Bill Richardson at Commerce: Scary

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

With the hoopla about Hillary Clinton as the nominee for Secretary of State, the nomination of Bill Richardson at Commerce seems anti-climactic to many.  I decided to check out what the Department of Commerce really encompasses and was in for a real education. The various tentacles that reach out from Commerce are something to behold…and, I think, will provide Richardson with a whole lot of ways to make mischief.

As a New Mexico resident, I have to admit that I can’t stand this duplicitous jerk.  Much of my disgust involves his push for the spaceport project and the way he foisted it off on the public. Tops on my list is the way he barred citizens from attending his sales job at a meeting for parents and kids at a public school.  Police were called to assist in shoving away people from the general pubic who wanted to get in to hear what the deal was (See “Rules” article below.)

Of course, there’s all the water he carried for Obama here in NM after stabbing Hillary Clinton in the back (the “Judas” incident as described by James Carville).  Ultimately, Richardson ticked off a lot of Democratic legislators in Santa Fe with his machinations. [See Let Me Tell You About Bill Richardson and “RICHARDSON’S RULES”… AND Bill Richardson’s Star is Falling with a BIG THUD (Not on VP Shortlist, State Legislators FED UP with Him)].

And then there’s the maneuvering he did on behalf of Harry Teague, newly elected to the House from CD-2. For all the ties between Richardson, Teague, and Republican Steve Pearce, see  “Harry T. and the Chamber of Secrets” co-starring Oil and Republicans–Screenplay by Bill Richardson [Subtitle: The Behind-the-Scenes Adventures of Bill R., Harry Teague and the NM CD-02 Democratic Primary].

And then there’s Richardson’s ties to an “ACORN”-like group (Part II: NM AG, “Gutsy Gary” King, Fighting for Transparency re: Non-Profits Like the League of Young Voters and ACORN).

Now, take a peek the Department of Commerce website.

Look at the list of areas on the left and click through and see what each encompasses. Richardson’s new fiefdom deals with everything from telecommunications to Iraq reconstruction to minority business, industry and security, and economic analysis, just to touch the surface.

Putting Richardson in charge of this department gives him a playground that might not have the high public profile of Clinton at State…but, in my opinion, there’s a heck of a lot of ways that Richardson may prove to be more powerful…and more quietly and under the radar…than Hillary Clinton will be in the long run.


Here’s one of my pieces on Richardson’s role in the Obama visit here on Memorial Day this past May, which also includes a discussion of a foreign policy faux pas by Richardson. (Search the site for several more part in the series I did on the visit.)

Obama to Visit Site of Bataan Memorial Death March on Memorial Day…To Repair Dumb Comment Damage? (Or…To Straighten Out Foreign Policy Mix-up with Bill Richardson?)

Richardson may not have gotten State, but he’s bounced back just fine by grabbing Commerce.

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  1. Thank you for posting this information – mischief is a mild word for what they have in mind.

    Have you dumped Google yet?

  2. I never thought very much of Bill “dopey” Richardson. Even during the primary election if he was asked a question..he looked and acted like he was on some sleeping drug. We are off to a great start..Daschle..Richardson..Which job will Kerry get? All these great minds..we are in good shape.

  3. The American people turned down Bill Richardson (and Joe Biden). Why is Obama allowed to ignore that? He’s proven that he’s not trustworthy (by backstabbing Senator Clinton), so why would this fool want to place him in charge of anything? Also, I seem to remember there being some mention that Richardson also didn’t meet the Constitutional requirements to be POTUS due to a dual citizenship ion Mexico.

    Sorry GRL, but I think he should be sent packing back to New Mexico. Or perhaps Old Mexico…

  4. You are clearly unhinged. The Democrats won. Get over it.

  5. You don’t have to be “sorry” for me, Grail! LOL!
    I hate the sucker…wish he would leave the country, not just NM!!
    (Of course, there are armies of people who think NM isn’t even in the US…..LOL!)

    The sorry thing is, Richardson isn’t a fool…he’s an S.O.B. and a smart one like Obama is…two peas in a pod…UGH!!!!

  6. Hey, Grail…send me a link about his citizenship and I’ll stick it in the little thing I’m thinking of doing about citizenship and all of Obama relatives…LOL! (I am serious about it though….)

  7. IA.,

    As far as I’m concerned, Bill Richardson is only qualified as ” Officer in Charge of Road Kill”, with his duties limited to the daily gathering up of dead animals off the highways. I wouldn’t even trust him to be a regular “Dog Catcher”. I’m afraid he would sell the animals to a laboratory. He sold his soul, and now will sell us out lock, stock and barrell if he gets the chance.

    Mr. “Self Promotion” has no business being allowed anywhere near the Commerce Dept.

    “Alert and Aware” for sure, IA.

  8. Isn’t it amazing that someone would drop in at a blog simply to tell people they are “unhinged” and to get over something? He calls people here unhinged?

    Being lied to, repeatedly. We should get over it? Who’s unhinged?

    Using the caucuses to game the system and intimidate voters. We should get over it? Who’s unhinged?

    Doing nothing about an impending finacial crisis in order to favor a Democrat candidate. We should get over it? Who’s unhinged.

    Allowing a corrupt media to shove a corrupt Chicago thug politicican with little experience and zero integrity down our throats. We should get over it? Who’s unhinged?

    Not bothering to find out the facts about corrupt politicians whichever party they come from as something to get over? Not caring what kind of people run the government? Caring more about a party than our country and it’s people? Get over it? You Oliver are the one who is unhinged if you think anyone that gives a rat’s ass about their country is gonna do that.

    You get over it Ollie, not all people are sheeple and many of us choose to think for ourselves. Go find yourself some nice stupid Democratic Partisan Blog that doesn’t care what kind of cretin is in office so long as they have a “D” after their name. You won’t find that kind of person here.

    Run along and play Ollie, the grownups want to converse and you, quite clearly are not up to it.

  9. you go Marge!!

  10. Go find yourself some nice stupid Democratic Partisan Blog that doesn’t care what kind of cretin is in office so long as they have a “D” after their name

    Wrong, Keno…….It doesn’t have to be a D behind the name–just welfare, free gas, and ‘pay my mortgage’ mentality.
    I call them the ‘gimme’ generation, regardless of their age.
    Welcome to the death of America as we once knew it and the birth of ‘socialism.’.

  11. Great blog—texas darlin.

  12. I recently looked at the Commerce website and what Commerce controls…you are correct Richardson can really screw the country up with his control over Commerce. His appointment frightens more than most. As for Hillary’s appointment….I got a big lesson. I will never again spend my money and time to hit the campaign trail for a politician…I think we can rename Hillary “Judas 2”.

  13. […] I am always happy to hear additional stuff, and it is interesting to read this New Mexican’s take on their Governor […]

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