The Past Week: January 4-January 10, 2009 (Donor Fatigue among Obamacrats; Wes Clark; Ms. Magazine–Total Sellout; Tess; Street Numbers Man; “Grounding” with Harvesting; Betta Fish Drama)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

It’s  just over a week before the Obama juggernaut is officially in office. I’m trying to put it out of my mind. Every morning my mother comes into the kitchen fresh from listening to the radio. She’s armed with the latest news.  I usually know about it, but the little report from my “mother-who-doesn’t-like-Bush-anymore-but-still-defends-him” always manages to get me bugged. And no matter how many times I tell her I don’t want to hear it, I wind up hearing it because she thinks it’s a delightful game to taunt me about the demise of the Democratic Party…the REAL Democratic Party.


Chicago Correspondent Leslie sent this along…the SHOCKING NEWS that Obama has actually sent out an email message WITHOUT asking for money!

The LA Times “Top of the Ticket” blog snarks:

Breaking: Obama sends national e-mail with NO plea for money!

This is no Friday joke.

Word has just been received at The Ticket that President-elect Barack Obama sent out an actual e-mail today without asking for more money from tired donors. No, really.

The N.Y. Times’ Katharine Seelye recently reported growing donor fatigue among eager and happy Obamaites to whom it has occurred that they’ve already given nearly $1 billion to buy all this change to believe in, even many long weeks after the ex-freshman senator won the White House already.

See the rest of the story on the $$ that Obama has raked in, including post-election,  as well as details on the email that was sent out in praise of “ideal leader” Tim Kaine after he was named part-time DNC head–without any begging for cash.  Bush also appointed a part-time party chair because he had Karl Rove hanging around in the White House.  Obama is following the same pattern, but we’ve got David Axelrod pulling the puppet strings now.  Big change, huh?

Anyway, doesn’t this pair inspire you??

Obama & Kaine, Perfect Together

Obama & Kaine, Perfect Together

As for Kaine, I recall how often he campaigned in Virginia to get Kaine elected governor of Virginia and how I already had misgivings about Kaine  (I was separating myself from Clark by then.)  By the way, what’s Clark up to now?


Well, after campaigning for Obama he made appearances on the Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz shows in late November. More recently, he wrote a column for the Washington Post entitled “Taking Command”  [12/21/2008] discussing how Democrats and the military can get along. His message concludes:

We have a president-elect who has set out a pragmatic, nonpartisan, visionary course. It’s time to lay to rest the old stereotypes about feckless, pacifist Democrats and authoritarian, war-mongering soldiers. If there were ever a time to get the relationship between Democrats and the military right, this is it.

Clark brownies up everyone in sight and now he’s following Obama and embracing “nonpartisanship” and Obama’s VISION.  Clark mentions “authoritarian soldiers”–I guess he doesn’t see that characteristic in his new “leader”?? To think I once actually worked for his campaign for President…


Recently, we’ve posted quite a few entries about women and the treatment we receive, so Ms. Magazine’s cover on their “Inaugural Issue” really turned our stomachs.  Heidi Li broke the news on Friday.  Go over to her site read her story, but I’m posting  the cover art here just to give you an idea of why she (and we) are so aghast!  The hits just keep coming…Honest to Goddess, are these people NUTS???

Delusion or Dementia??

Delusion or Dementia??


Tonight (1/11) is the concluding segment of the BBC production of  Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the D’ubervilles” (link takes you to the BBC site).  Part 1 was SO DEPRESSING, especially in light of what women have put up with this year.  I almost can’t bear to watch Part 2.  Let me tell you, we’re heading back to Tess’ world at the rate we’re going…


UPDATE on The Man Who Paints Street Numbers…(Final Installment in Our “Season of the Heart” Series) (1/1/09)

I emailed the story and link to the local “Life” reporter on Monday 1/5 as planned…but still, no response!!!  Fingers still crossed …


Enough news, it’s onto more important things like gardens and betta fish!  Seriously, without the plants and the dogs and fish, I think I’d go nuts myself.  There’s nothing more “grounding” than harvesting fresh broccoli, feeding the birds, and loving the family fauna.

The pak choi was eaten last week and I’ve got to plant something else one of these days. Today I had delicious collards and harvested a second batch of  broccoli. Tomorrow it will be steamed, then sauteed with garlic and olive oil and served with pasta.  Oh, that’s SUBLIME!   The mustard is still going strong after multiple cuttings…nothing better than steamed mustard drizzled with olive oil, topping a sweet potato pizza crust that’s been baked with olive oil and garlic.  Amazing!

Betta Drama

The betta looked sickly a few days ago and I did tons of research. Bought a Master Kit for testing the water and did a few partial water changes and he’s looking 100% better.  There’s a lot of conflicting info out there on bettas, tanks and how to keep them clean…the stumbling block for me was the issue of cycling the tank (mine is probably too small to do it correctly) versus just changing the water the old-fashioned way. I’ve mastered the vacuum so today the partial change I did took only about 15 minutes.   I’m doing several until the ammonia levels reach “O”  and then will clean the tank the old-fashioned way and forget about cycling.   The cam is back on betta (still haven’t named him!) since he is back to acting like a happy fish, so he’ll be featured during the evenings.  The camera angle catches the doorway and you might catch the dogs wandering in an out, too!


*By American Lassie

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14 Responses

  1. On your question about the cover of MS, “Are these people NUTS”, I believe the answer is yes. Like a bunch of adolescents in search of a hero they have zeroed in on a phony to play the part. He has just enough melanin to enable them to feel smug about how “liberal” and anti-racist they are. He makes sweeping and meaningless statements that “inspire” them. And having proclaimed their adoration for this Fantasy-Super-Hero they must now cling to their fantasy or look the fool. Of course they look like fools anyway.

    Some return to reality would be nice but don’t expect it anytime soon. In the meantime we are stuck with publications that pretend to promote women’s issues. “Lil MS” is more of a 2009 “Teen Beat” than a woman’s magazine.

    Girls gush over their latest “Star”. Women don’t. Not real women who have finished the growing process. Even if they did they sure as hell wouldn’t gush over a misogynist, corrupt, Chicago politician with delusions of grandeur!

    Keep the barf bags handy ladies, I believe they will be needed often.

  2. Are you talking about the man who would be Lincoln? The family visited the Lincoln Memorial…to see what obama used to look like. What a joke this whole nightmare is.

  3. GRL,

    It’s funny you should still be struggling with political differences with your Mom. My parents are both Republicans, and this year we’ve gotten along swimmingly on that front! I guess they’re just happy that we agree Obama is a danger to the country and Sarah Palin is part of it’s future.

    I also know little about Tim Kaine, but what I’ve seen has not impressed me significantly. Being picked by Obama for anything to do with the DNC pretty much nixes him in my book, but I’ll be watching him…

    I e-mailed you a couple of excellent satires of the Ms. cover (shamelessly stolen from Deadenders and FreeUsNow) that show a more appropriate version of the “artwork”. Please feel free to share them!

    I give you credit for watching “Tess of the D’ubervilles”. When I was in college I had to review the absolutely maudlin and painful Roman Polanski movie Tess (starred Nastassia Kinsky) for the school radio station, and it almost put me off of movies for good! I’d definitely never watch another production of it, even if I knew it was going to be better!

    I still have my fingers crossed for Leon’s story getting published. If he lived here, he could definitely make a living shoveling snow! We got another half a foot or so (like we needed it), and I have definitely had my fill for the season, no matter how pretty it looks from inside…

  4. I can’t stay…. I need to link you all to TC In response to the Ms(ogyny) Magazine outrageous insult, Madamab has written one of her best ever posts.

  5. Excellent idea courtesy of Chez Madame: nominate the Ms. cover for the NOW Hall of Shame awards!

  6. Kaine is a smarmy misogynistic piece of garbage that should be in a land fill. IMO he will be just as bad (if not worse) than Dean. He and Obama make a good pair. Throw in Donna Brazile, and you have a DNC that will sicken any true Democrats that remain in that so-called New Democratic Party.

    Now excuse me while I go barf.

  7. Lee,

    You miss the irony in the situation. There has been much talk since November that Donna Brazile would be appointed DNC Chair. Obama managed to insult both her and Dean in the same fell swoop! Not that I’m thrilled about Kaine, but ya gotta enjoy what ya can!

  8. he thinks he is superman.??????

  9. Grail,

    Thanks for pointing that out to me. Sheesh, I’m getting thick headed in my old age.

    You’re right, Donna thought the chair was hers. Just as Kerry thought SOS was his.

    My oh my, it sure is getting crowded under that bus.

  10. I don’t know who thinks BO is Superman, but I know he ain’t no Christopher Reeve, and he ain’t no feminist.

    Ms(ogyny) Mag (I don’t know where I saw that – it isn’t mine) is full of themselves and other stuff, if they’re portraying TehOne as either.

    lee M, need some gingerale to settle your tummy?

  11. I personally think that all these covers and all the controversy going on right now is to keep your eyes off the ball…IA you know what I mean.

    I found a link for you ladies about what to do with all your wealth to protect it in the coming weeks and months.

    IA – do it soon…looking like 2/09 is the date. Swiss banks are out of the picture – they have rolled over for our government and are now closing all american held offshore accounts. I will keep you updated as more info comes in.

  12. Diamond Tiger…..Thanks will check this out!!

  13. My own reaction to the Ms. cover was one of betrayal. The kind of betrayal that happens when a mother meets a shiny new boyfriend, and turns a blind eye to what he is doing with her daughters while she is away.

    Ms. Mag was a mother to me in the 80’s. Boy, has she ever come a long way, baby! Now she wants me to believe that I, as her daughter, need a Superman to save me? And that I should “just keep quiet honey” about what he did to all my sisters during the campaign season.

    I’m sure, for many women, this is deja vu.

    Letty Cotin-Pogrebin would be outraged, I suppose. But… no matter… cuz Gloria Steinem has the Oba-media running her editorial board now.

  14. […] The Past Week: January 4-January 10, 2009 (Donor Fatigue among … […]

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