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(Editor’s Note:  Chicago Correspondent Leslie lives in the belly of the beast and often shares her misery with us in private.  Today, we’re sharing something she saw the other day – the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times. While we sort of enjoy shoes being thrown at people like Bush and Blago, we are really waiting for the day when we see a few flying in the direction of the Chosen One. And, Leslie– we’re  just DYING to have that free collector’s print!)

~~Courtesy IA Chicago Correspondent Leslie


Chicago Sun Times 12/16/08


Here’s another delightful picture, this one featuring Blago and his wife, Patti,  from 2004.  Little did we know then that the Blagojevich spousal unit,  Teddy, Victoria, Michelle and the Chosen One would be together again in 2008!  Such an elegant group, no?  But hiding so much sleaze, yes?

chicagocrowd-2004teddyblagoobamaToo bad the picture is cut off above their feet…I really would have liked to see their footwear!!

You may have a chance to see some of Michelle’s shoes, however,  if you go to this FANTASTIC site I stumbled upon!  Yes, you’ll have to check out “MrsO” which is devoted to the fashion of Michelle Obama!  Just like “Jackei-O”!!


But what is this business about “who’s she’s wearing“???  What’s up with that?

MrsO  has 5 writers, two of whom are based in London.  I’m still wondering why the site has an “org” in the URL rather than a “com.”

Seems mysterious to me, but no more mysterious than why one of the MrsO writers has a fixation about Michelle Obama’s cardigan collection…

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  1. As if Mrs.0 has any fashion sense at all. Ha.

    On 4 Nov she wore the dress which is now known as the Black Widow (spider) dress — emails arrive in my in box with a side by side comparison.

    The best comments (as in ROFLMAO) about Mrs. Obama’s fashion sense comes from Sugar (Sugar & Spice blog).

  2. The cardigan I saw her in certainly was nothing to brag about. It looked as though she put it in the dryer and the back got smaller. One sleeve up…the other down…not good.

  3. Hmmm. “Your home on the web for Chicago’s best Blago coverage”. I think there are a few other sites that might win that title (RBO, ObamaCrimes, etc.). A bit late and a dollar short, as they say…

    Personally, I’m more interested in who “Mrs. O is throwing under the bus than what she wears. But I agree that the site is a bit intriguing. Maybe it’s a front to launder all that Saudi money.

  4. In a recent article on MO’s “style”, (can you believe there are multiple articles devoted to this person?) the author said that MO doesn’t think she needs a fashion coordinator as the First Lady. MO says she thinks her fashion sense is “FINE”.

    If you think wearing targets on your chest and belly, or grandma’s old curtains demonstrates good taste – I guess she does just fine.

  5. After that horror of a black dress with the red splotches MO wore election night and the sofa patterned horror she wore to one of the debates one would think the LAST thing any Obamabot would want to talk about would be MO’s “style” or sense of fashion. Cause there ain’t any.

    I am hardly a fashionista, in fact I don’t tremble in fear of polyester so you know that I have no fashion creds, but even I know that this woman knows nothing about fashion. And apparently those who “advise” her know even less. Let’s “hope” her spouse’s advisors do a better job for him.

  6. Here is a link to riverdaughter’s post re:Betty JEan’s daughter and what people are doing/can do to help.

    • Thanks for the link, Leslie….

      I’m in the process of writing a piece spurred by the tragedy that has befallen Betty Jean and her daughters.
      As a child I spent a lot of time in Lodi….

  7. I’m sorry, I must be dimwitted but I don’t see why “domestic” violence should be treated any different than any other kind of violence.

    I hate when tidy little fences are put around some actions that out side those boundaries would be decried by one and all.

    Man hits stranger= vile criminal
    Man hits spouse/girlfriend= domestic violence.

  8. Who really cares what BitcHELLe wears? She is just a tall fat Oprah remake.

  9. What the F is going on in this country?

    We’d rather have a first lady who is more concerned about her fashion than… anything else? Her true character could have been revealed by the MSM but they chose to ignore it, despite her close associations with Bernardine Dohrn and Valerie Jarret.

    It’s gonna be a long 4 years.

    Go Sarah Go

  10. oh we are so screwed…..

  11. Looking at that photo I was suddenly reminded of a comment mario Cuomo made about Republicans in 2000: “They are ugly people doing ugly things”. If the shoe fits…

  12. Mrs. O. Isn’t Oprah going to be jealous. I prefer to think of her as Mrs. ZerO.

  13. Remember when Hillary was First Lady? Americans were impressed with her, but the press cared more about her haircut and whether or not she baked cookies than her Health Care reform. Once it became obvious that America didn’t care bout the frivolities, they railroaded her attempts at UHC and made up the Whitewater “scandal” to discredit her.

    When Sarah Palin proved to be a formidable opponent, more “scandals” were fabricated: Trigg was Bristol’s son, Bristol was impregnated by her father, Sarah wanted to ban and burn library books, Sarah supported the Bridge to Nowhere, her church was preaching anti-gay hate sermons, etc.

    This is the role we are being sold for women, and I would think that a woman like Michelle Obama would be mighty uncomfortable with it. The press and their masters will only accept a First Lady that holds teas and talks of only fashion or child rearing issues.

    Perhaps if we are going to get stuck with this bunch for the next four years, we might want to consider opening a discussion with Michelle Obama (I know, I know – but she’s all we’re going to have, apparently) about how women should be represented. My hunch is that it wouldn’t take much prodding for her to break out of the mold the media seems intent on casting her in. If nothing else, it certainly would show her to be a hypocrite if she decides to buy into the Suzy Homemaker ideal.

  14. Grail, remember the “Hillary’s Hair” site? Of course, it was to put Clinton down, not this sort of adoration…

    I just can’t figure out that ORG in the URL…who is behind this, really????

    Hey, Obama thinks First Ladies should be paid. Well, I’m OK with that…but, then, they have to DEBATE and answer questions and be accountable, yes??

    As for MO breaking out of the mold…she already has said tha $600 wouldn’t even buy a decent set of earrings….the press wouldn’t report anything negative about her!
    Personally, this all smacks of a replay of Camelot and the 80’s–DYNASTY, FALCON CREST….you know, all that “style” during the opulent Reagan years right after the recession, the recession of job losses, including MINE!!

  15. Did BO really say that the First Lady should be paid???

    What a hypocrite! They tell our young adult kids to go into low paying, service-oriented professions and not ask or expect high paychecks and the minute they get into the White House —WHAM!
    They want more and more and more.

    Now that Me-chelle had to give up her cushy $300,000/yr job at the U of Chgo Hospitals, it’s gonna be hard to find that extra $10,000 for summer camp and ballet lessons.
    I know I always had to take back empty bottles and cans for those refund so that I could get my brood to camp and lessons.

    (What does this First Lady do anyway, but serve tea, pour coffee, smile, and take the teevee audience on a tour of the christmas trees every year.


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