The Scanner-Politics 2/9/2009 (Future Palin “Problem”; Tracking What They’re Doing in D.C.; Useful Healthcare Info for Escaping the Grip of Mainstream Medicine [Re: Cancer and Degenerative Diseases])

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It’s been a sad week here for us at IA, but, hopefully, some readers can find help in Grail Guardian’s healthcare research and some additional information that I will be adding (see below). But first in a bit of political news that you can file away and remember maybe 3 or 4 years from now.

You can bet that this will be trotted out if Sarah Palin runs again for national office.  The information about how the Obama machine went up to Alaska with something like 30 lawyers to “investigate” Palin and was joined in the attack by GOPers who wanted to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit will be completely forgotten.  As will the strange decision that there would be “no punishment.”  Gee, must have been a very situation indeed…

Alaska Senate: Palin’s husband, staff in contempt

JUNEAU, Alaska — The Alaska Senate on Friday found Gov. Sarah Palin’s husband and nine state employees, including some of her top aides, in contempt for ignoring subpoenas to testify in the Legislature’s Troopergate investigation.

The Senate said it would seek no punishment for the witnesses’ failure to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee last fall in an investigation into the governor’s firing of her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan.

via National News – Alaska Senate: Palin’s husband, staff in contempt.


Now, onto information that might really help a few people…

First, I found some extremely useful sites which will help keep an eye on what’s going on with Congress and Obama’s  big plans.  By the way, today in the Albuquerque Journal I saw a large ad inviting particpants in a meeting about “neighborhood stabilization,” the first step in the big money dump into “community” action which is aimed to secure the love of the affected segment of the electorate for Obama in 2012. — A civic project  to track Congress.  ” This site is non-commercial, non-partisan and is a community & open source project.” This site is EXTREMELY easy to use. It’s wonderful!!!

The Library of Congress’ Thomas. This link goes directly to the Advanced Bill Summary and Status Search for the 110th Congress. You can search by members, committees, and stages of bills in the House and the Senate.  It is very technical and takes awhile to get the hang of.


With the uproar over the possible nomination of Former Governor Phil Breseden at HHS, it makes sense to collect some useful health information together in this post.

First, I’ll recap the links from Grail Guardian’s piece about her late mother, Marlene C. Utz.

Alternative therapies:

South American herb Graviola

Japanese mushroom therapy (Shiitake and Maitake mushroom extracts)


Heat treatments performed in Germany and Andrew Scholberg’s book at

How to Fight Cancer and Win — William L. Fischer

Deadly Cancer Myths-and the Truth that Will Save Your Life–Dr. William Campbell Douglass (also publishes The Douglass Report)

Dr. Dana Flavin, The Foundation Collaborative Medicine & Research

Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA). University of Alberta researchers Drs. Stephen Archer and Evangelos Michelakis

The DCA Site

Medicor Cancer Centres, Canada (Canada’s first integrated private cancer treatment clinic)

Links for additional information on integrative/alternative treatments by GRL

We are fortunate to have here in Las Cruces, NM one of the leading researchers of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Burt Berkson, M.D., M.S.,  PhD. who practices at the Integrative Medical Center of NM.

An important essay on ALA by Dr. Berkson from The Townsend Letter, The Examiner of Alternative Medicine which details what ALA does and also offers a brief biography of Dr. Berkson and some of his experiences while training/working in “mainstream medicine.”  Detail his work in triple antioxidant therapy for the liver including ALA, silymarin and selenium.

Link to recent Berkson video from the Fourth Annual LDN Conference, from October 11, 2008 describing his work with LDN.

More from conference…..scroll down for audio, slides, video

Info on the conference and research:

Other mentions:

“Dr. Burt Berkson from New Mexico is using LDN for various cancers and autoimmune diseases. His work on lymphoma has been published in the medical journal Integrative Cancer Therapeutics September 2007.

What Dr. Berkson writes next sheds, for me, a very sad light on our medical system: “Not surprisingly, the hospital administration was furious with me and branded me as a doctor who could not follow orders, a person who was not a good team player.”

Soon after this, Dr. Berkson, whom I will be interviewing for HonestMedicine, left the practice of hospital-based medicine. He is now happily in private practice, saving lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Over the years, he has saved many patients from needing liver transplants – which he suspects may be one reason the medical establishment is not enthusiastic about his use of alpha lipoic acid. Transplants, he pointed out to me in a recent phone conversation, are a huge business in many US hospitals.

You may also search for Berkson, B.M.; Lipoic, Burt Berkson; Lymphoma, Berkson; Naltrexone, Lupus; Naltrexone, Cancer.

Also, check out the reviews of Berkson’s books, including

Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough: The Superb Antioxidant That May Slow Aging, Repair Liver Damage, and Reduce the Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes (Paperback)

by Burt Berkson (Author) “Alpha lipoic acid, in my opinion, is an indispensable ally in our attempt to keep ourselves healthy in a world whose stresses and pollutants work…”


There is also a stem cell clinic just over the border in Juarez that I have researched extensively. If there is interest, I will post the information in a response to this post.


NOTE: THE HEALTH LINKS ABOVE WILL BE PERMANENTLY ARCHIVED in a separate post in the LIFE section of this blog.