Howard’s Agony: Seems Like We’ve Been Here Before

~~By Grail Guardian

Howard Dean is at it again. Yep. There’s a You Tube video entitled the “Agony of the Women of 2008” (posted 11/15/08) of “Dean The Scream” on C-Span 2’s post-election “Presidential Election Analysis” by Smithsonian Associates. There he is decrying the rampant sexism in this year’s Presidential campaign. (H/T to “imustprotest” for the link.  Updated Editor’s Note: The You Tube video is from BettyJean Kling at Free Us Now–see blogroll)

As if he’s been screaming about it for years, Dean states:

Washington doesn’t get it. They always get it last. This is the most underwritten story of this campaign… by the press… by the media.”

“Women my age, in m generation felt this really acutely. Because they were the ones that suffered all of the indignities that you suffer when you fight to win the battle for equality. As they did.”

“Nobody understood the agony that women, particularly of my generation, were undergoing about this…issue…and to this day, it has been swept under the rug and been forgotten because she didn’t win.”

Say what? Did Mr. Misogyny just say that the media screwed women?

“We thought we were past all this stuff and we weren’t. We weren’t surprised about the degree of racism or lack of it or whatever, that was endlessly examined. We did not examine the fact that we didn’t get, we haven’t gotten nearly as far ahead as we thought we were about equality between the sexes. And that ought to be revisited as a result of what happened.”

But wait, it gets even better! Coward goes on to defend… wait for it… Sarah Palin!

…and it happened to Sarah Palin too. All the stuff that happened to Sarah Palin, and I know God knows I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her political points of view, but a lot of the stuff that happened to her, as she pointed out, would not have happened had she been a man.”


Holy Toledo, Batman!

Is this the same Howard Dean that says he was slow to pick up on the sexism against Senator Clinton in the primaries because he doesn’t watch cable TV? Is this the same Howard Dean that asked Cynthia Ruccia of Women for Fair Politics “What sexism?” Or could it be the same Howard Dean that decried the media’s treatment of Hillary Clinton in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos near the end of the Democratic Primaries, too late to do anyone any good?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me bring up another point on unifying the party. Geraldine Ferraro wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe this week where she talked about the persistent — what she’s saying is sexism — in the party and the difficulty that Barack Obama is going to have winning over Reagan democrats. Let me show — here’s a portion of what she wrote. She said that “Reagan democrats see Obama’s playing the race card throughout the campaign and no one calling him for it as frightening. They’re not upset with Obama because he’s black. They’re upset because they don’t expect to be treated fairly because they’re white. It’s not racism that’s driving them, it’s racial resentment, and that is in force because they don’t believe he understands them and their problems.” She’s talking about a deep breach. What does Senator Obama —

DEAN: Well, first of all, I’m not going to respond to Senator — I mean to Geraldine Ferraro’s views on race because I think they have been outside the mainstream and unhelpful. But I will respond —

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you are responding to them.

DEAN: No, but I will respond to something she said on sexism. There has been enormous amount of sexism in this campaign on the part of the media, including the mainstream media. We’ll leave present company excepted because I think that’s true. But there have been major networks that have featured numerous outrageous comments that if the words were reversed and they were about race the people would have been fired. So that’s a big issue. And there are a lot of women in this country who — there’s two issues here. One is one candidate is ahead and one is not. That happens all the time in primaries, and you get over that. What you don’t get over is deep wounds that have been inflicted on somebody because they happen to be a woman running for President of the United States.

Hmmmmm. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? But I can’t seem to recall Dean saying a single word about the obnoxious tactics used by the Obama campaign against Sarah Palin until after the election when it’s too late to do anyone any good. Wow, didn’t I just say that? Yep. I’ll say something else that I said at the time Dean made the first statement:

Howard, you are a coward, an idiot, and a liar. I can only pray that you are soon relegated back to the pages of history as the screaming lunatic you’ve proven yourself to be.

31 Responses

  1. Come, come Grail, tell us what you “really” think about Howard the Coward. LOL!

    Actually the three adjectives you used, coward, idiot and liar are simply summed up in one word, a politician.

    Do ya wonder if maybe Howard the Coward might have gotten an earful from his wife, Dr. Judy Dean, the woman in his life who still practices medicine and makes house-calls? The woman in his life who was treated outrageously by the main stream media when he ran?

    Did he pick his integrity, moth-eaten, dusty and rusty from lack of use, from wherever he had stashed it for the past yer and try to re-insert them into his life? Sadly Howie, once lost integrity is not so easy to find. And it’s not so easy to fool some of us fools the second time around. We saw what you did and said, and we won’t be fooled again.

  2. Grail,

    I don’t know whether to scream, cry, or just vomit. I think I’ll probably do all three. What a hypocrite. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut? He has only made things worse for himself IMO. No matter what he says, he was aware of what was taking place – he added to it by not putting a cap on the whole thing by denouncing it publicly.

    Do you suppose he thinks that this little song and dance will convince women to come back to the Democratic Party? Maybe there have been so many of us leaving that the numbers are dropping more than he and Brazile expected. I have news for you, Howard, it is too little, too late. The hurt and disgust go even deeper than you could imagine. All we want from you and the New Democratic Party is for you to get out of our way. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and it sure doesn’t involve you and your party. Get out of our face. already. Crawl back under your rock and take your so-called party with you.

  3. Good morning, everyone! Grail, great piece! Marge, guess what’s getting hits…W.O.M.A.N. from way back when…American Lassie.. “The Story Unfolds” is still “unfolding” today…

    Staying power…we “Women of IA” do have it!!!!!

    Yesterday, I was so busy….Up very early to feed/walk, take Slick to the vet, go to two nearby pet places for foods, Staples to buy, Office Max to return, Best Buy, allergy shot…as soon as I got home, had to set up my entire winter garden protection and clear out some of the fragile stuff because of the freeze and high wind warnings (winds never came!), finished my WILL, fed/walked then at 6pm picked up Slick. Once home, revisited the WILL, emailed it, faxed it, walked/treats, listened to my mother all night, and….set up the webcam I got at BB so I can hopefully spot the little dog!!!!


  4. Is anyone up to admitting that racism took place on the part of the HRC camp yet?

    The Robin picture is funny

  5. I see we have a comedian posting. I guess its post would be funnier if ObamaNation hadn’t spent the entire campaign using r@cism as a billy club.

  6. Oh man, I’m in moderation and I even put the @ in the “r” word.

  7. “Howard, you are a coward, an idiot, and a liar. I can only pray that you are soon relegated back to the pages of history as the screaming lunatic you’ve proven yourself to be.”

    You know, I used to admire HD. Seems like a lifetime ago. Now I’d like to wring his neck while screaming: You took part in that hate campaign against women you sexist F*CK!

  8. My question to Howard Dean (as a past supporter of his) is, where were you when it was going on????????????

  9. If Howard diagnosis his pateints in this fashion its not a wonder why he moved on to politics. Your supposed to diagnose your patient while they are still breathing Howard. After they are dead, you can leave it for the autopsy.

  10. I can only speak for myself but I saw no racism on the part of the HRC camp.

    I did however see sexism and ageism from the Obama camp and his supporters.

  11. I guess I was sort of hoping for a actual discussion…

    I kid you not. I have yet to have a decent discussion with a PUMA on a blog about what was said (and what was perceived have been said) during the campaign. Most block any descenting opinions. It’s f-ing pathetic.

  12. Marge,

    Don’t you know that in the eyes of the Oborg Senator Clinton was a racist for just running against That One?


    Alas, I too was once a Dean supporter. I am sooo glad he didn’t win. We would already be the USSA.

  13. Here’s some discussion. Apart from the little “finger” episode and the brush off and the condescending “you’re likeable enough” during the debate, there was what WASN’T said.

    I did not hear ever from Dean or Obama, the “leaders” of this great revolution, any words to dissuade the cult followers from the sexist crap they were throwing, toward Clinton, then Palin. And his lovely comments about late term abortions were just so smart…not, and not cognizant of anything from a woman’s perspective. I never heard a comment about how the media should focus on issues, either …no we had to endure endless air time and copy about Clinton’s “cleavage” and Palin’s pregnancy and whether the baby was hers and her clothes….what about Obama’s clothes???

    Oh, but we were treated non-stop to being accused of being racist when valid questions about THE ONE were raised.

    Which leads us to believe that racism trumps sexism and misogyny.
    If I hear one more comment about Lincoln and how long blacks have waited, I’ll PUKE. Women, of all colors, have been waiting longer….

  14. […] Agony of the Women of 2008 (video, thanks to InsightAnalytical) Men pontificate on the role of women in the 2008 presidential […]

  15. […] a connection between those two points.The Agony of the Women of 2008 (video, thanks to InsightAnalytical)Men pontificate on the role of women in the 2008 presidential […]

  16. madmonq,

    I’ve had several rather lengthy discussions with Obama supporters on this site. We’ve only been in moderation since the election, and I don’t recall ever seeing a comment from you prior to that.

    If your question is whether anyone here questions Senator Clinton, the answer is yes, we have done a great deal of that. If your question is do we believe she or President Clinton are racists, the answer is no. We believe that racism was used as a continual excuse by the Obama campaign since roughly February of this year. Most of us that post or comment here have been called racists until we’re ready to puke, so if your question is do we think there will be a significant national discussion of racism (and how far it has been set back), again the answer is no. We are all pretty well convinced that race relations and gender relations in this country have been set back decades by the Obama campaign, and that he has no intention of repairing either. We feel that Barack Obama has and will continue to use race and gender as weapons and tools to achieve his own ends, regardless of the damage to America or her people. And we believe that Barack Obama has no more concerns for Americans of color than he has for women, his opponents, or the United States Constitution.

    Anything else you’d like to discuss?

  17. An article about sexism and of course someone has to go off about racism. Sucking the air out of women’s issues again. Refocusing everything back on anything else except the elephant in the room. Scream bloody murder when gays compare their civil rights to the civil rights movement because of course (heavy sarcasm) nothing is as ever as important as their own issue.

    But since the person asked, I do not believe HRC is a racist, nor do I believe she or Bill ever used racism in the campaign. Never. Did not happen. Nothing to apologize for. Not one inch.

    Further, I do believe that Obama hid behind his staff and surrogates who actively and consciously used the race card to spark the hatred of CDS in their supporters.

  18. Fantastic op/ed — fantastic comments. My faith is renewed.

  19. Yes Dean should of put a stop to all the sexist crap during the campaign, but what about the women who joined in on it? Democratic women trashed one of their own. Where was NOW during the feeding frenzy? Wasn’t Hillary their candidate? If they did say anything it wasn’t loud & it wasn’t clear since the sexism didn’t stop. Then when Sarah joined the race, NOW broke it’s own non-ndorsement policy & endorsed a chauvinist troll rather than see a Repubican woman elected VP. There’s plenty of blame to go around here & it doesn’t all fall on the men. If we women can’t respect each other, the men never will.

  20. ps to Madmong, let’s see- what was said during the campaign…..

    oh, how about-

    “you can’t put lipstick on a pig”

    “her White House experience amounts to serving tea to foreign dignataries”

    “we got problems but a bitch ain’t one of them”

    how am I doing here?

  21. IA — and Gail — I’ve been waiting for an apology for one of the “guy politicians”– or a recognition that the 0-zero followers were sexist. But it will never come.

    Sometimes guys are sexist and they don’t really know it — they have been raised with the male privileged and once the learn they really try to change their behavior — they really really work at it.

    However, in the case of 0-zero his sexism was deliberate and it almost seemed organized. I believe that Axel-snot did some consumer research and found that using sexist attacks would awaken the sexist monster to 0-zero’s benefit .

    And we saw proof of the sexism — hang Palin in effigy — nothing done to the sexist pig. hang 0-zero in effigy and the boys are in legal trouble. BOTH were wrong — BOTH effigies should be banned.

    I watched the 0-bots in the caucus — they were dripping with misogynistic hatred of women. 0-zero has opened the Pandora box of sexism — hatred of women — making public displays of aggression towards women acceptable. I feel that the C*** t-shirts and the Bro before h* — was overt raw aggression towards women. In the 70s we saw sex-role stereotyping — but not the overt, rude, crude, hyper aggressive sexism. So this is a whole new monster/creature — thanks to 0-zero.

    Howie Deanie is a liar — and I gotta say I hope he stays out of medicine. Perhaps he needs to sweep streets to earn his welfare.

    We will remember Howie and 0 — we will remember — it is said women have a memory like elephants. I remember what Biden did and will never forgive him. I remember what Randi Rhodes did and will never forgive that creature. Yep — women can be sexist pigs toward other women.

    The rare positive thing to come from this election trauma is that many Republican women NOW see the misogyny. I’ve read remarks about the abuse of women in other countries by conservative women — I think that their consciousness has been raised. My Republican women friends really understand — and some of their husband “get it” they’ve told me.

  22. You know what? I couldn’t watch the entire video. I cannot spend any more time on those people who were behind the brutality that I saw in this campaign, now seeing it as a “problem” or “the most underwritten story”. What b***s***. While the video was playing, I could again feel myself getting hot under the collar – literally. (And my hot flash days are in the past.)

    I remember the comments by TehOne. The “periodically blue”. The “sweetie”. The “when the woman is feeling down”. “You’re nice enough, Hillary”.

    And here comes Howard Dean making “nice”.
    Well W.T.F. does he want ???

    He ain’t gettin it from me. I have taken the last bit of woman hate from these people. They are so used to being “king of the hill” that they think all they have to do is smile and wink, and all is well.

    Well I woke up like never before, this year. I don’t care what it’s called – PUMA or not – they (the Ds,Rs, Greens, Yellow or Purples) . They’re going to have to show me RESPECT from now on, damnit.

    And for the record, I never saw or heard anything racist from Hillary’s campaign. So if you want to have a discussion about r*cism, you’ll just have to talk among yourselves (you Obots).

  23. FYI –The you tube is from me –- Free US Now I am aka Pondarama. and the originator of the video.

  24. This is my first set of comments on this blog. I tried on other pro-Hillary/PUMA sites but got deleted then blocked. I don’t think I was being nasty except to address the hatefulness that was already there. But let me rephrase my original question.

    Is anyone up to exploring the possibility that any racism took place on the part of those supporting or within the HRC camp?

    If so why did it go largely unaddressed by Hillary/those in charge of her campaign?

  25. what the obama camp has done is make me look at people i knew for years and wonder , if it comes down to it will they put color over country.
    Can i trust them to do what is best for the country.
    Never in my life did I ever feel that way before this election



  26. Betty Jean,

    Thanks for the video! I wondered if it was you when I saw the avatar, but I wasn’t positive…

    For those of you not familiar with her work, check out Betty Jean’s Radio Show:

    Free US Now Radio comes to you two nights a week and we are devoted to democracy, equality and human rights. Please tune in Monday at 8 PM Eastern when we welcome Idella Moore for the full hour.

    She is an important voice in the wilderness!
    Call-in Number: (347) 838-8011

  27. madmonq, on November 21st, 2008 at 2:45 pm Said:
    I guess I was sort of hoping for a actual discussion…

    I kid you not. I have yet to have a decent discussion with a PUMA on a blog about what was said (and what was perceived have been said) during the campaign. Most block any descenting opinions. It’s f-ing pathetic.

    Boo-fucking-hoo for you. You were hoping for a(n) actual discussion. I don’t want to discuss anything with you. I don’t have to discuss anything with you.

    Most of us here have had that particular discussion many times. It’s been hashed, rehashed and over-hashed. WE don’t agree with your point of view. Live with it. Just because you show up and want to have a(n) actual discussion does not mean that anyone here must accede to your wishes. I see some have bothered. I don’t and I won’t. It’s grown tedious and repetitive. I also don’t usually bother to have conversations with trolls.

    Now I have wasted way too much time with this topic with someone with whom I have no intention of further discussion. Frankly madmonq, I really don’t give a damn what you think or what you want.

  28. Madmong…

    Thank you for rephrasing and this is what I recall. This is the last discussion on all this.

    Early on, a couple of people who were not directly in the HRC campaign as far as I know made comments that were construed as being racist by the Obama campaign. I believe Andrew Cuomo was one, I forget the other person. One comment involved the word “one” or “that one” or “boy” and I don’t remember who said it. I remember that I reacted to these couple of things by saying to myself that they were being blown way out of proportion and exploited by the Obama camp. I also recall IMMEDIATE apologies. Was Mark Penn the other person? If so, then he was with the campaign….but I can definitely say that the “surrogates” were instantly accused of racism. I know that I have often use the time “his boy” in a totally non-racial way ( as in “he’s one of guys/boys” etc..” more of a “gang” reference…but now, THAT”S RACIST!!!

    The whole pattern was already in play as Bill Clinton’s comments in SC were completely blown out of proportion and context. In fact, I made the effort to watch the entire video of the comments he made and was shocked how distorted they had become. Also considering the angle of the media in the run-up to SC, it became very obvious at this point what was going on. I trace the real start of all this to the comments by Michele that she made to an audience of black women about it being their time, etc which was obviously a racial message…the Clinton campaign NEVER jumped on any of this crap. The media was already making anyone criticizing anything by the Obama’s into a racist at this point.

    Of course, what really pisses most of us off is the overt misogyny that went on in the media …and I that street “finger” and other crap of Obama’s never raised an eyebrow and I don’t recall any apologies over that. Nor any apologies or upset over the very personal attacks by Michele (the one-two punch of personal attack and whining combined) over Clinton’s marriage, etc.

    The double standard was in full swing. Race apparently was more important that the trashing of an entire sex. But it wasn’t really race…it was the exploitation of race by the post-racial candidate that was and is so offensive. Cynical and dishonest and manipulative…not worthy of anyone aspiring to lead the country, in my opinion. A big lie from a candidate and party…

    PS…I can’t tell from your site if you’re pro- or anti-Obama at this point. although I’m assuming you were pro as of election night. But, this group of PUMAs are not “suckas.” We never got fooled by the crap dished out by the DNC or the Obama crowd.

    AND the discussion of this crap ends with this. There’s nothing left to discuss on this, since our conclusions have been made as it happened and we aren’t going to re-write history as the media crowd is currently doing. Even poor Abe Lincoln is being used as a prop…I suggest you go over to the Black Agenda Report where they don’t have to worry about being called racist as they criticize Obama on various issues. It’s refreshing to read people who, from the beginning, haven’t been “suckered.”

    PS….Hey, this oldie but goodie popped up under the cartoon post today….Madmong, you might want to peruse it…

  29. NOTE: We featured BettyJean’s show about a couple of weeks ago to help keep her on the air along withe full schedule of women’s programming…

    REMINDER: “Ladies’ Night” on the Radio Tonight! MONDAY, 11/10…FULL LINEUP Starts 8 PM ET

  30. Now I have wasted way too much time with this topic with someone with whom I have no intention of further discussion

    But you responded anyway.

    you show up and want to have a(n) actual discussion does not mean that anyone here must accede to your wishes.

    And? Fortunately you don’t speak for everyone. Though you seem to think you do. But you see: I already knew that

    It’s grown tedious and repetitive

    What has grown tedious? My questions? That the Dems are still the only viable political party actually concerned about woman’s issues? The fact that PUMAs are still complaining about the same things, some without further examination, some with less merit, months after the fact?

    Frankly madmonq, I really don’t give a damn what you think or what you want.

    Well you obviously do. But I wont contradict you. You’ve already done that.

  31. This exchange is now over, Madmong and everyone else.

    Any further comments along this vein will be deleted.

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