Under Construction

This site will be evolving as I transfer material from my old site to this one! I will also be creating new versions of the World Media Watch and World Energy Watch. I will also do some political blogging as I get the urge to do so! Much of the older material will be archives of commentaries I wrote for Buzzflash before that site changed its orientation during the Democratic primary season. These older commentaries reflect the time when progressives were united against the Bush Administration instead of being in the present state of chaos …

This will all take place gradually as I find the time in between taking care of my 3 dogs, doing my gardening, and practicing my Tai Chi Chih!

You’ll probably be hearing more about these interests as I go along…and, of course, I’ll want to hear about your dogs, gardens, and various practices like Qigong and the various meditative practices as well!

Til Later,