“I’m Gonna Harden My Heart”….

I’m gonna harden my heart

I’m gonna swallow my tears
I’m gonna harden my heart
I’m gonna swallow my tears
Harden my heart…harden my heart…
swallow my tears
I’m gonna harden my heart….


This oldie but goodie has been playing in my mind over the last few days. I think I knew I had to go find the lyrics last night, though, as I composed a response to a post I read on another blog.

I can’t vote for Obama if he is the nominee. At this point, it’s become visceral. I won’t go into a detailed explanation right now, because my views have been expressed by many others on many of the blogs on my Blogroll.

Please note, there ARE people I will be voting for in November, so I won’t be a “stay-at-home voter.” I’ll vote for our Senate nominee, Udall, with great enthusiasm. And I will NEVER, NEVER vote McCain!!

But the reality is that my feelings go WAY BEYOND Obama! It’s what the party has been doing over the years…

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Update On Candidate Teague: re: Abortion

In yesterday’s post about the NM CD-2 Democratic Primary, I wrote that there was nothing on Harry Teague’s website about social issues, in particular, abortion rights. (See here.)

A reader posted that he had called Teague’s office and was told that Teague supports abortion rights, but would like to see fewer performed. This position seems to be in line with the general message that has come from Democrats.

Of course, when votes are actually taken on specific bills, abortion rights supporters are often disappointed…but, as far as candidate Teague is concerned, he doesn’t at this time seem to be anti-choice.

Bill Richardson Should Have Told Obama About the Bataan Death March

Obama’s ill-advised comment yesterday (3/27) comparing the primary race to the Bataan Death March (link) will NOT go over well in New Mexico. I wonder what Bill Richardson is thinking? After endorsing Obama in the middle of the Rev. Wright controversy, Richardson has to watch Obama making a comment that cheapens one of the grimmest events of World War II. Continue reading

Update on NM-CD2: No Surprise! Backroom Maneuvering Cuts Out Kissling

Just got off the phone with a friend with contacts in women’s Democratic circles here who was Kissling’s representative at the party convention a couple of weeks ago…The local paper only reporting it yesterday!!

Rumor has it the deal was done on the primary months ago! The deal was to push Harry Teague as the eventual Democratic nominee for the House! Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, like Teague, is also from Hobbs and pushed him and Gov. Richardson ALSO had been supporting Teague for months! Teague is apparently very wealthy, which must be part of the equation. So, my thought that McCamley and Richardson were a team beyond the spaceport deal was off base…way off base!! Meanwhile, at the party convention, Kissling’s representative was given about 30 seconds to deliver a nominating speech; according to her account, it was clearly apparent that no one, except the favored candidates, was being a give a fair shake as the speaking time rules were being ignored.

Kissling did amazingly well last time without any money or help from the DCC and we were hopeful we could pull it off this time since Republican Pearce is running for the Senate. It’s too bad his voice will be absent.

Now, to be fair, I have checked out Teague’s website here. His positions seem to be standard Democratic positions. Noticeably absent are some of the social issues, like abortion, which my memory recalls from a long ago article, seemed to indicate a conservative stance there. But more news will come out, which should clear up that uncertainty.

McCamley got nearly 49% of the vote to Teague’s 36.5%. So, whether the “plan” for Teague’s being the ultimate nominee comes true or not remains to be seen! After all, the voters have to go out in June to vote! However, the party must be counting on the machine for Teague, since the turnout may be low if people stay home since the presidential vote has already taken place. (Pre-primary vote here.)

According to NM political blogger Joe Monohan, McCamley has been shopping a poll showing him as the favored candidate.

“The soon to be 30 year old McCamley was out shopping a poll he had conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, a firm that has done a lot of surveys for politicos here, including Light Guv Diane Denish. But this poll done March 17-19 among 403 likely Dems and with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9% raised more questions than it answered. (Download here.)

First among them: How could 65% of the voters have a favorite candidate in the race when there has been no media advertising and none of the candidates is well-known throughout the district? McCamley insists there was no “pushing”–providing negative info about the race and then asking the voter who they favored. He says he is ahead of Teague 43% to 22% with the rest undecided. He does say there was some “messaging” about Teague on the back-end of the poll.

Teague’s own internal numbers show nearly 50% of Dem voters undecided. He is in the field this week and campaign insiders do not expect the undecided to go down much. McCamley says he has been traveling the district for a year and that explains his numbers.

Whatever the case, the numbers that really matter right now are the ones on the candidates’ bank accounts. In that regard, Teague is far ahead, having raised and loaned himself well over $500,000 to McCamley’s $200,000 plus. Teague is going to start spending that money within a week. Expect the southern airwaves to fill up with this TV spots and the polling numbers to follow to reflect the activity.”

(Link here .)

We’ll be keeping an eye on this race…

Monkeys With Potatoes–Revisited

Have we been washing rotten potatoes???


*Author’s Note: Written early in the Bush Adminstration, this piece hopes that the truth about Bush would eventually move through the country…Eventually, this did come to pass. Ironically, the “paradigm shift” described as questioning the Washington establisment really has NOT come to pass. Witness the candidates left standing for 2008, on both sides. Obama, of course, has passed himself off as the great agent of change…but, the truth is, it’s just an image. So, the guarded optimism of this essay has been withering lately. It’s with bittersweet feelings that I repost this piece. Maybe, someday, there will truly be a “paradigm shift.” Maybe someday a new generation won’t fall for the same tricks again! Maybe someday they won’ t be so eager to want “a bargainer” rather than “a fighter.” Was John Edwards really too “angry” for younger voters?? If so, it’s really too bad. I guess some of us “old” voters are the ones who remember how far this country and the Democratic Party have sunk….

Democrats Just Jumped the Shark in NM CD-2!!

OK, so here I am, an Edwards supporter, now trending Hillary because the Obama campaign has completely turned me off for sundry reasons, as expressed on so many other blogs….

Today, I pick up our local rag (The Las Cruces Sun-News, which I have railed against many times) to see that the local Democratic Party has stymied our progressive hope again! Al Kissling, the progressive who ran strongly against Steve Pearce (R-Oil Drilling) without any monetary assistance from the national party, didn’t receive enough support to earn a spot on the ballot. Apparently seeing the handwriting on the stone (see here).

Pearce, by the way, has won the top spot against Rep. Heather Wilson (involved in the Justice Dept. phone call scandal awhile back) on the Republican side for Senate.Which leaves us with Bill McCamley, a Dona Ana County commissioner who I have dubbed a “DLCer-in-training” running against Harry Teague of Hobbs, a former Lea County commissioner. Teague signs have already begun popping up around Las Cruces–small blue affairs with “family values” the prominent message. Having read about Teague months ago, I know he’s a conservative Democrat. So, now we have McCamley, who pushed a tax for the not-s0-local spaceport project (in tandem with Bill Richardson) vs. Teague who is way too conservative for my taste. Teague may actually win, since this is a conservative district…White Sands and Ft. Bliss are right next door–and McCamley has left a lot of locals loathing him because of the spaceport tax which VERY narrowly eked out a win via some very organized business and political interests. The most egregious part of that deal was when Richardson showed up at a school to push the spaceport at an event closed to the public! People who weren’t 5th graders or parents were barred from entering! This left a very sour taste in my mouth because as a former educator, shoving politics to a captive audience of kids is something considered off limits in my time. Of course, this event also had the parents invited, which means potential voters were hearing all arguments for the tax, but only those allowed inside! What should have been a public forum, with both pro and con views aired, became a rally only for parents being sold via the “it’s for the children” angle. Seems Richardson and company have something in common with the DNC which is disenfranchising MI and FL!!

Anyway, my plan to vote and work for Kissling is now gone! Any hope of getting a good progressive into Congress is over, unless we get Udall in as Senator. I’m wondering if that will happen, considering the general disarray of the Democrats this year. Down-the-ticket may well be a big problem if lots of disgruntled Dems go for McCain in this state with such a heavy military and ex-military presence.

Sigh. I met McCamley at an Edwards rally in 2004. He seemed like such a nice young man then…

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This site will be evolving as I transfer material from my old site to this one! I will also be creating new versions of the World Media Watch and World Energy Watch. I will also do some political blogging as I get the urge to do so! Much of the older material will be archives of commentaries I wrote for Buzzflash before that site changed its orientation during the Democratic primary season. These older commentaries reflect the time when progressives were united against the Bush Administration instead of being in the present state of chaos …

This will all take place gradually as I find the time in between taking care of my 3 dogs, doing my gardening, and practicing my Tai Chi Chih!

You’ll probably be hearing more about these interests as I go along…and, of course, I’ll want to hear about your dogs, gardens, and various practices like Qigong and the various meditative practices as well!

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