The Past Week: November 16-22, Recaps & Random Thoughts (Critical Thinking vs. Elation; Pics from “Elation Central”; Drying the Tears of Progressive Groups; Medicare Part D Surprise from the Democrats; Face Reading; Housewives & Ludacris; Stray Dog Update)(UPDATE 1X–Dog)

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What is this, Week 2 of Clinton SOS speculation?  Which now seems to be moving toward a YES, she’s accepting it?


Over at the Black Agenda Report, we get to see what thinking citizens are mulling over. They’ve been holding Obama’s feet to the fire for months now, so it is not a sudden shift in their assessment.

Take a look at the piece this week entitled “Critical Thinking Amid the Elation.” Shannon Joyce Prince writes:

Obamist sections of the Left seem to believe it “doesn’t matter who Obama is, what he does, says, or stands for – he represents hope and change and that’s good enough.” Some folks are simply misinformed, and therefore blissful. “Many of the people that danced in the streets haven’t taken the time to do any research on Obama, so part of their euphoria is based on ignorance.” One is expected to partake in the party. “Those who castigate folks for not being appropriately jubilant at Obama’s election are insisting that blacks content themselves, in perpetuity, with symbolism instead of real change.”



But over at “Elation Central” (home office, Chicago) we see that there’s all elation, with not much thinking. Thanks to Chicago Correspondent Leslie for these items. She comments:

Honestly, I don’t think I can take much more of this
The larger picture was the front page of the RedEye today.
The smaller was in the Tribune.  I beg of whatever god(dess) there may be to rescue us from the madness.
(The larger picture shows people wearing tee shirts with a photo of that couple looking like they posed for the cover of vanity fair or glamour magazines)


We posted this week about how the Organic Consumers Association is already upset with Obama and Leslie sent us another set of messages from groups that are feeling a bit…consternated.  They include:

Peace Action which is upset about any possible “dial back” of Iraq withdrawal plans and the folks over at “The Progressive”:

Dear Progressive Reader:

I imagine you’re feeling somewhere between exultant and ecstatic right now after Obama’s historic triumph. (I know that’s the reaction in my family, with my wife, daughter, and one of my sons all having knocked on doors for Obama.)

I want to take this moment to assure you that The Progressive and will give you the crucial news about Obama in the days ahead.

The Obama Administration is taking shape before our eyes, and it is consisting largely of Clinton retreads.

As I point out in one of my postings this week, he has yet to throw a bone to progressives who helped elect him.” (big snip)

Matthew Rothschild
Editor, The Progressive”


Gee, if this keeps up, I’m going to run out of thosed tissues that I’m using to help all these disappointed Obamacrats dry their tears…


Here in the reality-based section of what we call “life,” I had an infuriating moment when I went up to pick up my formerly $4/3 months supply of medication that I was buying “outside” Medicare Part D in a well-thought out plan to avoid the infamous “donut hole.”  Remember how Ted Kennedy et al vowed to change Medicare Part D for the better…then chickened out because it was just too darned hard to let the drug and insurance companies down easy??

Well, I had my 4 bucks out but was informed that it was no longer possible to buy outside Medicare Part D.  About a month ago, apparently, a directive came from on high that ALL prescriptions MUST go through Part D if you’ve got it.  I was entirely aggravated, wondering when all this had changed!  I then focused my hostility on the Democratically-controlled Congress, because who else would have been responsible for this change??  When did they slip it in and what was the deal?  I’ve been too busy to research it, but at this point, maybe it doesn’t matter…Democrats were in charge and approved. And, we pay more as a result…

Does this give you ANY confidence in what they will be doing for to us again in January?


Here’s something you might want to try out on all the bright lights now populating the skies of the incoming Obama administration.  It’s a new way to analyze personality, based on “face reading.”  Try it out!!

Check out this nifty free analysis tool here.  When I get some time I’m going to see how the results for Obama compare to what we wrote about here on Obama’s handwriting and manipulative skills via hypnosis/NLP techniques.


Now we enter the hazy depths of “American culture” (or whatever passes for it these days) with the news that the “Housewives of Atlanta” drew huge ratings, even beating the “Housewives of Orange County” series. I glimpsed at some moments of HOA and was rather grossed out by the blatant adoration of really gross bling and the mostly uncouth group of women passing for Atlanta society.  But I see from the previews that HOC is also going to get a lot trashier.  Ah, womanhood!  This is what American seems to accept as normal and admirable, or at the very least, worth wasting a lot of time watching, while Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton get crucified.  We truly are a “trash country,” it seems.  I’m waiting to see what shows up at the White House…If I see Ludacris show up, I’ll want to know if he sleeps in the Lincoln Bedroom.  Clinton had donors in there, but I don’t think any were of the same ilk as Ludacris…

Maybe he’ll do his Obama is Here opus at a State Dinner…


For you cooking fans, here’s something that I don’t know quite what to make of.  See what you think about “The Spon.


Finally, a garden and stray dog update…

The garden took a few real cold nights and I finally put up my plastic “greenhouse.” Have no pics yet, maybe next week.  I harvested the last peppers, or so I thought. I’ve been covering the plants in the pots and there are actually a few more big enough to be worth harvesting.  The mustard has gone crazy and I’ve spotted a few tiny broccoli heads already!

News on the stray dog….well, I actually went out a cam a couple of days ago and never caught anything although the food disappeared as usual.  I was thinking the dog came in from the side of the house to eat because I didn’t see any activity coming up the driveway.  The dishes weren’t visible, so today I moved them so I can actually see who’s eating the food! I’m wondering if it’s the white doves or crows, but it just doesn’t seem to be their work. And what about that black hair?  Unless it’s a cat who likes dog food?  That would explain a visitor coming up over the wall from the arroyo and visiting the water and food in the front of the house. And, there are cats who roam the nearby streets here and then go home.  But, who knows? I have a bunch of video I have to review, so I may have an answer tomorrow.  I’ll update this when I find out for sure!


Well, it looks like yesterday’s afternoon visit was by…BIRDS!  I think they drank a bit and played around with the kibble!  Hard to tell if they were all doves or grackles…some were definitely dark, but not as big as crows.  I’ve got the camera on this morning so we’ll see if someone else shows up. Yesterday, you could tell from the messy area and one of the kibbles in the water that it was most likely birds.  But in the AM especially, the dish is cleaned with nothing left behind, so we’ll have to see if it’s the birds that are more polite eaters in the AM or whether it is a dog!!!

THIS MORNING…There were birds on the AM video and when I got the paper at 8:30 AM I saw the bowl was completely empty, except for crumbs. The birds were on the video so they may have been pecking at those crumbs. So, if it’s a dog, it is coming before 7:45 when I turned on the cam…I thought originally that it was coming between 6:30 AM and 7:45 (about about 7:45 kids start walking past on the way to the school bus stop).  I’ve been getting up later the last few days, so I haven’t been out to check at 6:30. With Sunrise at about 6:45, I’m  not sure the cam will catch anything because the area where I have the food is in the shadows as well…so, it may be too dark to see anything!  I’ll just have to get very early tomorrow to turn on the cam and see if it’s too dark to be useful…or post myself by the window and do a low-tech observation!!


*Submitted by Chicago Correspondent Leslie

**By Grail Guardian

***By Kenosha Marge

*Saturday “Toons” from Our Chicago Correspondent Leslie

**Howard’s Agony: Seems Like We’ve Been Here Before

The Scanner-Politics 11/20/08 (CHANGE?? Daschle at HHS, His Wife and Lobbying; Organic Consumers Org. So Ticked at the Thought of Vilsack at Agriculture That Their Petition is Already Going Strong; Froma Harrop on “Palin’s Next Career Move” Will Raise Your Blood Pressure) (Updated 1X)

Find the Sexism in the Picture, Learn “The Code”

**Attention NeoProgs: You DID NOT Defeat the PUMAs!

***The Rise and Fall of Great Expectations

The Past Week: November 9-15, Recaps & Random Thoughts (Suddenly Soiled Sarah Gets Advice from Katie Couric, Joke “Journalist”; Gov Luv; Sunday Telegraph, UK Previews More Clinton Trashing?; Major Stray Dog Update (Update 1X–Clinton Trashing in Progress in U.S. via AP)

23 Responses

  1. GRL,

    Fun Roundup this week! I tried the face profiling site, and actually found it reasonably accurate for me. It takes a few minutes and a mirror, but it’s more interesting than the site profiling tools that have been all over the web this week, and much more scientific. (FYI I tried the so-called Typealyzer on IA and got different results from one day to the next. So I tried it on a bunch of different articles that I wrote, and got 4 distinct profiles. The Gender Analyzer said our site was 68% written by males – ROFL!)

    I hope I never see one of those T-Shirts up close! I might not be responsible for my reaction (as it would likely involve projectile body fluids)!

    You are so right about the new fluff culture. I can barely stand to watch the tube anymore. I pretty much limit it to TCM, Nat. Geo, History (et al), and an occasional peek at House. Although I must confess that when Lost returns in January I will watch that. It sort of reminds me of this election season- separated from “real” society and making up a new set of roolz just ‘cuz they can.

    As far as the “Spon” – sounds like a wooden spatula to me! Not sure why this doofus thinks that’s a new invention – they’ve been around for years…

    As far as the big topic – the Clinton as S.of S. story, I have decided that this will play out to be one of 2 things:

    1) It will prove Senator Clinton is a brilliant political operative and has had a plan all along (think “Shadow President”

    2) It will prove that Senator Clinton is a self-serving political hack that will always put party before country

    Either way, I won’t be surprised or disappointed. I have successfully detached my emotions from her candidacy and moved on, but must confess that option 1 would be much better for the country. Time will tell…

    Can’t wait to see the results of the Dog Cam!

  2. Grail…
    I had tried the Gender analyzer, too and came up with the same 68%, SIGH! Was it because I was a TOMBOY???

    Hey, my reaction to the SPON was exactly the same…ridiculous and it’s expensive, too!

    I watch exactly the same channels you do! Although I don’t watch the House or Lost. I had my first glimpse of ER last week…it’s going off, so I thought I should check in. And I just missed Abby’s departure, oh well! I do watch Tim Gunn and Project Runway and I like Anthony Bourdain (Sp?) and Alton Brown on Food…but it’s hit or miss. And they moved my You Are What You Eat to the AM now, so I miss it…best thing out of that is the fab Sweet Potato pizza crust which I am going to use as a pastry crust, too!

    Hillary Schmillary…either way, WE’VE all been had…and the misogyny of the country has been given the seal of approval….

    I actually ignore most of the news now, believe it or not!!! LOL! It comes in and goes out….sort of like “the runs.”

  3. Isn’t it funny, we all have the same reaction to the Spon. I’m still shaking my head that anyone would actually fall for that one. (HAHA! “that one” Just look at all the people that did fall for That One!)

    Grail, I haven’t seen the shirt itself yet, but I don’t doubt they are selling like hotcakes …er, waffles around here. Although the shirts I saw the night of the Ego Fest in Grant Park on Nov 4th, were more bling bling than on the Oscar red carpet. (I swear some of them had to have cost more than my condo.) I also appreciate this was a true celebration for some people who really thought they’d never live to see this event. And no, they certainly never equated misogyny with r@cism. (I did though, and I won’t forget it, either.)

    The only teevee I watch now, is movie reruns, House/Law and Order reruns, 30Rock and Boston Legal and BL is on thin ice with me after last week’s anti-Palin anti-woman episode. I am ashamed (not) to say I stopped watching news so many months ago that I don’t even remember. (I stopped watching Jon Stewart and Colbert at the same time) I used to tape TheDailyShow and Colbert for my mother who stopped getting Comedy Central when she moved into the assisted care place where she now lives. Mom’s gonna have to get it somewhere else now.

    Grail I’m hoping for #1 on your options re: Hillary at State. Plus, who would be better? Kerry? Richardson?Anybody?Thank goodness they can all go back to fellating Obama from their respective locations.

    myiq2xu at riverdaughter has a post on the demands Hillary made to be SoS. And as myiq2xu says: “payback is a you-know-what!”
    Bwahahahaha! is the title of this post

    It’s getting late. I have to go outside (brrrrr) and help clean out our community landscaping for the winter. Have a good Sunday everyone.

  4. GRL,

    WHAT news? It’s become such a joke – I catch it occasionally when I visit my parents, and I just laugh. There’s no reporting whatsoever now – not a word about what’s happening in the world at large. Even on Fox. Might as well watch Entertainment Tonight as far as I’m concerned. I get all my news on the web and will continue to do so.

  5. Bummer on the Dog Cam. Oh well. Maybe the “low tech” method will work best.

  6. Leslie…I’ve seen that post on SOS at The Confluence and I wrote a couple of quick comments..
    I’m not impressed. Barry Farber was all over Craig yesterday…re: Elian Gonzalez. He would make the Clintons look bad and Obama, too. That’s a huge part of why he’ll be out…
    I’m sorry, she’s accepting the misogyny that got this creep into the WH. The media will be quick to undermine HER and let him slide…
    The whole thing sickens me.

    So, will Guiliani go for the Senate seat? And we lose a woman there, regardless…

    Frankly, what happened to the “all of this will come out after January” comment by Bill? I wish the Supreme Fart would do its job and screw Obama into the ground now.

    You can bet that the media will be after HRC bigtime and she will be painted as castrating Obama. I think she will be undermined herself, sneakily, by the Obama crowd. They can blame her for lots of stuff through their media buddies. No matter what, in the eyes of the media, she will be a convenient scapegoat.

    This is all too cute by halves, as they say.

    The entire set-up is ripe for collapse at some point.

    And I’m adding here…the media doesn’t like the Clintons, which adds to my fears that things will twist back on Hillary.
    Obama is still The Prez and can do anything he damn well pleases…he’s totally untrustworthy and I wouldn’t doubt he uses something aganst them to discredit her at some point…and you’ve got her out of the Senate, to boot!
    Really, this is one big house of cards if this deal is really set up now…

  7. as to the food left in bowls. i leave two bowls out everyday for the two outdoor cats abandoned here. i watch those bowls. the cats mostly eat the food though i confess to finding a feather the other day by one. a bluebird calls sometimes when it is eating. the squirrel i think sneaks in too on occasion. at night if any is left the coons get it. one mother and her baby came a lot last summer. hope this view helps!

    i used to feed the birds also before my neighbors objected. condo! we even had a bunny coming for food then.

  8. i don’t watch the cable so called pundits at all. cnn, msnbc,abc are nothing to me now. nothing! i watch house, ncis, law & order, home and garden, cooking, history, and national geographic. there was show on einstein last night i loved. i found out so much i didn’t know. now those i really appreciate. and biography too can be good. boston legal can be good also.

    i forgot that usa has some summer shows i really like.

  9. Don’t have much to say about the politics, it will take years to unravel, if ever, but… grackles love cat and dog food. We had to keep moving the cat food outside( for the stray cat) because they would finish it all off.

    In fact, when she got her tail cut and had gangrene and I was trying to trap her to save her life, the grackles kept going in and springing the trap! I woudl come to check the trap and here was a grackle insidem and Miss Kitty Russel just sitting on the shed, watching, apparently thinking,” I can see that that is a trap, and I’m not going anywhere near it.”

  10. […] The Past Week: November 16-22, Recaps & Random Thoughts (Critical Thinking vs. Elation; Pics fro… What is this, Week 2 of Clinton SOS speculation?  Which now seems to be moving toward a YES, she’s accepting it? *** Over at the Black Agenda Report, we get to see what thinking citizens are mulling over. They’ve been holding Obama’s feet to the fire for months now, so it is not a sudden shift in their assessment. Take a look at the piece this week entitled “Critical Thinking Amid the Elation.” Shannon Joyce Prince writes: Obamist sections of the Left seem to believe it “doesn’t matter who Obama […]

  11. IA,

    In one of your comments you say”Obama is still the prez and can do anything he damn well pleases” – he is not the prez yet, let’s don’t give it to him until he is (Heaven forbid) sworn in.

    I, too, watch very little tv anymore. I have a good supply of cd’s of past PBS movies that I watch when I find the need to get my mind off the current rat-race.

    There is really no new as such anymore. By chance I caught a portion of David Schuster’s trashing of Sarah Palin about the turkey thing. He is a disgrace. Going back to his remarks about Chelsea Clinton. I think he should be fired, but apparently the top dogs like his smarmy face and attitude because it gets across the message they want to send.

    Do you have Mourning Doves in your area? They are large dark grey birds who will land on the ground and eat out of the food dish. The get their name from the soulful sound they make. It is a sound unlike any other birds.


    We have some pretty tacky T-shirts in my area also. Someone has latched on to a thriving idea likely to make a pretty penny from all the kool-aid drinking obots out there.

    I tend to go with your #2 on Hillary Clinton, but I don’t wish her any ill will. I’ll never vote for her again, but she’ll probably make a very good SOS, if it gets that far.
    The SCOTUS might just surprise us all and do the right thing. I don’t count on it , though.

    I don’t count on too much of anything anymore – just take each day as it comes, and fight like the devil for what I think is right.

  12. Uppity Woman thinks Hillary’s seat will go to Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Sort of makes sense, political payoff-wise. (She’d never get elected on her own with no political experience.)

    In the meantime, Leo Donofrio’s blog was attacked/erased yesterday. He’s the NJ attorney with the SCOTUS challenge to Obama’s (and McCain’s) eligibility. Huge surprise. He’s back up with mirror backups of the site, but the fact that he’s been attacked when no one in the MSM (even Fox) has touched the story is telling.

  13. Lee, I should have said “he’ll be the Prez…”
    Frankly, I don’t see anything to stop him at this point.

    I was thinking about how Cheney was on the spot because he had been living in TX and how the P and VP can’t be from the same state. Cheney originally came from Wyoming but was really in TX. I remember it went to court and it died there.

    If anyone thinks the SCOTUS of the US is going to upset this entire charade I think that’s unrealistic. They completely overrode FL law in 2000, and they’ll act to protect this show we have now because they don’t serve justice anymore, they serve political powers. Even if there are a couple of brave members, I don’t think they’ll be allowed to air their legal reasoning. I think we’re beyond the law again this time…The hacking of Donofrio’s site is just the tip of the iceberg…

    I’m watching Capricorn One from ’78 now…it’s about a fake Mars mission, riffing on the rumours of the fake moon landing in ’68. I think we’re in about the same place as the movie is now…SHIT, I think that’s OJ Simpson as one of the astronauts….how perfect is THAT????

  14. One little piece of gossip — or whatever — I’ve not seen discussed is the plastic surgery that Mr.&Mrs. 0-zero have had.

    0-zero had a nose job — his original nose was like Michael Jackson,s nose before he started with the plastic surgery. There are photos of the ONE in his first post law school job — and then his nose now is very different. Plastic surgeons have made comments on one of the blogs about the nose job.

    Then there is an early photo of Mrs. 0 — and now her current “face” is very different. Again — plastic surgery. I never really bothered to look at either — however after the suggestion of plastic surgery — I did compare their younger photos with current photos — and yep it is very obvious that they were spending money on plastic surgery. It has been pointed out that Mrs. Bush got quite a bit of plastic surgery but only AFTER her husband was selected for the white house.

    Very strange — the pre/post nose job on the ONE is very obvious. So these two felt that they needed “work” to present a “fresh” face to the public?


    The only “good” thing about Clinton taking the SoS job is that the Obot heads are exploding. Oh and various media talking heads are also exhibiting irrational behavior. Since I gave up watching the idiots on tv — I’m relying on the accounts of the individuals who are still addicted to the tv.

    Any word on when and how far Randi Rhodes’ head will explode — since she has a serious case of the Clinton Derangement Syndrome? I had forgotten just how vile her comments about Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro were — until I googled her drunken rage rant at an Obama fundraiser in April.

    I feel it is my civic duty to keep reminding everyone that the extreme left and the extreme right aren’t that terribly different — FreeRepublic and DU, Daily Kos — aren’t that different. Both groups are made of irrational dogmatic Authoritarians.

  15. GRL,

    I hope you’re wrong about the Supremes…they are the only salvation of the Constitution now. I think they might have a little trouble completely ignoring it, since they’ve agreed to look at 1 case about Obama’s eligibility aleady, and haven’t rejected the other. In any case, if they do choose to ignore it, that may be the sign for all smart PUMAs to take a little Canadian vacation that lasts longer than expected (lol)…

    I guess it all boils down to who you believe; if Obama is really a NeoCon, the court will reject all cases out of hand just like 2000). If he’s a Socialist, there might be some debate among the Justices (there are more than a few conservatives on the Court). If he’s just a liberal, he should get tossed out on his ear for being a fraud. Once again, time will tell, but talk it up! The more exposure it gets, the more likely it will be heard by the SCOTUS.

  16. I just finished watching the my newest DVD, Wall-E. It’s really cute and actually has a message. Sad when kids cartoons are better than anything else.

    Although I will never give up my NCIS, Closer and Burn Notice. Am still loving Stargate Atlantis too as well as Amanda Tapping’s new show Sanctuary. Am looking forward to the return and final episodes of Galactica.

    As for “News” programming? (shudder) Not interested. I read Greta Van Susteren’s blog but that’s it. At least the fantasy programming I watch is entertaining. Pundidiots slobbering over Obama is not.


    Here is a video series of Leo Donofrio and a series of cases originally against the NJ Sec of State re:doing nothing to determine the eligibilityof Obama to run for Pres….
    there are several videos. I am only just listening to the first one now.
    This could be important. At any rate, if his site was attacked, somebody is finding something threatening.

  18. Kenosha

    I have been blaming 24 for months now, for getting people to think that, regardless of what he was, we just had to have a black President. Now, I find out that this season, 24 is going to have the first female president. A little late, I think. Actually, I was disheartened, but a little forewarned, when Geena Davis got canceled after one season. Hail to the Cheif, my a–.

  19. I loved “Hail to the Chief”! I thought Geena Davis was great as POTUS. I loved when she outsmarted Donald Sutherland whom I cannot stand.

    Don’t watch 24. I watched the first season and never went back. I found it tedious and think Kiefer Sutherland is vastly overrated. Just me. I prefer Wall-E.

  20. Wall-E was sweet and sad and funny. I keep humming the music from Hello Dolly.

  21. Caroline Kennedy and the possibility of replacing Hillary…give me a break. She reminds me of the obama zombies I saw in Northern Virginia. She stated months ago that she supported obama because her children did…very bright !!!

  22. kenoshaMarge: Wow — StarGate and Battlestar Galictic — really great programs. I wait until the season is out on DVD and then pig out and watch one episode a night. SciFi does take a poke on our modern politics and moderns issues — put place them in a different culture or different era. Probably the funniest ending of a series ever was StarGate using the Vagina Chronicles (for real). I watched on DVD and then couldn’t wait to listen to the Director’s commentary.

    I do not watch tv news (or any tv)– I stopped watching something like 4 years ago. Too many advertisements — and promos for the evening news ALWAYS with a snip of the current stupid (GWB).

  23. Betty,

    Doesn’t seem to have done Claire McCaskill any harm. She said the same thing, plus there was widespread footage of Acorn workers stating they were told to push people to vote for her when they were supposed to be registering voters. Those that complained were not paid and/or fired.

    I felt pretty much the same way when I first heard the suggestion, but I must admit that it makes perfect O-sense.

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