Saturday “Toons” from Our Chicago Correspondent Leslie

~~Posted by InsightAnalytical-GRL

Our Chicago Correspondent Leslie sent along a group of cartoons which appeared shortly after the election.  Here are a few to mull over…comments are mine alone.


This take-off on Mt. Rushmore…with Obama BIGGER than the others even before he’s gotten inaugurated…Really, isn’t this crap just plain over the top and INSULTING? “Rock-O-Bama”…WTF?



And this one does the race bit…


OK…but haven’t women–of all colors–been waiting?  In this country, right now, no one seems a bit interested in seeing a woman at the pinnacle of power.  No, we just see trashing…and damned if Letterman still isn’t trying to convince people that Sarah Palin is DUMB… while conveniently overlooking the faux pas of The Chosen One.  Yup, we sure have come a long way, haven’t we?


Then there’s this one, which is so ironic it hurts, considering how he “won” the primaries and how his character hasn’t been vetted at all by the sycophants in the media:


By the way, is that one of those “small towns” he dissed?


Finally, as we suffer through all this Clinton-SOS business, this cartoon becomes even more aggravating. If Clinton takes the job, she and hubby Bill will be doing the heavy-lifting, in my opinion.