Saturday Sanity: The Antidote to the Madness (March 14, 2009) (Lost Dog; Budding; Pruned Grapes; A Robin Visits; Clouds Around Town; Biker Chic) Pics!

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Last week a little chihuahua from across the street was roaming and I picked him and returned him a couple of times. Then, he disappeared and it seems that the owner is happy to get rid of him; she prefers the large Rottie she inherited from her son.  This angered me a great deal, to say the least, because if I had known I wouldn’t  have returned him to her.  Last Thursday and Friday neighbors told me that they had probably seen Mario about a block away.  I’ve been walking in that direction with my dogs but haven’t seen him.  I decided to put out some food and water just in case a few days ago.  This morning the water dish was pushed off the big rock were I had put it and the food looked disturbed. I thought it might be the birds.  Then, just a few moments ago when I was taking Slick out for his last short walk before bed, I saw that the food was gone (except for one kibbie) and the water was almost gone and the bowl was lopsided again!

I don’t know who’s visiting, but I’m hoping it’s Mario. I’ve talked to the neighbor across the street who just lost a dog and he said he might consider taking Mario if I find him, depending how he gets along with kids.  These folks already have an old boxer named Sugar who has met Mario with no problem. Mario, used to big dogs,  has just strolled through the gate on one of his jaunts.

So, I’ve moved the bowls to be in the range of the cam. I bought the cam to try to spot another dog (to no avail) so we’ll see what happens this time!


I’ve been following the little flowers near the adjacent driveway for the last couple of weeks.  A couple of the original blooms have died, but…Now there are 7!!!  From 3, to 4, to 7 and still going strong!

Now there are 7!!

Now there are 7!!

In the backyard there’s a lot of budding and flowering going on and today I saw the first flower on one of the sage plants!


This week I finally pruned the main grape vine. This vine yielded about 25 bunches of “Flame” grapes last year…

Flame Grape after Pruning

Flame Grape after Pruning

We don’t really have robins that stay for too long up here at about 4500 feet although we have a pair or two that seem stay for part of the winter. They seem to stay down in the valley but up here they pass through in late January on the way north.  I happened to catch this bird up in the tree in the arroyo behind our house a couple of days ago, but I think he/she was just passing through.

A Robin is a big deal here...

A Robin is a big deal here...

Today I was out doing errands and wound up at the Mesilla Valley Mall.  Since I had my new camera handy, I decided to take a few pics.  When I first moved here about 10 years ago, I remember feeling constant awe every time I came out of the grocery story and saw the Organ Mountains looming beyond the parking lot.  I’m still amazed!  And yesterday the clouds were rolling in.  One thing I’ve noticed is that at a mile high, you see the SIDES of clouds, not just the bottoms, like in Jersey. It’s another thing that often amazes me even after all this time…

Here’s a view from the back of the mall looking out toward the west…That’s Picacho Peak, the remnant of an old volcano…

Looking West

Looking West

A closer look at Picacho Peak…2009_03131stsagecloudsmall00102

JC Penney and the Organ Mountains…


As I went home I caught this biker in front of me at a traffic light…she went into my development so she must be a neighbor!  Wonder who she is??  Look at that helmet with the pigtails attached!


Finally, I got home and checked out how the clouds were looking from the backyard…


This weekend I have to get the garden planted and set up the plastic covers again.  The temperatures still go down into the 30’s sometimes although the days are lovely. This is typical and soon the spring winds will really start, so the plants have to be protected so they don’t get battered and dry out…

Even though those clouds look ready to burst, usually they don’t give us any rain…just great excuses to take pictures!

12 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great pictures GRL. As always, the Saturday Sanity is a welcome respite in your beautiful little corner of the world.

    I hope you are able to find Mario again. It breaks my heart when people abandon animals like that. I cannot believe your neighbor wouldn’t discuss the situation with you one of the times you brought him back. It must have been obvious that you would be willing to help. Perhaps some other kind neighbor has observed the situation and took Mario in.

  2. Great pictures, IA. Saturday Sanity was truly needed this week. With all the news that was unpleasant, but not unexpected, your pictures bring a pleasant respite.

    I, too, hope you find the little dog. For those of us who love animals, this cavalier treatment of one by this owner is mindboggling. This is one of God’s creatures as much as we are, and to just throw him to the cruelty of the streets is more than I can fathom.

    Many people I was surprised to find, just leave their animals behind if they have to make a move. I can’t understand this. Our animals were always considered a part of the family and if we had to make a move they went with us. I can’t imagine driving away and leaving a poor animal behind.

    Your kindness to animals is to be admired and I sure hope Mario turns up safe and sound.

  3. Love our Saturday Sanity. The pictures of the flowers, while admittedly causing envy are wonderful.

    The mountain pictures are wonderful too. I always felt such serenity when looking at them.

  4. Oh, the flowers! The biker ! The mountains!
    I’m smiling as I write. 🙂

    I completely agree with everyone above. The Saturday Sanity is just what I needed after all the exhausting work/news of this past week.

    I hope Mario shows up again and your family grows a little bit larger. You are such a kind person, IA.

  5. I also enjoy the pictures. Question about the grape vines: do you have snails?

  6. thank you for the beautiful pictures.I.A. being a Chihuahua lover i wish the best for him..

  7. Another question about the grapevines. Could you post some tips on how to prune them for the best yeild? I haven’t a clue.

    • You can find the info fairly easily, but it can get confusing. Basically for vinifera grapes (wine grapes) you can do a very simple head with spurs coming out which you prune back to about 2-3 buds. Look up “weeping grape” pruning and you’ll find it. It’s the head and spur method.

      For grapes like Thompson and regular Concords grapes which are long-vine grapes, you have to prune back to about 10 buds.

      My Flame is a vinifera, but I modified the pruning into sort of a cordon method of pruning because I had the trellis and wanted the privacy.

      The key thing is really whether you have a long vine which needs more buds left on it after pruning or the other type of grapes which leave a smaller number of buds.

      Most states have horticulture publications that are standard…you’ll see the same articles from most states on most plants. So it doesn’t matter which you use…And they do have one on grapes…

  8. Thank you for looking after Mario. I hope he is safe.


  9. Nice photos IA, wanted to see where you were with those beautiful mountains in the background. Anywhere near Las Cruces? Made me think of Carlton Blanchard (Wings).

    Are your grapes for eating, juice or wine?

  10. You got it…they’re the Organ Mountain up there on the masthead and yes, I see them from LC…

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