Oklahoma to Obama’s Rescue AGAIN….

Today, Oklahoma super delegate Reggie Whitten decided to endorse Obama in a flowery statment in which he cited Obama’s ability to UNIFY Americans and his record of standing up for the middle class.

I guess the Obama campaign is realizing it has a serious deficit with “lunch-bucket Democrats” and that maybe a lot of middle-class Democrats don’t like seeing a candidate embracing a Reverend like Jeremiah Wright or using street “code” to tell another candidate to “F*ck off.”

Whitten says he considered his own background in the decision:

I’m from the small town of Seminole, Oklahoma: a city that is predominantly hard-working middle class citizens. It is important that our next President keep small towns like Seminole in mind when he talks about our economy.

I guess the Obama folks also realize that you can’t insult small towns, either.

So, once again, after a poor showing, this time not in a debate, but in a real primary election, another of Oklahoma’s finest comes out for Obama to help stem the bleeding. Last week it was David L. Boren (along with Sam Nunn) who tried to deflect attention after Obama’s poor debate performance in PA by riding to the rescue on the subject of foreign policy. (Read my posts on Boren if you want to get an idea of how inspiring the Boren endorsement was…not!)

I wonder who they’ll dig up next from Oklahoma…perhaps ex-GOP rep. J.C. Watts? Really, you have to wonder about the savvy of any politician, current or retired, who decides to proclaim undying allegiance to a candidate IMMEDIATELY after they’ve taken a beating. It just seems the timing is off and the whole business seems so obvious and from a position of weakness, not strength.

Oh, by the way…Hillary picked up a super delegate from Tennessee today to cancel out Whitten.