The Past Week, October 26-November 1: Recaps and Random Thoughts (A Mindblower of a Piece at Logistics Monster on “Obama’s American Socialism”; The Illegal Aunt/Donation Problem; 1995 Video of Obama Praising Rev. Wright; Zogby Polling Race; “A Face in the Crowd”–How Timely!; Fall Harvesting)

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Well, as things wind down, the voter problems mount here in NM…surprised? Of course not.   (See story below in the list of posts for the week.)

This has been such a heavy week of activity and news, with Obama’s TV extravaganza the”highlight.” But here are a few things that really caught my eye.

Over at Logistics Monster we found Part 3 of the series on Obama’s background and connections. Part 3 is a mindblower and I urge everyone to read it and get others to read it. It’s called Obama’s American Socialism: Decades In The Making, Part III. I am going to quote extensively from this piece.  Here’s a key passage that will open some eyes about the Democratic Party, ACORN, and Hillary Clinton:

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