Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Domain Buy: A “Flow Chart” of Scenarios That Cross the Mind (With BIG UPDATE 1X re: PUMA/HRC DEBT); Update 2X

At least they’ve been crossing my mind…

OK, so we see reports like the one in the LA Times on July 19th about how Hillary Clinton has moved to buy a web domain with an interesting year attached to it (Hillary Clinton’s revealing purchase: A website called HRC2012). And, she had the “audacity of hope” to buy it on June 8th, the day after she suspended her campaign and spoke in support of Barack Obama.

In 2012 she can choose to run for the Senate again or run for President. Or she can run for both,  like Joe Lieberman did when he was running as Gore’s VP. (Bob Dole, who was Senate Majority Leader in 1996, is the only presidential contender who actually resigned his Senate seat after winning the primaries.) In Hillary Clinton’s case, you can expect hysteria if she chooses to run for Senate and President at the same time.  Good girls don’t do that sort of thing…

So, according to the pundits, it now seems that Clinton supporters can hold out hope for a Presidential run in 2012,

But is that the whole story?  My mind immediately created a “flow chart” of the possibilities that the buy conjures up.  Here goes:

1) The obvious. Clinton’s buy signals that she aims to keep a power base apart from Obama. See Nos. 3-6.

2) The timing is interesting. Not only was the buy made immediately after “surrendering” to Obama and the Party, it was followed by new Clinton Foundation initiative to cut the costs of malaria medications, with many stories in the media reminding the reader of Bill Clinton’s 2002 deal to slash the cost of HIV/AIDS meds…and the news of the domain buy was revealed just before Obama went off on this foreign adventure to APPEAR like a leader. Nothing like de-lurking at just the right time…

3) If HIllary that assumes McCain is going to win: His hint that he might be a one-term President, if it actually comes to pass,  opens up the race without an incumbent, so she can run against McCain’s VP or an upstart, where she could have a big advantage with her greater Senate experience and previous campaign dry-run.

  • Risk in this scenario–McCain picks either Carly Fiorini or Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. If McCain doesn’t complete his term, Hillary loses the chance to be the first woman President and, more importantly, the media revolts at the thought of having two women compete for the Presidency. Guess who will get tossed again to the bottom-feeding media?  Hillary Clinton, who may be forced to choose NOT to run if there is a woman VP already in the Oval Office.

4) If she assumes Obama is going to win and that he will be a lousy President: She is going on notice that she could run against HIM in 2012.  Then watch the cries of “She’s DIVISIVE” start again.  However, If Obama is a lousy President and people get fed up with him, she may get a lot of support for a move to bounce him back to Chicago.

5) If Obama’s past catches up with him: Rezko, Auchi, and any other ties to people who are or have been in trouble with the law may be brought to the fore–perhaps there will be a move by Republicans to impeach Obama, or, more likely, a constant effort to sully him for four years.  (Or maybe the FBI will drag him out of the White House in handcuffs! One can dream….) If he runs again, this may create an opening for a Clinton primary challenge

6) Or, perhaps something erupts before the Democratic Convention: Super delegates get even more wary, polls drop, money starts getting harder to find…well, the web buy makes sure that party poobahs know that Clinton is still interested in planning for the future and hasn’t gone off to redecorate her Senate office. And PUMA roars and shows up to make its case in person in Denver…

7) If a last minute switch doesn’t occur: Hillary uses her seat in the Senate to maintain and enhance her high profile. Perhaps she begins to outshine the flaccid Harry Reid, who reportedly doesn’t want her to ever to be Senate Majority Leader.  If that route is blocked perhaps she vies for a chairmanship of one of those high-profile committees she sits on.  Or, as either McCain or Obama send programs to Congress, she emerges as the new “maverick” or as the “voice of the people.”  Wouldn’t that be interesting to see her play that role against Obama and his butt-kissing of Republicans?  One thing to watch will be any debate on Social Security.  Bill Clinton rejected wholesale privatization of Social Security, preferring to have the system invest in the stock market, not individuals.  And, of course, there’s always healthcare to debate.  Any differences Hillary Clinton may have with Obama on these issues would provide a golden opportunity to show her leadership.

7) NEW ADDITION–If her debt is PAID OFF, then…who knows??  See below for UPDATE!

So, that’s where my mind’s wandering have taken me.  For some inexplicable reason, the thought of Obama being a GOOD President really hasn’t crossed my mind, not for once second.

If anybody has any other thoughts, please add them to the list!

PS–Irony of ironies….As I was finishing up this post and heading to the kitchen for dinner, I got a call from an older woman who was calling on behalf of…guess!  I politely stopped her immediately and informed her that she needn’t waste her energy and time because I wasn’t voting for Obama.  She said, “OH,” and got off the line.  I wonder if they are under orders not to bother trying to launch into their usual script, because she didn’t even attempt to bring up any issues that might be on a voter’s mind…dangerous territory for the caller, I guess, with a PUMA on the other end of the line!


Email from Will Bowers

This kinda complicated, but here goes!

First, it looks as if we’ll only be given the June figures on July 20th (or July 21st). We won’t get the solid figures for July 1-4 until August 20th or so.

Secondly, different outfits are choosing to assess the debt differently. Some are counting only the campaign debt, and some are counting the campaign debt *plus* Hillary’s *personal* debt. It looks as if we’ll have definitely paid down the former, but it is unclear as to the latter.

There are those who want us to report her debt as still being high, so that they can continue to fundraise. And there are those who want us to know that her debt is almost paid off, to show that she is still a strong candidate for Convention.

As *I* see it (from what our sources have told us), her *campaign* debt should be in the black as of now. Even if it isn’t, the *good* news is that we’ve brought the DNC’s strong arm tactics into public light and scrutiny… so that they will now be hard pressed to use her debt against her in their attempt to keep her name from being placed into nomination.

I hope this helps better explain things, even as complicated as it may sound. If there are any other questions I can ask, please let me know.





I just unearthed a recent mailing of a “survey” from the DNC…(sent back with appropriate comments just now!)  I noticed, that while Obama’s operation is based in Chicago, the money is still going to Washington, D.C.  At least someone has had the good sense not to hand over the cash to a bank in Chicago, close to the Obama crowd…