Saturday “Toons” from Our Chicago Correspondent Leslie

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Our Chicago Correspondent Leslie sent along a group of cartoons which appeared shortly after the election.  Here are a few to mull over…comments are mine alone.


This take-off on Mt. Rushmore…with Obama BIGGER than the others even before he’s gotten inaugurated…Really, isn’t this crap just plain over the top and INSULTING? “Rock-O-Bama”…WTF?



And this one does the race bit…


OK…but haven’t women–of all colors–been waiting?  In this country, right now, no one seems a bit interested in seeing a woman at the pinnacle of power.  No, we just see trashing…and damned if Letterman still isn’t trying to convince people that Sarah Palin is DUMB… while conveniently overlooking the faux pas of The Chosen One.  Yup, we sure have come a long way, haven’t we?


Then there’s this one, which is so ironic it hurts, considering how he “won” the primaries and how his character hasn’t been vetted at all by the sycophants in the media:


By the way, is that one of those “small towns” he dissed?


Finally, as we suffer through all this Clinton-SOS business, this cartoon becomes even more aggravating. If Clinton takes the job, she and hubby Bill will be doing the heavy-lifting, in my opinion.


6 Responses

  1. You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

  2. We need to rpomote ur own “toons” because these are nothing but more falling at his feet and humping his leg. Disgusting!

    Why is Dan Quayle forever the guy who misspelled potato but Obama can clam we3 have 57 states and the Great Lakes are in Oregon yet the press goes on and on about how “intelligent” he supposedly is?

    Because he is one f them. Elitst, snobbish, over educated and under infromed. The man is an idiot and is too arrogant to see or admit it. The press loves it. I think they should move in together in another country!

  3. That’s a great observation…I never look for ‘toons specifically, but if I find any I may start saving them for future use!!


    please let us know!

    PS–I bet if Clinton does the SOS bit, you’ll see plenty of negative cartoons about HER!!

  4. Oh, I found some anti-Palin ones for you all!!!

  5. I love all of these cartoons–every one. It is a GREAT DAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!! President BARACK OBAMA!!!!!

    SING IT IN THE STREETS, my friends!

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