Unemployment in the U.S. Visualized in a Time-Lapse Map: More Grim Than Reading Numbers

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Stumbled across this tidbit below  in a thread over at ChrisMartenson.com.

It’s a time-lapse map of how unemployment has been growing across the nation from January 2007 until now.  Click on this link to play it in all its full-sized glory.  It’s a pretty amazing sequence…and pretty grim to see it unfolding,county by county and in living color before your very eyes.

U.S, Unemployment Map

U.S Unemployment Map

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(Note: The site seems to be timing out this morning [Thursday, 11/19/2009]…it must be getting lots of hits.

3:30 PM check….link is working fine, so problems linking are probably due to high traffic. If it happens, try again later. You won’t regret it!)

5 Responses

  1. Don’t worry folks, I heard Obama say that we’re in recovery now. But that jobs remain a problem.

    Perhaps he intends to talk jobs into existance since talking seems to be all he’s about. At some point in time even Obamacrats must start to wonder if the great orator isn’t just another blabbermouth. But I thought that a long time ago.

    I tend to look for deeds instead of listening to words. Pols will say anything to get votes. Then they don’t do much or do much of what they said they would do. In the real world that’s called lying. For pols it’s called flip-flopping, pols being pols or not keeping promises. Why is that?

    And how’s that great and mighty stimulus and it’s jobs doing other than some fudged numbers? Again, separate language for lying pols and the rest of the world.

    Wall Street may be in recovery.

    Main street is not.

    • Goldman Sachs is in recovery Marge, and who cares about the rest of us peons? Certainly not “our” Congress!

      Looks like there’s one county in the SW corner of North Dakota that’s held its own against unemployment. I’m betting the primary industry is agriculture of some sort…

  2. speaking of the stimulus….check out Uppity’s blog about how stimulus $ went to phony Comgressional districts

  3. Yep – right along with that recovery is going to be a “jobs bill” which is really stimulus 3.0 giving away our hard earned money to pork. This IS a concerted effort to drain every single penny from Americans and make them dependent.

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooo done with that.

  4. P.S. I’m going to link to this post.

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