Bill Richardson’s Star is Falling with a BIG THUD (Not on VP Shortlist, State Legislators FED UP with Him)

Bill Richardson’s poll numbers have dropped from their high, settling back to what they were before he ran for President. And now that NBC’s Chuck Todd and Domenica Montanaro have reported that Richardson is NOT on the short list for VP, who knows where his numbers will end up? One thing is for sure, the attitude of state legislators is not very enthusiastic for ol’ Bill.

Heath Haussamen writes on June 10 that “Dropping Approval Rating a is Sign of Guv’s Struggles”:

There were signs when Gov. Bill Richardson returned to New Mexico after a failed presidential campaign that his power had diminished. A dropping approval rating appears to be another indicator of his lessening influence in the Land of Enchantment.

His rating in a May poll was 56 percent — still healthy but down 18 points from a year earlier, when Richardson’s presidential campaign was at its height and he was climbing in the Democratic presidential primary polls largely because of clever television advertisements.

Richardson’s campaign petered out after that. And his gubernatorial approval rating in the monthly SurveyUSA poll conducted for KOB-TV in Albuquerque started dropping.

Last month’s poll of 600 adults in New Mexico had a margin of error of 4 percentage points. It was the third consecutive month that Richardson’s approval rating hovered in the 50s. In April, it was 53 percent. In March, it was 58 percent.

Apparently, many in the state feel that Richardson’s attention has always been elsewhere.

Because of his popularity, he was able to ram numerous big-dollar proposals through the Legislature. No more. In January, after dropping out of the presidential race, Richardson returned to a cold shoulder from many lawmakers, and he and the Senate are currently playing a high-stakes game of chess with issues including the state budget, universal health care and domestic-partner benefits.

The lieutenant governor has openly disagreed with Richardson more frequently since he returned to New Mexico in defeat. And, though several candidates Richardson backed in last week’s primary were victorious, three state lawmakers he openly supported and to whom he gave money suffered embarrassing primary defeats at the hands of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Many elected leaders in Santa Fe believe Richardson’s tenure has been about his own career, not the needs of New Mexicans, and they’re fed up with him.

The waning numbers and the attitude of state party members may be a reason why Richardson isn’t being considered for the VP spot. As Haussamen explains:

Richardson’s approval rating is still at a healthy level, but the fact that it is dropping isn’t going to give lawmakers any incentive to compromise. It also isn’t going to reinforce the arguments of those who want Obama to make Richardson his running mate.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Richardson’s machinations and disloyalty has hit people hard. Down here in southern NM, his effort to push a boondoggle of a spaceport, replete with higher sales taxes that clobber an already poor area and an event which closed out the public, has left a sour taste in many mouths.

Perhaps these developments will result in Richardson shaving off his beard soon. After all, it’s darned hot here now and he probably won’t be called on to try to entice Hispanic voters to the ticket.


16 Responses

  1. Good, I hope falling poll numbers is the least of what happens to all the back-stabbers.

  2. Did most people in Doña Ana and Otero counties really feel the Spaceport was a boondoggle? Or was it only that their county taxes would increase? I mean, they could like the idea, but not feel that they should have more responsibility in paying for it. However, the local towns would be the ones to benefit from increased space tourism spending.

    Maybe similar to the Railrunner. Personally, I think it is a really good idea. Not everyone is happy with how the financing has gone. Honestly, though, New Mexicans are too attached to their personal vehicles. I think it is all that open highway. I’m a native, and I learned how to drive at age 12. It is part of growing up here, depending on how old you are I guess. Especially if you knew ABQ before its growth spurt.

  3. kenoshaMarge

    I’ve been waiting for days to read a post of your that lets me respond, “You betcha!”. Not sure if punctuation correct there–forget if ! goes outside the “” whether or not it is part of the expression.

  4. “And, though several candidates Richardson backed in last week’s primary were victorious, three state lawmakers he openly supported and to whom he gave money suffered embarrassing primary defeats at the hands of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.”

    But, but, how could that be? Didn’t Richardson align with “the progressive wing of the Democratic Party” when he sucked up to, I mean, endorsed Barack Obama?

  5. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Judas! I suspect that John Edwards will also be ruing his choice as well in the years to come.

  6. Richardson used the gay slur “maricon” and at last August’s debate touted the rightwing position that being gay is a “choice” and not a biological predisposition, and then fell over his clumsy self trying to walk back, including saying his hearing aid wasn’t working. He’s a doofus, and a sweaty bad liar. If Obama somehow is stupid enough to nominate him, his star will thud big time, too.

  7. Thats what Judus gets.As a hispanic like Mr. Richardson, i would never vote for any candidate just because he says to. In my eyes, and i speak for the majority, we vote NO TO OBAMA

  8. Makes you wonder how people like Richardson, that owe so much to the Clintons can sleep at night. But then I guess that isn’t a problem for people like him and so many others that showed not only a lack of loyalty and friendship, but a lack of integrity. Hopefully the great people of New Mexico will tell him to crawl back under his rock. And stay there.

    Hi ea! You can say “you betcha” to me any old time. A you betcha is so much better than the “kiss my betcha” I get from some people.

  9. Richardson’s geting what he deserves. I was more than a little distressed when he tossed his support to BO. I just hope the rest of them suffer similar consequences. “Judas” is right.

  10. I’ve always been ambivalent towards Richardson; could take him or leave him. When he backed Obama it turned me off, since the Clintons had been good to him and Obama has done nothing in his career to deserve the endorsement.

    I’m remembering in November; I hope many people in New Mexico will be too.Clinton or McCain; no other option.

  11. If Obama sticks and makes it through the convention as the Democratic nominee, and you do not like any of your choices, there’s always the option of writing in “PRESENT” on your ballot.

    Why not kick the can down the lane and let others decide? That’s what Barack likes to do, after all….

  12. FYI to the non-New Mexicans.

    Richardson was a transplant to our state, specifically looking, from what I understand, a place to light that had large Latino and Hispano populations as an aid to his political ambitions. He did his time and paid his dues, as it were. Honestly, he was a credible and reliable progressive Dem for his district. That got him into the Clinton administration (first as U. N. Ambassador then Sec’y of Energy). It pissed off a lot of New Mexicans when, as Sec’y of Energy, he supported WIPP, the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (nuclear waste depot in SE NM) after having been a vocal opponent of it for years. It was an understandable change, though– previously, he represented NM, but then he represented the Clinton administration. He actually acknowledged this when he was back in NM promoting the site (opened a news conference with something like, “Bet you never thought you’d seee ME here…”. He further pissed off a lot of people us with the whole Wen Ho Lee fiasco, for which Clinton ultimately issued an apology to Dr. WHL.

    He returned to NM and ran for Governor. He did well, coming back as a true international figure and very much in line with the DLC strategies apropo small business, taxes–lots of appeal for Repubs who knew he was good for business. He has had ups and downs, successes and failures. He has done some good things and some really bad things. His run for the presidency was expected and came as no surprise, though some expected him to wait until he served as least part of his second term. Although I think many New Mexicans expected him to pay more attention to the state, no one is really complaining about Lt. Gov. Denish being the acting governor. He definitely has a huge ego and perhaps a skewed perception of himself. From what little I’ve read (am out of the country now), he behaved petulantly upon his return (not new). He is that frustrating mix of a man out for himself, but sometimes tries to do something good for other people. Do I think he is a Judas? ¡Absolutamente! Though he never really left the world stage, I think he wants to be in the spotlight. Give him his props where he deserves: he is a good international diplomat. Heap the criticism where he deserves: (I’ll let you readers fill in the blank(s).).

  13. This is the best news I’ve heard. Richardson is a traitor and I’m sure all the Clinton supporters are keeping an enemy list. Hope I never have to hear his name again. It’s part of the Obama curse. Anyone aligning himself with him has bad luck. I’m waiting for the rest to go down in flames.

  14. Uh huh, big surprise I find a bunch of whining, disgruntled Clinton supporters jumping all over this.

    His endorsement of Obama was a personal choice of integrity. He sacrificed himself from the VP list for that because he knew what the backlash would be. That, to me, shows conviction in his decision. Loyalty to a person running a terrible campaign has nothing to do with his loyalty to the Democratic party.

    Get over it. Remember, the true traitors are those not voting D in Nov.

  15. “His endorsement of Obama was a personal choice of integrity.”

    LOL! Richardson HAS NO integrity!

    BO dangled the VP slot to Richardson to get his endorsement – then when he needed something to cover his ass after his gigantic loss in WV, he dangled the VP slot to John “Mr. $400 haircut” Edwards.


  16. […] Star is Falling with a BIG THUD (Not on VP Shortlist, State Legislators FED UP with Him) sourced here 2.James Clyburn Rep. Clyburn draws fire for earmarks $6.2M in designations might benefit House […]

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