About My Upcoming Interview on The Blog Bunker on Friday…

I’m scheduled to be interviewed via phone on “The Blog Bunker” on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Indie Talk channel (channel 110) on Friday, July 11 at 5:30 PM Eastern Time. You can get a free, 3-day trial if you’re interested. I think there are repeats of the show later on Friday and maybe the next day.

Sirius says that “The Blog Bunker” is a “cutting-edge roundtable featuring a selection of the over 100 million bloggers around the globe.”

I have no idea how they picked me, but I figured “Why not?” I’ve never been interviewed before and I don’t know how my fast speech will come over on the radio. And I have to admit, I’m nervous.

I’m not sure what will be covered, but I mentioned to the person who contacted me that I was interested in polling (since I worked for Gallup and other pollsters in the past) and that I hated being manipulated by anyone in public office. I don’t know where that will take the conversation!

So, tune in if you can. Depending on how things go, I may blog about the experience. If things go badly and I make a fool of myself, however, I may never have the courage to have an opinion on anything again!

4 Responses

  1. Do you say, “Break a leg,” for radio? Suerte.

  2. Wow, that is fantastic. I will definitely venture out to run some errands at that time so i can be in my car with my radio to tune in!

    Good luck!


    Oh, and this is my first time to your blog. Love it! Gonna add it to my blogroll tonite!

  3. Cheers and best wishes accompanied by the appropriate break a leg rider.

  4. hi, did you get a copy that you can broadcast? If so send it to me and I will publish on the blog http://pumaalliance.wordpress.com. This blog has been bloggrolled there too, thanks for providing some great reading and information about the PUMA Just Say No Deal Coalition.

    PUMA in 08. Hillary Clinton for President.

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