Chicago Style Update…

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

(Editor’s Note:  Chicago Correspondent Leslie lives in the belly of the beast and often shares her misery with us in private.  Today, we’re sharing something she saw the other day – the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times. While we sort of enjoy shoes being thrown at people like Bush and Blago, we are really waiting for the day when we see a few flying in the direction of the Chosen One. And, Leslie– we’re  just DYING to have that free collector’s print!)

~~Courtesy IA Chicago Correspondent Leslie


Chicago Sun Times 12/16/08


Here’s another delightful picture, this one featuring Blago and his wife, Patti,  from 2004.  Little did we know then that the Blagojevich spousal unit,  Teddy, Victoria, Michelle and the Chosen One would be together again in 2008!  Such an elegant group, no?  But hiding so much sleaze, yes?

chicagocrowd-2004teddyblagoobamaToo bad the picture is cut off above their feet…I really would have liked to see their footwear!!

You may have a chance to see some of Michelle’s shoes, however,  if you go to this FANTASTIC site I stumbled upon!  Yes, you’ll have to check out “MrsO” which is devoted to the fashion of Michelle Obama!  Just like “Jackei-O”!!


But what is this business about “who’s she’s wearing“???  What’s up with that?

MrsO  has 5 writers, two of whom are based in London.  I’m still wondering why the site has an “org” in the URL rather than a “com.”

Seems mysterious to me, but no more mysterious than why one of the MrsO writers has a fixation about Michelle Obama’s cardigan collection…