Enabling Bad Behavior…


A big WELCOME to kenoshaMarge, who is honoring this blog with her first contribution!  KM has “known” me since the old Buzzflash days and managed to find her way here after my hasty departure from that site during the primary season. I’m so glad we’re “together again” and I hope visitors will enjoy reading her thoughts.  (She’s from the “North Country” and I’m in the Southwest, so it will be interesting to perhaps see different perspectives.) She’ll be posting when she gets the inspiration to get something out there…

AGAIN, WELCOME kenoshaMarge!!




Many voters are like parents who will not accept that their offspring might do bad things. Such parents will go to any lengths to convince themselves and others that little Johnny/Janie would never do drugs, have sex, lie, steal, or cheat.

Voters that believe that “their”party would never do bad things while demonizing the “other”party are like those close-minded parents. Denying a problem ensures that the behavior will not change. Not with kids and not with political parties.

I believed for most of my life that the Democratic Party was “better”than the Republican Party. I believed that because I thought Democrats stood for the things that I believed in, the things that were important to me. I thought they would fight for those things. That was back before I saw that Democrats would fight for nothing except re-election and their COLA.

The Republican Party wasn’t a comfortable fit for me except about fiscal responsibility. That was before Republicans decided to agree with the Democrats about fiscal responsibility. Such bi-partisanship goes to show that whenever two parties agree about something it doesn’t necessarily work out well in the long run. In fact, usually bi-partisanship means that both parties screw the public instead of one or the other.

For the last 6 months I have watched the party I always supported in dismay. Why are they undermining all they supposedly ever stood for? Any remarks they now make about Republican corruption will be like Madonna accusing another female of sluttish behavior.

The Democratic Party in their arrogance has let this get so far out of hand that nothing they do now will satisfy everyone in their party. Thus nothing will unify it. They broke it, now they own it. Millions of average Americans will pay the price as they always do.

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