Testing…Do you like this design? Comments Welcomed…UPDATE…TEST OVER


After messing around with a couple of different WP themes, I’m back to this one for now…and have to redo some widgets!

Each of the others had limitations…the first one had way too much white space and all the pertinent sidebar info was down at the bottom..

The second one…I couldn’t even edit my own comments and I’m hearing some people had problems…

I can see why people go to fee-based blogs!

However, we’ll stay with this one for now!!

Luckily, one I replaced the Contributors widget, all the rest seemed to come back!  Saved me HOURS of time…But I AM looking for a new puma pic…and I’m going to try to play around with some little things….

Thanks for your patience…



I apologize for the delay in restoring some of the little do-dads….


I like the ability to keep multiple stories up and visible and shows the times……which may help with a new feature we’re going to try…..Is it “user friendly?” (Once you figure it out?) COMMENTS come at the very end, so scroll down past the white space to leave your thoughts on this!!  THANK YOU!!!! (I’ll be out for awhile, so it may take time to moderate.)

Let us know!!


24 Responses

  1. LOL, I opened your site and was all… whoa, where am I?!

    I like the idea of the multiple threads at once — one bad thing about the blog format is that sometimes threads die before they’re actually dead, but you just go to the one up top. However, I’m confused where the comments go and I’ll see where this ends up, heh.

    Maybe change all that bright white background? It’s a tad… whoa.

    Thanks for sticking around. There will be lots to stick around for!

  2. ia, by and large this is much better for me. Things aren’t so squished into narrow columns, especially the comments. But I miss the heading picture. Would it be possible to restore it to this format?

  3. Thanks for the input…I’m dying to see what the other DAMES think!
    I can’t put the masthead on this, nor change the background color…

    However, I could go back to the old format on Sundays for a treat…
    Still no firm decision yet…I have to tinker with a few more things to see how they would work with this design….

  4. The thing I dislike the most is the white space on short posts, but we rarely have short posts!! LOL!!!~

    COMMENTS—hit the Red comment bar at the end of the post box and go from there…

  5. The full width post appears with the comments which is nice….

  6. Don’t want to be a party pooper, but I’ve always hated this type of format. It’s much harder to read skinny columns than a regular blog format. And it’s much harder to go back and find something older that you want to reread.

  7. I really like this: “All comments are screened for appropriateness. Commenting is a privilege, not a right. Good comments will be cherished, bad comments will be deleted.”

    I am so tired of dealing with trolls and a$$hats. The only that I don’t care for is the bright white background. Other than that, I kinda like it. I agree with Alice that sometimes threads are buried before they are really dead.

  8. OK, how about this?
    No picture, and the colors are funky but pretty easy on the eyes. Can’t change the white background, though.
    BIG ADVANTAGE–the RECENT Section which keeps a lot of posts visible….

    I do like the “fun” feel of it, too….COMMENTS??

  9. Also like the bigger print…easier on the eyes…have to check a couple of things out, though…

  10. I like the little “new” tab…

    I’m able to split long posts…

    I’m sort of liking it…

  11. I don’t think I can edit my own posts….Sigh…
    But, oh well…..

  12. Old format was much better.

  13. Oh I like this one!

  14. kenoshaMarge ~
    What’s wrong with a$$hats?
    I found I couldn’t leave comments on the new format. (I don’t remember which one.) I also tried clicking on the comments on the right hand side and couldn’t access the comments either (it was a most colorful site.) But I really like this old format.

    The first “new” style was difficult on my eyes, and I needed to open the window to full size. That is most unhelpful when I ‘m here at work. (I can’t click on a different window when I need to work on something -or look like I’m working on something). Also, there is a time for change. And right now, I’m having enough difficulty trying to work out the “change that we’ve been waiting for”. I don’t feel I need to deal with any more changes than that. 😉

  15. ROFL! It’s funny to read the comments after the fact. I was out al afternoon, so I missed it!

  16. GRL,
    when the comment doesn’t disappear after submitting it, does that mean it’s in “moderation”?

  17. Hey leslie, you know what’s wrong with a$$hats? We keep electing them to office!

  18. Leslie, yes, I’m moderating and I have to release the posts….Sometimes it’s awhile if I’m out doing some real life errands!!!

    GRAIL–sorry you missed the show!! LOL,,,We had lots of white and black and columns like a newspaper, then we had green and blue…..No mountains on either one…

    The mountains are back!

  19. if you are looking for a mascot the jaguar on the car makes a great likeness of the puma.

  20. Thanks, Marian, for the tip!!!!

  21. GRL,

    Definitely keep the mountains – you never know when we might need to head to them…

  22. Hey Marge ~

    Unfortunately, you are correct. We (well maybe not we – but someone) keeps electing them.

    Plus they don’t make very good husbands. 😉

  23. IA-GRL

    Liked it for the most part, especially the more than one column thing, but too much scrolling. How about putting comments in another format? LiberalRapture has a pretty good one. It opens a separate window with the comments only.

  24. Fembots…I’m using the free WP, so I have very little control!
    The first one had WAY too much white space and scrolling with everything else at the bottom. The second one I tried had a funky comment thing going on…I couldn’t edit my own comments, for example…

    So, it’s back to this format….I tweaked it a bit, so it will have to do!!!

    As GG said earlier…we have to keep the mountains, because we may have to head toward them (as in heading for the hills)!!!

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