37. Thanks for this brilliant enemies list. Dean, Pelosi and the Demo leadership needs to be tossed for cheating Hillary out of this election. They conspired with Obama to keep Edwards in the race even though they all knew he was unsuitable. This drained votes, media and money from Clinton. The Dems are going down this time, deservedly. America will not be so stupid to support this very flawed candidate. He has no right to attack Palin’s inexperience. In four years she will have great experience as Veep. In four years Obama will be a crossword puzzle answer.

  38. Grail Guardian, Many thanks for this list. I was aware of most of them , but seeing them listed all together like this is mind boggling.

    I will steer all my family and friends to this site and this posting. It will no doubt set many of them to thinking that I was not so much off the mark with my dire warnings to them. Some of them think I am a bit of a Cassandra, but this article will enlighten them greatly.

    You say above that Part ll is in the works. I will be watching for it . Thank you again. It is gratifying to see that I am not alone in my foreboding.

    Above, “We will not fall in line” is exactly correct. Obama would not have won Iowa if Edwards had not been in the equation. That crew of dirty rats that covered up for Edwards just to siphon off Hillary’s votes has a lot to answer for. I hope she is correct in surmising that in four years Obama will be a crossword puzzle answer. I still hold out hope that with so many of us trying to get the word out we can sink him in November.

    Keep up the good work, Grail Guardian. Voices like yours are sorely needed in these trying times.

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