The Jackson/Obama and Obama Family Follies on O’Reilly: I Can’t Believe I’m Seeing What I’m Seeing (UPDATED 1X)

Years ago when I was doing the Media Watch for another site (it buzzes and flashes), I used to write snarky comments about Bill O’Reilly (whom I dubbed “The Ego”) several times a week. So, it’s with a sense of great irony that I’m writing about his show tonight (Wednesday, 7/9) without the snark being aimed at him.

He had two segments that had me shaking my head over the utterly ridiculous state we’re in these days.

First, he showed the clip of Jesse Jackson dissing Obama. (See link to video at the end of this post.) My mother had told me that Jackson had apologized so I was in for a real surprise when I saw the clip. As much as Clarence Page and Warren Ballentine wanted to smooth the whole thing out, I think Jackson knew exactly what he was saying. How can it be a “misspeak” when you are whispering under your breath to another person that you think Obama is “talking down to blacks” with this faith-based stuff and you finish off with “I want cut his nuts off”???

I had to laugh when O’Reilly, playing devil’s advocate, offered the suggestion that there might be a “rivalry thing” going on between Jackson and Obama. Frankly, I think there’s more than rivalry there.

In my post a month ago entitled “A Party Held HOSTAGE: Michele Obama Wasn’t Alone in Her Hostility at the Rainbow/PUSH Conference in 2004–Protests Against Jesse Jackson, Threats Against Democrats/Kerry By Ministers in an Eerie Preview of the Rev. Wright Episode” I discussed the atmosphere at the 2004 Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference where “about 100 African-American religious and community leaders gathered on a sidewalk outside the conference to protest Jackson for being the black community’s ‘worst nightmare'” while John Kerry spoke to the Conference. Protestors said that Jackson did not represent black America.

The ouspoken Pastor Anthony Williams of Chicago’s St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church was quoted saying:

“We are letting the Democratic Party know — from a state, county and federal level — that the black vote is not for sale. I will vote for Mickey Mouse before I vote for John Kerry…

“The African American community has historically got nothing (from supporting the Democratic Party) — a precious few has gotten something like these old civil rights organizations and people like Jesse,” Williams said.

“We have been taken for granted because of people like Jesse. His day is over with,” he added.


But protestor Williams was not persuaded that blacks have no other option except to vote for the Democratic Party.

I say, ‘Guess what? We can go fishing on Election Day, and let’s see what is going to happen to Mr. Kerry then,” Williams said. “I will just encourage my congregation of 3000 people to go fishing.”

In the context of this history, I figure that this is not just “rivalry.” Jackson has been a tepid supporter of Obama at best…and sure, there is a generational thing, as Ballentine pointed out. But I don’t think that’s the whole story, either. Jackson has been subjected to vilification by the same sort of preachers that Obama has followed. For Jackson, it’s all about the respect. Like Hillary Clinton, he’s not getting it. And neither is the Democratic Party. As I concluded in the above piece:

Wow. Doesn’t a lot of this sound real familiar?? Seems like the Democratic Party has been sitting on this volcano since 2004. And Williams’ was calling Democrats racists in 2005. Doesn’t all this this sound like the Democratic Party has been held HOSTAGE and that 2008 is all about appeasement?? (With just window-dressing with “image” and no real action on real concerns?) Is this what is at the top of the agenda for Democrats??

The next segment stunned me. It was the story about Obama suddenly deciding his kids have been overexposed. O’Reilly showed clips of a piece on Obama and family that had been shown on “Access Hollywood” (with more parts coming). Then, I saw Obama claiming that “we got carried away in the moment” as he allowed his kids to be interviewed “extensively.” (See the LA Times blog piece on this backtrack.) Oh, sure! Allowing cameras to show up at a birthday party takes no planning, scheduling, or posing! It’s totally spontaneous! These were not clips of Obama with his kids at an event being given a short introduction. This was a fully-staged episode of the Waltons. And hasn’t Obama declared his family off-limits and told the media to stop picking on his wife? So which is it Barack? Off-limits or not off-limits?

And the irony of this family episode and Obama’s typical “do or say something then try to worm out of it” act is that we had to hear the media accuse Hillary Clinton of “pimping” her adult daughter by having her appear at rallies. Of course, Chelsea, a grown woman, was also being “pimped” I suppose when she went out on her own to college campuses to campaign for her mother.

Outrageous. The nonsense coming out of Obama’s lips and the spew from the out-of-touch, enabling media… And what about what’s coming out of Jesse Jackson’s mouth? I guess you could say it’s “heartfelt”…and the most honest thing I’ve heard in months.


Link to the Jackson video courtesy Texas Hill Country! (Also a PUMA site worth checking out!)

8 Responses

  1. Holeee cr$p. I used to love you on BF, GRL!!! I’m so glad you found another place to go.

    I am absolutely amazed. More and more, this Obamanation reminds me of the infiltration of the Republican Party by the rightwing lunatics. The Republican Party is unrecognizable now – full of people like Hackabee who don’t believe in evolution and think that the Constitution should be rewritten according to “God’s Law.”

    The same thing is happening to the Democratic Party. The warriors are getting forced out by the appeasers, and the DNC is shoving Barack Obama down our throats. They will do anything to make him the nominee, even change and ignore their own rules to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida.

    I can’t help but wonder if this takeover was also organized and planned by these (Chicago, how interesting) radicals who want their agenda (whatever it is) to be first and foremost in the new President’s mind.

    I’ve got news for these whackjobs: All they’re doing is ensuring the victory of either Hillary Clinton or John McCain. Barack Obama will never be President of the United States. Take it to the bank.

  2. Great post! I also agree that jackson’s words were honest and I expect to hear more of this sentiment expressed as time goes on.

  3. About your assertion that JJ has been a tepid supporter of Obama at best, I am going to have to disagree on that one.

    It is true that he has not been a public campaigner for Obama, I believe the reason for that is because he is a polarizing figure. In addition, Obama both wanted the African American vote and wanted to distance himself from the community so as not to appear as the “Black” candidate to the rest of America. There is no quicker way to eliminate that chance than to put JJ up front and center.

    On the other hand, JJ has been a strong arm backroom politician for Obama, most notably with the Congressional Black Caucus members even going so far as to threaten and guilt these Super Delegates into supporting Obama.

    JJ has been known to say things like the following to African American Super Delegates…

    “Do you want to be known as the guy that prevented the first black man with a real chance from becoming President.”

    “If you don’t support him, you may find that we will have another candidate to fill your seat next time you are up for re-election.”

    I would say that is a bit more than tepid. On the QT, sure, but definitely not tepid.

    As far as the rest of the post, I had forgotten about that little demonstration. That is really fascinating. I am going to have to look a few things up and refresh my memory!

    Oh, and thanks for the props! LOL.

  4. Maybe the word “tempered” fits better. Jackson was a Clinton supporter for sure (have links about this I’ve researched)…I think the bottom line is that Jackson wants to be relevant (seen stores questionning his relevancy, by younger people who forget his history.) He speaks from that vantage point frequently. This current outburst…well, he either really is feeling resentful about this particular issue OR it’s all a set-up to garner sympathy for Obama. Obama is sort of a “whiner” and seems to manipulate playing the “victim” well and this may be another one of these games.
    These days, one never knows!!

  5. True enough. You are right that he has been tempered by the Obama campaign.

    I dont really think JJ likes the fact that he has been kept in the backroom by the campaign. He is a publicity kind of guy, but I seriously doubt that the comment was planned to gain sympathy for Obama… I cant see JJ purposely setting up a situation where he would end up eating crow for anyone, ever. He is too proud, it’s too embarrassing, and it makes him less relevant.

    I think that because there was a similar reaction to Cosby on a very similar subject line that it is more than highly probably that this reaction is coming from the same place.

    But yes, you are right… Obama is a whiney baby and needs to quit his cryin.

    He also needs to quit throwing people, principles and organizations under and/or off the bus…

    dude, grow a spine!

    Anyway, love the blog! will be an avid reader!

    And as always, I still want my party back!

    Texas Hill Country

  6. Do pledged Obama delegates have the obligation to switch votes at the convention if they feel that he no longer represents the sentiments of those that elected him?

    The DNC rules not only allow it, they encourage it:

  7. I think what surprised me the most after the Jackson open mic remark was the way everyone seemed to find it quite all right to suggest that JJ remarks were because he was jealous of Obama.

    Just as Obama was willing to try and diminish Bill Clinton’s legacy now it appears his supporters are perfectly willing to diminish Jesse Jackson.

    Speaking only for myself, I have NO respect for anyone who has to build up some poser by tearing down two men who have done a great deal for this country and who have a legacy. Obama? What the hell has he ever done except give a few speeches?

  8. Texas Hill Country:

    I believe the quotes you attributed @ 4:55 on July 10 to Jesse Jackson are quotes from his son, Jesse Jackson Jr.

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