Did You See Sarah Palin Live with Greta? WOW!! In the Kitchen, Meal Prep and Policy…(UPDATE 1X–Video Up)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

UPDATE 1–The video of Part 1 of this 2 Part interview (Part 2 is tonight, 11/11) in up at FOX but I had to search for it!  (Maybe they’re burying this deliberately.) Here is the link to where I found it…Greta’s Inteview With Sarah Palin Greta has some pics of the Gov’s Office on her GretaWire blog right now.

9 PM  MT Time (7 PM Alaska Time)

I have to say this was an amazing thing put together by Greta van Susteren. Live from Alaska, an extensive interview with Sarah Palin. When the video goes up, WATCH!

I caught most of the filmed segment in the Governor’s Office where the discussion was about her being “handled” and her “feminism.”

Well, she was unapologetic about going off script…she wanted to talk more about the qualities of John McCain, the man, and she said she had no regrets when she did so.

As for the question about whether she was a feminist…She said she considered herself one, “whatever that means” and talked about all the things women who work and raise families have in common. Greta asked her if the flack from the left was about abortion, and Palin said most likely, but she said that the key thing was to work to lower the number of abortions through information, and all the other means at our disposal…She sounded pretty “Clintonian” to me on the subject. She clearly felt that if that was the “be end and end all,” then women were missing an opportunity to forge a stronger presence.

Greta also asked her about 2012 and she was quite open to 4 years or 8 years if things like family circumstances, etc. were favorable. In other words, she sounded like she was very open to the idea of getting out there again, and spoke about how much she would like to do something for the country on a broader scale.

The other subjects of conversation that stood out was when she talked about her family and how her kids saw that offensive 4-letter word on a T-shirt as they drove through Philadelphia.

And I was really ticked off again about all that degradation of Palin, how she was an insult and inexperienced, when, in the course of the conversation, said she was used to the hardball of politics even at the local level and how it didn’t faze her because she had been at it since 1992. Where was Obama in 1992?? What has he done that makes him more experienced as a leader than someone who has worked there way up since 1992??

By far the best part of the interview was conducted in her home….LIVE…from the kitchen, as she prepared dinner. She was taking the skin off a pile of big franks and she worked steadily on stuffing them with extras.  All the while, she spoke clearly on energy and how she wanted to see a cleaner planet and energy independence. She talked about how Alaska has as much coastline as the rest of the U.S. and how there are so many resources that can be developed through technology that can then be exported to other countries…tidal power, wind power, geothermal.  She felt that there was an opportunity for bringing together environmentalists and “the development crowd” as she described her leanings into a synergy where “something could get done.”

What really got me was how she MULTI-TASKED–cooking dinner and talking about all sort of complicated issues at the same time.  When have you seen a candidate for VP do THAT?? But this is what women do everyday, without skipping a beat…and what makes Sarah Palin a real person to so many people,  not just another pre-fabbed politician.

So the question I thought of was –Could BARACK OBAMA do that as smoothly and naturally?  I doubt it!  He is so scripted and basically, phony, that he wouldn’t even deign to pick up a hot dog and discuss energy policy at the same time!!  The joke used to be that Gerry Ford couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time…Well, Sarah Palin doesn’t have THAT problem.

Tomorrow, there’s part 2 of the interview (Tuesday, 11/11)…I’ll be watching, for sure! (Moose chili on the menu…)  This interview tonight made it clear that Alaska is not hicktown…It looks like everwhere else in the US, for those who think Palin dropped in from another planet…(boy, what a great kitchen), which might be news to some of the “elite” who fester in DC.

After Greta, I happened to see a couple of minutes of Glenn Beck on O’Reilly. O’Reilly had opened with Palin’s discussion of the “jerks” out there and then Beck said an interesting thing: that she TOOK ON THE POWERFUL in the party…which lends credence to our suspicions about how they’re trying to do her in. He also said that she disagreed with McCain on a lot of things.  He said that she called him and told him that people weren’t booking her on shows, so she was going to do it herself. And she did…going on his show among others. More indication that she was getting a bum deal from her handlers…Nicolle Wallace, perhaps?  (See Sarah Palin, Nicolle Wallace, CBS, Katie Couric…Too Close for Comfort? (And What of George and Jeb?) O’Reilly said the media would “kill her” and my reaction was, “NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!”

All I can say is…GO SARAH!!!

44 Responses

  1. You mean she can cook and talk too? Now we know what seperates her from so many thought to be deserving women. Someone get Hillary some cooking lessons! Jeeze.

  2. YUP…but you miss the point, course, as she was called DUMB and inexperienced and was dubbed an INSULT to women everywhere…and, of course, she’s not any of those things…just a NORMAL woman who can multi-task, better than most men ever could…

    What a shock to see a woman in the public eye doing NORMAL family things …and also showing her smarts as a public official? And that’s a NEGATIVE, to the left these days…It doesn’t separate her from anyone else…ALL women who juggle their lives like this are DESERVING, as you say. Of RESPECT…

    It has nothing to do with Hillary (who once defiantly said she didn’t bake cookies. And I saw that live and she was pretty in your face about it! And she was crucified for it…and now you want to crucify Palin for doing her thing??)

    You really don’t get it at all…do you?

  3. It means she’s not scripted, unlike Bush, classic and new.


    hey we gotta start calling these trolls on this stuff

  5. She was COOKING DURING THE INTERVIEW!!! For god’s sake, grow up, look in the camera and give us answers in complete sentences!

    What planet are we on that a politician prepares dinner – or does anything – during an interview less than a week after a big election?

    It’s just surreal. You people are living on a different planet. This lady is such a dummy ha ha Moose Chili First Dude pregnant teen daughter $150k in clothes accusing half the country of disloyalty and she couldn’t name a single newspaper that she reads. Listen folks, if you haven’t learned your lesson from electing one moron (W) already, I understand if you feel the need to latch on to another.

  6. Hey, I like the pep that gave you and gosh it was good to see she is OK. She has her family, he cozy home (built by her First Dude) and the love of the people. She well be OK! Thanks Greta. 🙂

  7. Gosh, I need a nap…been back to work, reading all the good stuff you all have been putting up. Thanks.

  8. Palin is an authentic, real person — and this is nearly impossible for the youngsters (males) to understand. To a lot of males who seem to live their lives in some sort of virtual reality — the concept that an adult female can work and talk and answer complex questions is beyond their understanding.

    I have the book about Palin — and as soon as I find it (in the large to be read stack of books) I’m going read all about Palin.

    In a way I’m glad that Gloria Steinem’s true self emerged — because I always thought she had a stick up her ass, whenever I saw her on tv. She isn’t someone I’d want to pal around with. In fact several of the so called feminist who tried to rip Palin apart aren’t people I’d want to spend any time with. Palin is interesting and not at all boring — I don’t think she has time to be boring.

    The Rev. Amy (Rebel Rouser) says she is no longer a feminist — and I guess I’m not either. So what are women who believe in the equality of all, who believe the right to choose for women includes the right to choose to HAVE a baby.

    In an interview Palin gave (reported on Savage politics) she told the media to concentrate on O-zero — because this was his time — she asked them to stop asking petty questions.

    I’m getting my news from so many sources now — several blogs, different views that I know I’m far better informed that individuals who rely solely on the MSM for their news.

    My husband gets condensed reviews of the blogs. For a guy he’s pretty good at listening — because I heard him debate with a O-bot — who said Palin didn’t have the “experience” to be VP. My husband asked where O-zero’s experience was. The O-bot replied — he has legislative experience. Legislative experience is NOT executive experience. [ Lately I’ve noticed that “no experience” is a code word for “no penis”. ]

    O-bot says — well Obama is running a fantastic campaign. (hint — WE know that Obama wasn’t running his campaign — that Axelrod etc. were running the campaign.)

    Sexism overt — in since O-zero launched his offensive against women — sexism is worse. Today I saw several — HO — stickers on cars. Various sentences with HO in bold caps. As wonderful as my husband is — he didn’t notice the HO car stickers and signs. But he never saw photos of the Bros before HOs t-shirts.

    Ladies — we have a problem and it isn’t going to get better any time soon with O-zero as the sexist in chief.

  9. The fact of the matter is that when women are given an equal playing field they mop of the floor with most of the “widdle” boyz. And that’s why the Johnboyz of the world want to keep women down. That’s why they fear and hate women. Sex objects, yay! Real functioning partners and equals? Not interested. Because a superior women would never have the slightest interest in a drone like Johnboy.

    The Johnboys of the world end up with self-hating bimbos like the ones that wore the “Sarah Palin is a – – – -” tee shirt. Women who would demean their own gender in such a manner aren’t fit to clean things like Johnboy off the bottom of Sarah Palin’s shoes.

  10. Are you saying there wasn’t a teleprompter in the kitchen cabinets?
    Aha! That’s her problem then! (right after the lack of penis, that is). The power that be don’t want someone in power who can go off script . Because they write the script and it needs to be followed. If Beck said they’ll kill her if she tries running again, he sent a warning. Just as both NYT and WaPo sent to the Clintons – with first page editorials in the same week “If she runs, personal issues will be brought up”

  11. I tripped the world press moderator – help!

  12. JohnboyNJ,

    What’s the matter – the thought of a woman peeling the skin off a frank hit a little too close to home? Hmm?

    Get used to it. Your ilk declared war on the female sex, so you can expect to see a whole lotta emasculating goin on!

  13. I totally hearted Sarah Palin when we were in Alaska this summer, long before her selection as VP candidate. I heart her even more after all that has transpired.

  14. Thanks for the post, IA. I fell asleep before she came on, I’ve been so exhausted lately. I hope I can catch a replay somewhere. Should have had my recorder on. I’ll watch tonight and have the recorder on also.

    Governor Sarah Palin is some kind of woman. She does it all, and does it all well. Thus the reason so many people are jealous of her. There are many women like her out there who don’t get credit for all the multi-tasking that they do. It’s good to see that Greta put this out there for everybody to see.

    I finally got my new voter registration card. I’m now officially an Independent. Sorta strange after carrying the Democratic card for so many years, but sorta proud too, that I’m no longer affiliated with that DNC bunch.

    I heard that Howard Dean is resigning in January. Now that I’m no longer connected with that party I couldn’t care less.

  15. How come you’re not covering this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/uselection2008/sarahpalin/3405336/Sarah-Palin-blamed-by-the-US-Secret-Service-for-death-threats-against-Barack-Obama.html

    Or is the US Secret Service part of that conspiracy along with Fox, the Democrats, Karl Rove, and the American People?

  16. CaptainKickstand…I just wanted to let our readers see this story…
    Which I think is BULLCRAP….The Telegraph is a Murdoch paper and he’ll frame anything anyway to push papers and curry favor at this point….and keep controversy alive…loonies from the Obama crowd have been actually getting violent with far less “inspiration.” Where’s the news about that?
    Fox will let Greta on with a good interview, but they have to ‘offset’ it somehow to negate it…

    Bullshit, the truth is the truth…and the Obamas have to live with their history. And Newsweek can shove it…they’re so into pushing Obama…all the media, including FOX, will push this sort of crap for the next 4 years as Obama escapes scrutiny…

    As for Socialist Jew….if you can’t hear complete sentences coming out of Gov. Palin’s mouth…then you are either deaf or delusional.

    Don’t worry, other readers…these people will go back into their little boxes if it so warrants….

  17. GG–LOL! I saw her peeling those franks and had the same reaction…maybe she was sending us all a message!!!

    LOVE IT!

  18. the interview was wonderful & since the Dem Party is rolling America off a cliff, I’m supporting her for POTUS 2012 starting today. i’m not waiting for all the previously misogynist pricks to endorse her.

    yo jew boy AKA Obama PLO terrorist,
    Sarah was too polite to clean her mfo RIFLE in front of the camera cause pussies like you would shite themselves. go back to your cave.
    i’m sending Sarah all my expert marksman medals as a Veterans Day present.
    so there!!

  19. Are Palin Democrats the new Reagan Democrats? In any case, the more I see of Gov. Palin, the more impressed I am. I noticed that Matt Lauer followed Greta van Susteren’s lead, and went to Alaska to interview her. Greta got moose chili, and Matt got salmon, and both were impressed. As for the idiot troll in the comments, I would rather see a real woman going about her life while having an on camera conversation than a media created candidate sitting in a big chair with his head thrown back so he can look down his nose.

  20. What is the matter Socialist Jew??? Multi-tasking too much for you? Women do it as a fact of life!

    My personal favorite of the whole first segment? When she calls out the bloggers in their PJ’s in their parent’s basements! I was rolling on the floor laughing!

  21. I saw her peeling those franks

    I missed that! Run, Tweety, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hi IA,
    Can you please get rid of some of these trolls?
    Socialist Jew just got to me more than captainkickstand ever did.

    (S)he sounds like someone I never want to know.

  23. Don’t worry, Leslie…As I said, they are back in the box…I just wanted to give you an idea of what’s out there….and deal withi that Telegraph story…

  24. The reason for the piling on being done as concerns Governor Palin, IMO, is twofold.
    1. They want to destroy her before 2012.
    2. They are trying to deflect our attention from their
    “ONE”, and all his faults.

    It will take a lot more than they can dish out before we will let them get away with trashing another woman.

    We will not close our eyes to the many transgressions that have been made, and will be made in the coming days, by Barack Obama. We will continue speaking the truth without fear of recrimination. This is still America, and until proven otherwise, I will speak my mind no matter whom it offends.

    Governoe Palin is not responsible for the crazies out there. There have always been, and always will be, malcontents in our society. The hatred fomented by the Obama campaign has just stirred them up more.

  25. So, join Team Sarah. Don’t stop being here, but do any and everything you can to push the idea of a no-holds-barred woman in the white house. I am an educatesd, always supported myself, very liberal woman. I was appalled by what happened this year, and I was quite impressed by Palin. I will continue to back her, much as I did Hillary, until Hillary caved to BO and the DNC. Only when we back women who will not be bought off, or pushed out, will we have a chance at parity. Unitl then, it will be the leavings, and I am tired of that.

  26. Good idea to think about, Warrior Princess!!! I’ve buzzed around the site…

  27. “I am an educatesd, always supported myself, very liberal woman. I was appalled by what happened this year, and I was quite impressed by Palin….”

    Yes, you really ARE a member of team Palin.

    “Don’t worry, other readers…these people will go back into their little boxes if it so warrants….”

    Or until you hit the “Moderate Comments” or “Delete” option – the typical refuge of today’s ‘brave’ blogger.
    Please, continue building your echo chamber of dissent.

    -Black Libertarian Socialist

  28. Good interview by Greta. It’s very appararent that the blogger boyz are intimidated by her though they desperately lust after her and the, for lack of a better term, feminist establishment, is irrationally jealous of her.

    In terms of the latter, I’ve never seen so many normally rational women get so unhinged about another women. Several times, I’ve had to simply give several people the “you’re talking crazy” look when they’ve gone off on crazed tirades about Palin. There is something about her that so threatens certain women sense of themselves that pathologically react to her in an over the top fashion.

    About that Secret Service article in the Telegraph, well, it’s nonsense. Notice that it doesn’t have a direct quote from the SS saying what the headline claims? Notice that it doesn’t point out that the “kill him” claim was investigated by the SS and was proved to be unfounded? Now there may have been an increase in death threats to Obama based on ERRONEOUS REPORTING of the media and the SS merely did it’s job but to try and spin that as the Telegraph does and say, “the SS blames Palin…blah…blah…blah” is garbage.

  29. Help! My last comment is in moderation. Thanks.

  30. Black Libertarian Socialist…it has nothing to do with being “brave”–it has to do with wanting our own space to talk and air ideas without being chastized by your ilk…who add NOTHING to the conversation, because you are afraid of anything said about your “messiah.”

    So, you are on notice….

  31. It has nothing to do with Hillary (who once defiantly said she didn’t bake cookies. And I saw that live and she was pretty in your face about it! And she was crucified for it…and now you want to crucify Palin for doing her thing??)

    No matter what a woman does, it’s wrong in the eyes of most people, men and women both.

    As for me, I thought it was cool that HRC didn’t bake cookies and was proud of it. There are a lot of women out there who’d like to hang up their oven mitts for good but can’t. I also think it’s cool that Palin can cook a meal and give an interview at the same time. There are a lot of women out there who prepare meals for their kids while also helping them with their homework or a million other things at the same time. Both of these things are what women do or don’t do and both are okay by me.

  32. “So the question I thought of was –Could BARACK OBAMA do that as smoothly and naturally?”

    the answer is….only if the cook and the nanny were taking care of the chores and the teleprompter were working.

  33. I thought it was great I have so much respect for Governor Sarah Palin & First Gentleman of Alaska Todd Palin, I thought Greta did a great job, cannot wait for the next installment, Michelle Obama comes off as fake and phony, like she is hiding something, she is stiff, and very distant, her husband comes off as egotistical and maniacal. Sad our media and the Obama campaign threw every sexist attack at this woman. She could never get a fare chance because she is a woman. Even in the end the belittle her. Her intelligence and down to earth nature impress me to no end.

  34. One last thing Madeline Albright said it best, there is a place reserved for women in hell who don’t support other women…

  35. Seriously? Holding a hot dog and talking energy policy simultaneously? That’s your idea of being qualified to be the President? Give me a break!

  36. Small Town Girl Doing Small Town Politics She needs To Say In her league.

  37. black jew libertarian socialist shit,
    nobody gives a ratz ass what damned color you are. PC IS NOW OFFICIALY OVER.
    like your boyfriend Ohhhhhhbaaaaaaaamaaaaa
    who uses his COLOR as an excuse for his cowardess.
    if you really were BLACK you wouldn’t be on this PUMA blog. you’d have a real affirmative action job with the Great OMasturbator himself.

    his woosie ass reminds me of that Dali painting.
    so many ways to do himself.

  38. raGing . . .

    Amen, sister.

  39. “Someone get Hillary some cooking lessons!”

    Yeah, and you can lend her your set of nutcrackers.

    Goodnight Johnboy.

  40. “Are Palin Democrats the new Reagan Democrats?”

    I say nooo waaay. Reagan, W, Obama, all puppets for the Powers-That-Be.

    We’re the “No more Manchurian Candidates Democrats.”

  41. rofl

    providing he has a set of nutcrackers

  42. raGing,

    Thanks.we needed that. Sometimes it is just more than you can take to deal with the trolls. How Palin and Hillary did it, I don’t know. I just wish that Hillary hadn’t caved at the end. We can’t know how much pressure she was under, but if we want to back a leader, it will have to be someone who doesn’t know the word, “quit”.

  43. sonrisa,

    Why bother? There’s nothing to crack!

    So seriously, trolls. What thrill do you get coming to a site that you obviously disagree with and annoying people that have no desire to listen to your crap? You add nothing to the conversation, and you’re obviously anti-American and advocating an illegal takeover of our government.

    Why the hell don’t you all just go to Africa if it’s so great? Why live in such a terrible nation as the US when you can go to the land of genocide, rape, mutilation, and being killed because you don’t agree with the people in charge? That’s your f-ing Nirvana, so JUST PACK UP AND GO ALREADY!

    We don’t want you here. Not on this website, not in this country. Socialism does not belong here, and neither do those who want to live under it.

  44. Grail Guardian, on November 11th, 2008 at 10:36 pm Said:

    So seriously, trolls. What thrill do you get coming to a site that you obviously disagree with and annoying people that have no desire to listen to your crap? You add nothing to the conversation…

    They remind me of small children who’ve been asked to go into the other room for a short time while the adults talk. Resentful and jealous that they’re not the center of attention for even a few minutes, they’re determined to make it impossible for the adults to carry on a conversation that doesn’t involve them by way of constant interruptions. I’ve seen children do this before and it’s identical to what trolls do here and other places. They should all be put to bed without dessert.

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