The Scanner–Readers’ Edition:Top Comments/Reader Suggested Links Edition 11/12/08 (Some Choice Words on the “Post-Racial” Atmosphere at Work; Young Women & Misogyny; The Penis Code; George Soros)(UPDATE: Favorite Hate Mail Post Just Arrived!)

During this busy week following the election, we’ve had so many wonderful posts from all our visitors that it’s been unbelievable. It’s been hard to select a few, but hopefully these reflect many of the thoughts expressed over the past week by our visitors!–InsightAnalytical-GRL


Right after the election, we heard all about how we were now truly in a “post-racial” America, but we’ve included one comment from someone who had a different experience at work:

Posted by Leslie…Posted 11/11/09 at 10:08 AM

This past week, one of my colleagues came into my office to crow about the “post-racial” state of our country. She then began talking about Gov. Palin and her lack of experience, her dishonesty, her stupidity, her poor mothering, etc, etc, etc. I said that if she had to speak about anything “post-racial”, then we weren’t post-racial at all. That if anything, race played a HUGE role in this election. I asked her if she could name any of our AA colleagues, who voted for McCain or anyone other than Obama. She was astonished that I could ask that question.
“Of course, there wasn’t anyone. Why would there be.”
I replied that was the point of my question. Why wouldn’t there be a Black person who voted for McCain? If people voted to see a black person as President, then there was nothing post-racial about their votes.
Then I asked her why she would come to my office and say those things about Sarah Palin? How could she speak about someone who worked her way from the PTA to the Governorship of a US state, as stupid? A heated discussion ensued. I then asked her why she was promoting misogyny. She was astonished again that I, a “loyal Democrat” who supported Kerry, Edwards, Bill Clinton, would consider that talking against Gov. Palin was misogyny. When I pointed out that the same things she was saying about Palin could easily be said about Obama she was stunned. I then said that every time she talks about Sarah Palin in the way she was doing, she was giving permission to attack women everywhere. That her own daughters could as easily be attacked as Sarah Palin was. I asked her to stop talking about Sarah Palin in such disrespectful and dishonest ways, or to leave my office. I also said that if she wanted to talk about equality, she should look at herself and see how her behavior, her “hate” speech said it is okay to be black, but not a female in this nation.
I guess I lost it.
Later that day, I was talking about this w/another doc, (male), who said, “you’ve really changed”. I replied that I hadn’t changed. I said the Democratic party had changed and I wasn’t about to take it sitting down. I said that I have just begun to fight – again for equality — for everyone. I don’t know where to start, though. or, maybe I already have.

My head is exploding when I see the “royalty” label applied. When I mentioned this to my sister, she said, “Look at the way they carry themselves. They look regal”. I can’t talk to her anymore.

Posted in response to:

From The Past Week, November 2-8: Recaps & Random Thoughts (Chicago Trib’s “RedEye” Pic of “Royalty”; Frightening Treatment of McCain Supporter in Philly on Election Night; The Price Paid Due to Non-Voters (Deals with Ministers); Help “Free Us Now Mavericks” Hosted by Betty Jean Kling; Stray Dog Update,


The same day we received another comment in response to same piece that further explored the frustration many of us feel about young women’s acceptance of the current onslaught of misogyny…In it, Northwest rain coined a particularly strong phrase, “…the word “experience” is a code word for penis.”

Northwest rain, on November 9th, 2008 at 4:50 am Said:

Thank you for the link to Betty Jean Klings online radio show.

Her guest Dr. Long — made the same observations as I did — about Obama the brand (illusion) and Obama the man. Axel-snot was selling a produce — an illusion that your life will be perfect if you buy the product.

Good news about your little visitor finding the food.

When are the young women going to take up the battle fighting sexism? The gentleman friend of a good friend was born before women could vote — and he clearly remembers when his mother won the right to vote. He does not understand why young women were so vicious toward Hillary Clinton.

And these young women who wore the C*** t-shirts — and the fool who hung Palin’s effigy — these were NOT off limits. We know full well what would happen if the N*** word was used on t-shirts with Obama’s name. But t-shirts saying Bro before Ho.

Sad state of affairs when the word “experience” is a code word for penis — as is Palin doesn’t have enough “experience” — but O-zero has “experience”.

(More coming on this latter comment….IA)


We got a post from one of our favorite trolls in response to our post on Sarah Palin’s interview with Greta van Susteren, Did You See Sarah Palin Live with Greta? WOW!! In the Kitchen, Meal Prep and Policy…(UPDATE 1X–Video Up) who queried:

How come you’re not covering this:

IA responded, but we liked this comment, too, from ks:

ks, on November 11th, 2008 at 10:21 am Said:

Good interview by Greta. It’s very appararent that the blogger boyz are intimidated by her though they desperately lust after her and the, for lack of a better term, feminist establishment, is irrationally jealous of her.

In terms of the latter, I’ve never seen so many normally rational women get so unhinged about another women. Several times, I’ve had to simply give several people the “you’re talking crazy” look when they’ve gone off on crazed tirades about Palin. There is something about her that so threatens certain women sense of themselves that pathologically react to her in an over the top fashion.

About that Secret Service article in the Telegraph, well, it’s nonsense. Notice that it doesn’t have a direct quote from the SS saying what the headline claims? Notice that it doesn’t point out that the “kill him” claim was investigated by the SS and was proved to be unfounded? Now there may have been an increase in death threats to Obama based on ERRONEOUS REPORTING of the media and the SS merely did it’s job but to try and spin that as the Telegraph does and say, “the SS blames Palin…blah…blah…blah” is garbage.


We finish off with some choice words from sonrisa in response to our post Sarah Palin, Nicolle Wallace, CBS, Katie Couric…Too Close for Comfort? (And What of George and Jeb?) which captured the cynacism many of us feel:

sonrisa, on November 10th, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said: Edit Comment

yeah, Something Wicked This Way Comes. I’ve been thinking about that old Bradbury carney novel for the past few weeks- & now we got the clown running the country. Puts me in mind of Stephen King’s It.

I agree that something’s going on here that we don’t know about, altho I have my guesses, especially after reading Grail’s post about Soros & Hillary. Grail, I don’t for a minute think Hillary & Soros are lily white & squeaky clean (but I’m not convinced they’re entirely bad either) my question, “if Hillary is Soro’s girl then how come she’s no longer running for Prez?” pertained to Soros, not Hillary. This dude eats punks like the ones that call themselves the Daley Machine for lunch. If Soros wanted Hillary in the White House we would of elected our 1st woman Prez last week. Instead he let the Daley’s put their prop in the White House. Something’s up.

Thanks again to everyone who’s posted this week!  We’ll keep our eyes open for more great comments for a future post.  And links to things you’ve seen around the internet are welcome, too!


Favorite hate mail post just arrived this morning in response to the Palin interview post! Let me share!

the panther’s claw

Keep mewing, PUMA-cowards. We’ll see how long IA stands.

The best way to kill the beast is to start in it’s belly.

Another U.S. is possible.

From Did You See Sarah Palin Live with Greta? WOW!! In the Kitchen, Meal Prep and Policy…(UPDATE 1X–Video Up), 2008/11/12 at 7:55 AM

7 Responses

  1. IA
    please remember that they wouldn’t bother if you weren’t a threat. We have two yearsto build a framework for the mid-term elections, and four years to help other women, and feminist men get their heads out of wherever they are. A major task, but certainly not impossible.

    You are important, you are necessary, and if there weren’t a need, then people wouldn’t have been picking the next presidential run before the votes were all counted. Not only were they picking, they were picking the same one we are all leaning toward. Just a battle, not the war.

  2. IA

    You’re doing something right. They’re on the attack.

    panther’s claw – you are so off the mark it isn’t even funny. Pumas may be a lot of things, but COWARD isn’t one of them. For your information, Pumas don’t mewl, they growl.

    I tend to believe IA will be standing long after your claws are pulled. What’s the matter – did she hit a nerve?

  3. Does anyone know what “Another US is possible ” means?

    I mean anyboody. Because you can talk to 4 different obots and get at least 3 different descriptions of what that “other” US will look like under Teh One’s governance.

    As for me, I’m ready for another US. One with a REAL leader – not the puppet we’ve had for the last 8 years. And not the puppet it looks like we’re getting for the next.

    I doubt panther’s claw has any idea what (s)he’s talking about. (S)he likely hasn’t been out of mom’s basement in quite some time.

  4. thanx IA for putting me on the front page. 😀

    to elaborate on that post, earlier today I saw a headline on my screensaver about the war hawks glomming onto Nobama. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to read the article, & now I can’t find it. But if that headline was summing up the story then it would appear that the vipers are returning to the nest.

  5. ps looks likes panther’s claw wants a cat fight

    you should get Grail to trace that IP address so you can turn it & the threat in to the local police

    meantime keep on bloggin!!

  6. leslie, on November 12th, 2008 at 2:33 pm Said:
    Does anyone know what “Another US is possible ” means?

    I mean anyboody. Because you can talk to 4 different obots and get at least 3 different descriptions of what that “other” US will look like under Teh One’s governance…..

    So true….how do those who thought there would be health care in that other possiable US feel now? . It’s off the table ….while Nancy laughs at the suckers who thought it would happen.

  7. well Barky’s so-called health care plan sucked anyhow

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