Monkeys With Potatoes–Revisited

Have we been washing rotten potatoes???

*Author’s Note: Written early in the Bush Adminstration, this piece hopes that the truth about Bush would eventually move through the country…Eventually, this did come to pass. Ironically, the “paradigm shift” described as questioning the Washington establisment really has NOT come to pass. Witness the candidates left standing for 2008, on both sides. Obama, of course, has passed himself off as the great agent of change…but, the truth is, it’s just an image. So, the guarded optimism of this essay has been withering lately. It’s with bittersweet feelings that I repost this piece. Maybe, someday, there will truly be a “paradigm shift.” Maybe someday a new generation won’t fall for the same tricks again! Maybe someday they won’ t be so eager to want “a bargainer” rather than “a fighter.” Was John Edwards really too “angry” for younger voters?? If so, it’s really too bad. I guess some of us “old” voters are the ones who remember how far this country and the Democratic Party have sunk….