Attention NeoProgs: You DID NOT Defeat the PUMAs!

~~By Grail Guardian

Enough already! It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the mythical “post-racial” election that would change the world, purify acid rain, halt all crime, turn all hate into love, make rainbows appear simultaneously and permanently in the sky over every nation, end global warming, part the seas, cause God’s light to shine upon us, and make the Unity Pony the universally accepted mascot of the globe – yet still it persists! By it, I mean the gloating, the taunting, the childish harassment across the Blogosphere, the never-ending threats, and of course the omnipresent misogyny alternating between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Our own GRL posted a smattering of the nasty comments we’ve had here at InsightAnalytical earlier this week. The site has been in forced moderation ever since the election due to the attacks of the Oborg and threats promising to shut the site down (and GRL informs me that at least one of our “regular” trolls has been permanently banned due to abuse). In this same article, reader Leslie reports that she is still beset by combative co-workers trying to cure her of her “wicked ways”. The joy is not isolated to IA, however. A recent check at Not Your Sweetie showed someone artfully calling themselves “PUMA FAIL” asking:

“How’s that McCain landslide going?”

more than 10 weeks after the article was originally posted. Useful? I think not. Unprovoked? Most assuredly (note that the comment is preceded by 2 links to probama sites). Isolated? Hardly. At Texas Darlin’s blog, commenter Jennifer Boucher went way beyond the acceptable [Strong Language Warning!]:


Of course, I could go on with the examples, but you get the drift. They’re still bitter, they’re still hostile, and they’re still blaming the PUMA movement for…uh, gee – I guess for Obama winning the election? Nope. In fact, they’re still insisting that PUMAs don’t exist. To wit, blogger LastPlaneOut:

Nice try, but PUMAs are done.

They never existed.

I have spent every day of the last 5 months thwarting Darragh’s Legion of Lost Typists.

Every prowl she organized, I got there first. I warned the media and the politicos that you were coming for them. I helped Roland Martin at CNN duck you. I telegraphed your email swarms to every targeted delegate and superdelegate at Denver. I have an inbox full of “Thank you” letters from PUMA targets who listened to me and dumped your message swarms into unused voicemail accounts and fax machines in the utility closet. I have fought you on the HuffingtonPost, US News and a dozen other media outlets. I have blocked your disinformation at every turn, bombed your YouTube videos, pretended to be your friend in Denver and spoofed you in a thousand ways.

There aren’t 18 million of you, as tonight’s election proves. Hell, there doesn’t seem to be ANY of you, based on the vote. You’ve been living a fantasy.

Tonight, I am — like Lou Gehrig — the happiest man on the face of the earth,

Bravo, President Barack Hussein Obama.

And good luck, PUMAs, at whatever the hell it is you plan on doing now, at the fringes of American politics.

The conventional wisdom indicates that if we don’t exist we wouldn’t get bothered or even referred to anymore, right? Alas, there is no wisdom in the Oborg. Their attacks continue unabated. Not just against PUMAs, but, of course against, all women. And their favorite 2, of course, Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Hillary Clinton. This week’s Roundup mentions perennially perky “joke” CBS News anchor Katie Couric’s advice to Palin:

I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing. But I’m not anyone to give advice to anyone about anything.”

No one seems to be mentioning that Couric could stand to learn something about journalism. Meanwhile, Politico snipes Palin for being more interesting to the press than her fellow Governors at a meeting last week:

While her other governors diagnosed the GOP woes that led to their second consecutive electoral thrashing and plotted a way out of the political wilderness, Sarah Palin did neither.
Two events were added to the annual Republican Governors Association meeting especially for the Alaska governor and former vice presidential nominee, but her objectives were unclear and her message, mixed. For somebody who is now seen as a prominent leader in the GOP and perhaps the party’s instant-front-runner for the 2012 presidential race, it was a less than auspicious return to the Lower 48.

Of course the big news making Obot heads explode was the offer to Senator Hillary Clinton to be Obama’s Secretary of State. At the Huffington Post writer Nico Pitney couldn’t disguise his disdain for the possibility, noting that Team Obama had to create an argument for him to swallow the news and that:

The offer shows that the Obama team is, in fact, serious about bringing all types of political officials — former foes included — into its governing tent. During the Democratic primary, Clinton was often accused by aides to Obama of inflating or over-dramatizing her foreign policy experience.

Enthusiastic HuffPo commenter BeltwayBette showed her support for party unity as follows:

HRC, in spite of huge efforts to pump up her foreign service credentials, which flopped on the tarmac you know where — is not qualitied for SOS.
HRC is not a team player, never has been. As we recall, she allegedly flopped the health plan Bill gave her because no one In DC could or would work with her.
HRC is same ole,same ole — and still too personally ambitious for the presidency to belong to her — or to the latest Clinton to be floated for the POTUS – Chelsea Clinton. The Dynasty refuses to die.
HRC, whose talking points against Sen.Obama fed the McCain campaign for almost two years — will have the power to undermine the man for whom it is said she felt only great contempt . .
BUT this is still only a rumor. I personally wish that President Elect Obama would put a sock in his leaks. And that he would show some loyalty to those who fought so hard for him — like the man HRC’s surrogate Carville villified for his Obama endorsement — Bill Richardson.
In 2012,we may need BR again.

So, to paraphrase the probable future Chair of the DNC Donna Brazile, why not Stop the Hate? No one appears to be immune to the bilious attacks. The Oborg even seems to be defying their beloved leader in opposing his Secretary of State offer to Clinton. The only answer I can offer is that these demented animals need somewhere to channel all the hatred they amassed during the past 2 years. You cannot be that bitter and vitriolic for that long and then suddenly stop. That probably means I should have some tolerance and compassion for these poor tortured troglodytes, but I can no longer muster any empathy or understanding. Instead, I offer the Oborg this thought:

You did not defeat the PUMA movement on November 4th!

You read that right! You couldn’t do it. McCain/Plain was defeated by our old nemesis, the NeoCons. The facts support it; they stayed home in droves! The supposed legions of new registered Democrats (courtesy of ACORN) never materialized. The other voters that never materialized were the Conservatives. According to the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza (yet another h/t to Not Your Sweetie):

much of the Republicans’ permanent political class has concluded that electing Sen. John McCain as president would have amounted to applying a Band-Aid to a gaping wound. Given the state of the party — bereft of a signature new idea and without many fresh faces — plenty of Republican operatives have come to subscribe to what I’d call the Ra’s al Ghul theory of rebuilding: Ghul, a villain in the movie “Batman Begins,” advocates destroying the city of Gotham to rebuild it from the ground up. “It is beyond saving and must be allowed to die,” he says — a sentiment echoed by many Republicans these days, who argue that hitting rock bottom was the only way to allow new faces and ideas to emerge.

What’s more, the final numbers seem to indicate that had Hillary Clinton been the Democratic candidate, she would have slaughtered John McCain according to CBS:

As voters left the polls on Election Day, many were asked how they would have voted if the election match-up were between Hillary Clinton and John McCain rather than Barack Obama and McCain. 52 percent said they would have backed the former Democratic candidate; 41 percent would have voted for McCain, wider than Obama’s 7-point margin over McCain.


While 85% of Obama voters said they would have voted for Clinton had she been the Democratic candidate, 13% would not have supported her including 6% who said they would have backed McCain and 7% who said they would not have voted. (Emphasis mine)

In short, one man can be considered responsible for Barack Obama’s victory: George W. Bush

The Washington Post concludes that:

…a look at this year’s political atmospherics suggests that the environment was so badly poisoned that no Republican — not Mitt Romney, not Mike Huckabee, not even the potential future GOP savior, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — could have beaten Obama on Nov. 4.

Why not? Three words (and a middle initial): President George W. Bush.


Enter Palin, who was embraced with a bear hug by the party’s conservative base. All of a sudden, cultural conservatives were thrilled at the chance to put “one of their own” in the White House. In fact, of the 60 percent of voters who told exit pollsters that McCain’s choice of Palin was a “factor” in their final decision, the Arizona senator won 56 percent to 43 percent.

For skittish conservatives looking for more evidence that McCain understood their needs and concerns, Palin did the trick. It’s hard to imagine conservatives rallying to McCain — even to the relatively limited extent that they did — without Palin on the ticket. And without the base, McCain’s loss could have been far worse.

So what’s my point? Well, it’s threefold:

1) An admittedly immature STFU to the Oborg

2) To establish that we PUMAs did our part to defeat Barack Obama

3) To remind PUMAs everywhere that we forgot who we should have been fighting and debunk an old adage: the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

It’s time to start ignoring the Obots and realizing how ineffectual they have become. We still have work to do.

26 Responses

  1. Grail I will join you gleefully in an immature STFU to all Obamacrats, Obamatwits, and Obamabots everywhere. Like most fools they haven’t the intellect to realize that the more they talk the more the light shines through the hole in the top of their head.

    And as for their declaration that PUMA never amounted to anything, never achieved any goals and is now done, finished kaput, they why the anger? Why the attention? Fools just don’t understand the more they stomp their feet and insist we “begone” the stronger and more important they make us appear.

    And the thing, I believe, that niggles away at the back of their flatulent minds is the realization that “they” helped to create PUMA with their hateful behavior. On some level some of they must realize this. On all levels they just have nothing to offer but hate and the bigotry of their rampant misogyny.

  2. Marge,

    Exactly. If it wasn’t for his supporters and associates, Obama might not seem that bad. Same holds for if he had been examined by the media and political parties; I would not have feared Obama if he came out of the gate as a Socialist. I wouldn’t have agreed, but he would not scare me so deeply.

    TBK, I could even have accepted the American people opting for Socialism voluntarily if it had been disclosed in advance and discussed fully and maturely. I might still have decided to leave, but at least I could accept it as the will of the people. But not like this!

  3. I still think that if Obama didn’t make the deal with the fundies to stay home and have proposition 8 and faith based money and who knows what else, PUMAs could have turned this. 6 million Bush voters stayed home – someone ask them why

  4. Grail and Marge,

    You’re correct, it’s time to ignore the Obots. We need to spend our time and energy fighting so many other things at this time. Life is too short to waste any of it beating a dead horse. They all have a one track mind and the track is becoming muddier every day. This is the reason they keep slamming Pumas. Ignore them. That’s the best way to drive them crazy.

    As for “if it wasn’t for his supporters and associates, Obama might not seem that bad” I can’t agree with you on this. He still frightens me to death, and it is not just his socialistic views that I’m talking about. His whole background is a mystery that I feel holds something pretty dire or he wouldn’t be fighting so hard to keep it from public view. This is not a case of “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”. I feel something very hurtful is going to come crawling out of the woodwork when we least suspect it. Don’t let your guard down.

  5. Excellent Grail. Yes, let’s just ignore them. What is their problem anyway? They won. Racism is over. All their hopes and dreams have been realized!

    The real problem as I see it is these people know that the Obama administration is built upon a house of cards. Deep down they know that there will be no change. They are already hearing from the Iraqis that they believe it will take another 3 years until we can withdraw troops. They’ve heard about Russia’s new meetings with Cuba and Venezuela. They are hearing about a bail out plan where execs took vacations on OUR money. Etc. And they can’t blame anything on the Republicans anymore.

    And since their anger cannot be directed at the president elect, the rest of us will feel the fall-out. You are already seeing it directed to stupid firemen and policemen who either called Obama a racial slur or wrote derogatory remarks on their personal blogs after the election. [I don’t condone remarks such as these, but it is truly frightening when you can’t voice your opinion, even if you say something stupid and offensive.] They are being held up to a higher scrutiny of their codes of conduct now.

    We have taken an ugly turn in this country wherein anyone who says anything bad about Obama will be told upon, and may lose their job as a result. The more reliance Americans have upon jobs in the public sector, the greater the danger.

    Lee M, I agree with you about Obama being a danger outside of his supporters and associates. It is really what his presidency will represent (as I said about Bush). We will have a president with no real qualifications, who has gotten the furthest ahead on unearned achievements, who claims to invite people into the fold of post-partisan governing, but it is really a way to control and silence his naysayers. Indeed we must not let our guard down!

  6. Insight – I wanted to stop by and personally apologize if I offended you or yours here at IA. Yours was not one of the PUMA sites that has become myopic. Please accept my apology….

    For the rest of the PUMAs – open your eyes.

  7. I have to agree with you leem about the “if it wasn’t for his supporters and associates, Obama might not seem that bad” line. I think his supporters and associates are a reflection of the man himself. I think he’s rotten clear through!

  8. Lee,

    Sorry – I guess I was too vague in that comment. What I meant (oooh! My first WIRM!) was that it is the people that Obama knows (pals around with, if you will) and those that he attracts that bother me more than him (Michelle tops the list, Soros, Axelrod, Jackson, Ayers, Rezko, Davis, Khalidi, Sammare, Mansour, Farrakhan, Wright, and so on – plus the ever-so-delightful blogging members of the Oborg).

    In other words, he himself is just an annoying pissant. It’s the people behind him that scare me to death. And the people that he owes.

  9. NQ has a resident tr0ll who attempts to blend in. S/he it has declared PUMA to be “just a fringe element”.

    This tr0ll has attempted to blend in. It loves to manage and manipulate discussions.

    Isn’t it amazing thes tr0lls are such sore winners — some specialize in hit and runs. They pop up in a discussion — and start their comment with “YOU people” blah blah.

    It’s gotten to the point that my finger hits the scroll key as soon as I read the first few words.

    Most PUMA blogs have had to resort to moderating comments — because blogs would be over run by the Obots comments.

    Yes Obots are largely responsible for the emergence of PUMA — and we are NOT going away. The harder Obots try to scream and throw temper tantrums — the more you guys reinforce the need for PUMA.

    Thank you, Gail, for going to the hive of the Obot — to reveal that logical and critical thinking is not part of the Obot character.

  10. Even more difficult than being a graceful loser is being a gracious winner.

    By their words, these people expose themselves for what they are…bitter even in victory and still intolerant of those who disagree with them.

    I think there may not be much we can do except sit back and watch Mr. Obama fail. And fail he will, for he has not the skills to fulfill the promise.

    In the meantime, I’m returning every gloating e-mail I receive with the appropriate response. “Didn’t you get the memo? The election is over. The Misogynist Party won.”

  11. To learn just how lacking in intellect and just how uninformed/misinformed the Obots are, please view the video and read over the poll results at the link below.

  12. Face it – you lost. All the Zogby push-poll assisted Ziegler videos (only two weeks after the election and Ziegler is already whining about it) and quasi-PUMA whining won’t change that fact.

    PUMAs never were a real political force, anyway. You never turned out in the droves that some of your more strident blogs said were going to show up, and there is absolutely no evidence that McCain was helped by anything resembling a PUMA surge. If anything, Palin completely turned off the women – yes, the PUMAs! – she was supposed to attract.

    Nice try, though. Welcome to the dustbin of history.

  13. we’ll see who ends up in the dust-bin of History. The economy is getting ready to tank, afterall….

  14. Grail G said:”In other words, he himself is just an annoying pissant. It’s the people behind him that scare me to death. And the people that he owes.

    I wish I could say that he is a pissant and leave it at that. But I see him as arrogant and entitled, and, truth be told, a schemer, cunning.
    I watched him when he was running for the US Senate, and I watched as one opponent after another was either replaced or simply dropped from the ticket.
    At that time, I didn’t know about Alice Palmer. Had I known, I’d have sent up more than a red flag.

    Now maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think he had much help figuring out how get rid of his opponents (except, perhaps the lovely Michelle). I think he’d spent time studying what worked and decided early on that he’d do whatever it took to get what he wanted.

    But if you’re right, and he is just an annoying pissant, then that may be even more frightning. Because then he is another Bush. Doing whatever the “people he owes” want him to do – no questions asked.

    Either way, this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. And we’ve got to stay alert and aware.

  15. “Alert and aware”…sounds right to me, Leslie!
    (I added “truthseekers” to the little bit at the top left, if you haven’t noticed…) but I like Alert and Aware, too…Just added it under the PUMA!!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

  16. IA ~

    thanks 🙂

  17. CoolAunt,

    I watched that video and read the stats on the site in utter disbelief! These are the people that we have to thank for the royal screwing we’re about to get – don’t ever forget it! But these are not the people I consider Obots, Otards, and tr0lls. These are just every day Americans who decided that Barack Obama could indeed get rid of their waxy yellow build-up, make their teeth brighter, ease arthritis pain, and make them lose weight without diet or exercise.


    Exactly! What do they want from us? There’s not a one of them that knows. It’s all just part of their disease – and I am not being snarky here. This group of people is actually suffering from some sort of psychological disturbance and is unable to release their hatred, derision for those who don’t immediately agree and submit to their “superior” abilitiies, and total lack of social skills – and Barack Obama has given them a home where they can feel protected and entitled to their twisted behavior.


    Obama has been around many of these people for most of his life. It started before Alice Palmer, or he would never have been able to get a foothold. He’d already met Ayers and Dohrn, Farrakhan, Davis, Mansour, Valerie Jarrett, and others before he ever ran for office. How would someone like him be appointed to foundations like Woods and CAC out of the blue in a political landscape like Chicago without already being knee deep in it.

    My point is more that if Barack Obama had not been exposed to all these people, philosophies, and opportunities – he personally is nothing more than a man of average intelligence with a gift for acting, a big chip on his shoulder, NPD, and low self-esteem (and yes, tr0lls, it’s possible – if not actually necessary – to have both). Had he grown up in Kansas on food stamps like we were asked to believe, who knows? He might have been a regular on The Young and the Restless, or one of the Back Street Boys. The Obama phenomenon has absolutely nothing to do with the man named Barack Obama. It could have just as easily been Skippy Feldman! This country has been sold the ultimate big hunk of nothing on the longest running Infomercial of all times.

    It’s PUMA Season,

    Guess I don’t get it… If this is the dustbin of history, why are you and all your little Face Book buddies here all the time? If we are really as irrelevant as you would have us believe, and you come here to agitate us, wouldn’t that make you the biggest loser in history ?

  18. I agree with you – Clinton would have won by a larger margin because racism is more common than sexism.

  19. LOL, that person who thinks he/she personally foiled PUMA Pac is hilarious! Talk about a God complex!

    You know, today I had an Obot comment on my blog about a comment I wrote – not even a post – on The Confluence! WTF? Why are these people paying so much attention to me? I’m just a bitter dead-ender, after all. LOL

  20. Grail Guardian, I agree. Further, that those people know so little about Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin may not be due to laziness or lack of interest at all. Ziegler, who did the study, places the blame on the MSM for their biased news coverage.

  21. to all you obots mark my words obama will turn out to be 10 trimes worse than gw in fact he will be bushs 3rd term and all the b/s/ promises that you beleive he will keep yaaa right the only change you will see is the change in your pockets fools

    the worst president in history watch oh btw 30 some odd clinton administration people hired by obama hahahaha wheres the change there hahahaha

  22. there is no change

    true agents of change are either marginalized (Kucinich) neutralized (Edwards) ignored (McKinney)
    or trashed via sexism (Hillary/Sarah)

  23. ps, reading over the article, what I find really tasteless is the Obots almost constant use of the f-word

    & these idiots call Sarah Palin trailer trash?!!??

    well I guess it takes one to know one.

    except Sarah has more class in her little finger than all of these trolls put together. Sorry Sarah, I realize that’s not saying much, but at least it’s the truth

  24. anyone,

    I think this election season has disproved that theory. It’s the unqualfied half-black guy that’s headed for 1600, not either of the qualified women.



    That is very disturbing. Guess I’ll see ya in re-education camp…

  25. Not to mention that he’s an Arab.

  26. RealityCzech,

    I mention that quite frequently. But he’s more white than any other race.

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