More Bilge from Obama–Another Empty Fundraising Letter (Which I Reflect Upon with Help from Charlie Chan) (UPDATE 1X)

Ah, another envelope full of campaign literature from Obama came a couple of days ago.  This is the second I’ve received, the first being reams of paper from Obama and Rev. Joseph Lowery, which was the subject of an earlier post (Obama Hides Behind Rev. Joseph Lowery–Literally).

For those of you who are not receiving these mailings, I will review the current missive for you. Note that I am no longer registered as a Democrat and have dropped all e-mail communications from the party.  But, the wheels of de-registering grind slowly, so I am still getting this stuff.

This latest Obama mailing is much more streamlined than the Lowery package.  It includes a single-page letter from the man himself, in which he addresses me as “Friend.”   Obama waxes poetic about how all the cynics and pundits said we all “set our sights too high.  They said the country was too divided, too disillusioned to come together around a common purpose.”

Yup, he says we are on “the cusp of history” and talks about a “new majority that will help reclaim the American Dream.”  This new majority, he states, is comprised of Democrats and Independents and Republicans, blacks and whites, Latinos and Asians, Red States and Blue States” and will come together “into a United States of America.” (Gee, last time I checked, things are pretty divided right now in the Democratic Party largely because of Obama’s own campaign tactics.)

In his list of groups that will be united, he leaves out men and women–why not include that rhetorical flourish?  (…Unless he doesn’t want to take the chance of reminding a lot of insulted women who are part of the approximately 18 million Hillary Clinton voters about how they’re supposed to “get over it” and accept the “unity” mantra…)

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