China Solar Panel Maker (Who Already Has Installed a Solar Farm On a U.S. Military Base), Now Sets Up 1st U.S. Plant

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I just watched a BBC America show about the reticent Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, and over the last couple of days on NPR radio, the Stardate segments have been devoted to the anniversary of  the Apollo 12 mission when Pete Conrad (the third man to make that walk) and Alan Bean made a pinpoint landing of the lunar module to test  “precise landing techniques” that would be used in future missions.

"The Surveyor 3 spacecraft sits silently in a small lunar crater, with the Apollo 12 lunar module on the crater's rim in the background. Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean landed just a few hundred feet from Surveyor 3 in November 1969 to test the precise landing techniques that would be needed for future missions."

We can’t do solar panels here?


Early last week I posted this comment by Zachary Karabell, who appeared on CNBC (See: Larry Kudlow Has a Fit as Obama the “Declinist” Opens His Mouth in Japan; Says Obama is “Not His President”):

And he said that if we want China to continue to “hitch” themselves to us more, we’re not supposed to freak out if China wants to buy businesses HERE and not have a “knee-jerk xenophobic response.”

Well, here’s a story that will not make people happy, even though it may help us ultimately less dependent on foreign oil. Of course, we may become dependent on NEW environmental technology from foreign sources, but…

From Business Week (my bolding):

China Solar Panel Maker Sets First U.S. Plant

Suntech Power aims to boost its share of the U.S. market with a solar-panel manufacturing plant to be built in Arizona

China’s Suntech Power Holdings (STP) is no newcomer to the U.S. Last May, President Barack Obama toured the U.S.’s largest solar panel installation at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. There, row upon row of shiny black Suntech panels account for about a third of the 14-megawatt solar farm.

Suntech landed that project the same way it has raced to the top of the fast-growing global solar market: by focusing on price and scale. Now the world’s largest supplier of solar panels is boosting its stake in the U.S. market.

On Nov. 16 in Beijing, the company announced its first American manufacturing plant. The facility, to be located in the Phoenix area, will begin production by next October. “The U.S. market is on the cusp of greatness,” says Steven Chan, Americas president and chief strategy officer for Suntech. With the announcement, Suntech becomes the first major Chinese cleantech player to bring factory j obs to the U.S.

MMMM...wonder how many MORE major Chinese players will be arriving? And on U.S. military bases? (Of course, wasn’t there a flap over Bill Clinton selling military technology to China way back when?)

Now, there are some in Congress that are afraid our home-grown “green manufacturing jobs” won’t get a chance to get off the ground if this sort of thing happens on a regular basis. Sure, the Chinese are manufacturing here, but the factory jobs are THEIR creation, not jobs created by  a  home-grown company.

Obama’s visit to China focusing on collaboration in green technologies. Suntech’s move may soften criticism from U.S. lawmakers worried that low-cost factories in China will snare new green manufacturing jobs before they even have a chance to take root in the U.S. “[Suntech’s] decision to bring manufacturing here to the U.S. is a great sign of the increasingly important collaboration between Chinese and American leaders in the renewable-energy industry,” said Dan Kammen, a professor in the energy and resources group at the University of California at Berkeley, in a statement provided by Suntech.

Gee…that Berkley prof can’t write his own statement??

According to the article, most of the grants the U.S. issues for “cleantech” is winding up overseas:

Suntech’s investment comes as anxieties are rising in Washington over foreign domination of the U.S. cleantech space. In late October the announcement of a Chinese-U.S. consortium planning to build a wind park in Texas using imported Chinese turbines led to calls that federal subsidies should be pulled from the project.The same month, a report from the Investigative Reporting Workshop found that in the wind sector, where foreign manufacturers dominate the market, overseas companies have received 84% of more than $1 billion in federal clean-energy grants released since Sept. 1. The study did not focus on solar energy, but the majority of solar panels are also produced by European and Asian companies.

Texas?  Well, naturally…I’d bet that the George Bushes I & II are involved somehow, what with their long-time ties to China…Between them and their heir Barack Obama, things are proceeding very nicely…

In light of my previous post about growing U.S. unemployment, pardon me if I query: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??

(Well, we’re going to build electric cars with the Chinese, for one thing…)


Editor’s Note: I loved the space program and now live where Pete Conrad lived…and remember when this irrepressible spirit, who shouted “Whoopee” as he hopped around the moon’s surface, died in a motorcycle crash in California 10 years ago this past July (pictures on this memoria page). (He also rode 2 Gemini missions and Skylab I.)

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  2. Depressing. Yeah, In 2004 I bought some stock, Scottish Power. It was little bits of stuff, $10 here an $20 there. I bought it because they were then the effective owners of PP&L in the Northwest and because they had committed to a 20 year wind farm project in Montana. Then in 2007 Iberdrola bought Scottish Power and then I thought I don’t want to do this anymore, so I sold it.

    About the same time the Chinese bought I think it WAS Suntech, and I was pretty disgruntled because they were doing a lot of the research at that time. I figured then that we might have about a 50-50 chance at solar leadership. That plus the Iowa wind farm proposal from the oilman Obama was courting made me think this was never going to be a grassroots and local enterprize.

  3. […] here to see the original: China Solar Panel Maker (Who Already Has Installed a Solar Farm On … Bookmark It Hide Sites $$('div.d1978').each( function(e) { […]

  4. Dont buy those guides that promise you how to build soalr panels , just go to google and type DIY solar panels!!

  5. Thanks IA,

    This comes as no surprise to me. Much of the first TARP money went to China, and this giveaway of grants continues despite the objection of the American people.

    What about the jobs program Obama said was ready to roll? I believe he called it shovel ready. Why didn’t he invest this money in American building of solar panels? Because it doesn’t suit his plans, that’s why.

    Unemployment will continue to rise and Americans will continue to suffer as long as this usurper is in our White House. And the congress is still traveling down their yellow brick road with not a care about anyone but themselves.

    I quit ranting much because it was getting the best of me, but doggone if I didn’t feel better both mentally and physically when I did rant.

    • It’s not all HIS plans, Lee. This all started years ago…the Bushes have had close ties to China forever and we somehow got military tech to China during the Clinton years…

      Obama is just the latest step along the way…with Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson (Bush Treasury Sec.) and Bush’s decision to go TARP the immediate precursors….

  6. A rant is good for what ails ya Lee. Even if it doesn’t “cure” any of our problems is lets off enough steam to keep the top of your head from blowing off. Or at least it’s done that for me so far.

    What continues to amaze me is the why in all this. Why would our presidents want to bring down their own country? Simple greed? Ideology?

    Why would our representatives in our nation’s capital want to cripple our country and impoverish it’s people? Isn’t that killing the geese that laid the golden eggs? In their case is it ideology, greed or just plain stupidity? All 3?

    • Because that’s what he was paid to do. The folks behind his meteoric rise are hell-bent on the New World Order, and America is the last obstacle they face.

      So far, we haven’t been much of an obstacle. We’ve let them destroy our economy, shred our Constitution, export our jobs and tax dollars off shore, trample the entrepreneurial spirit, and sell our great grandchildren into indentured servitude. Now we’re allowing them to further enslave us by making a mockery of health care, and we’re dangerously close to allowing them to seize our arms.

      Lee and Marge – don’t let that fire in your belly die! It’s our only hope to save this Republic!

  7. Agree with everything you say GG. Assure you, fire in belly alive and well and damn well about to stay that way.

    Some people may be able to be complacent about allowing our corrupt government to trample us and our rights into the ground so long as someone takes care of them. I don’t fall into that category. I don’t believe most Americans do either once they understand what’s happening. All ready, many do. Among those would be the “Tea Party” folks that so many like to denigrate as right-wing loonies instead of angry and concerned citizens.

    Only the lazy, the greedy, and those stupid enough to believe a word that comes out of a politicians mouth will fall quietly in line. The rest of us may ultimately be forced to “go” but it sure as hell won’t be quietly! JMO

    • Except half the Tea Party people also really don’t get it if they think voting for Republicans will be the solution! The Repug/Demothugs are one in the same these days!!!

      We just swing back and forth without moving forward very much….and there are always the Catholic bishops who have to get the pols ear at every possible moment….Aren’t you damned sick and tired of women’s bodies always being the bargaining chip with both the Repugs and now the Demothugs???????

  8. With nasty Nancy at the helm women have little or no consideration in this congress. This “reform” bill just pushes us lower on the totem pole. The only reform that is going to aid us is to vote them all out, as Grail says so often. Seems the only sensible thing to do, and I’m going to volunteer to help campaign for an outsider come 2010, if one comes along with a little guts.

    Dems or repugs, they’re all alike. Once they’ve fed at the trough they’re all for self.

    • Lee, re: they’re all alike…I’m watching a story in NJ about gov-elect Christie….so typical of Repugs. Go for the gays and the hungry first…
      That’s the problem….the Republicans will build on the Bush-Obama trend and we’ll get screwed even more!!

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