REGROUPING: The Morning After the Day Before (A Joint Post with kenosha Marge & American Lassie (GG Will Be Posting Separately) (UPDATED 2X)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

As I  write this it’s 6 pm Mountain Time.  I was out this afternoon for an appointment at the heart doctor with my mother. Miraculously, we didn’t have to wait 6 hours; we were out in about 2!  Wouldn’t you know it, I got  home and put on RETRO and “The Manchurian Candidate” was just ending.  Rudy Giuliani had left a very late phone message on my answering machine.  I had gotten a call in the early afternoon from John McCain himself and yesterday I had received two call from the McCain campaign and one from the NM GOP. The Obamacrats had left a doorknob hanger on my gate while we were gone. That Black Panthers business in Philly has ticked me off.

I noticed when I took my dogs out at 5:30 for their walk that sometime during the day, someone ate the dog food I had left by the wall.  We don’t have many dogwalkers around here, so I’m hoping it’s the little stray. Perhaps we’re going to get another “November miracle” again this year!  (See yesterday’s post, Today, A Stress-Free Post! What Could Be Better Than a TRUE Story About a November MIRACLE DOG!! (With Pics) .

Now, as I write this, I don’t know a thing about the election. I’ve been avoiding all contact all day, except for brief interludes of Rush and Sean. My new friends?  Amazing, isn’t it??

And frankly, I may not know until tomorrow. I’m exhausted. I need to go to bed!  The stress has really gotten to me! I’ve been eating TUMS like candy and I NEVER need to take TUMS!

That being said, I have already composed my thoughts on the future.  It’s going to be a time of regrouping. However, there are certain truisms that apply, no matter what the outcome. They are:

1) No matter who wins, we all have to go into “hawk mode,” as in WATCHING LIKE A HAWK.

2) Not being a Republican, that means watching McCain like a hawk on “our issues.”

3) Not being an Obama supporter, that means the same thing.  He doesn’t get off the hook because of the “D” after his name.  We’ve been on him this long, we can’t let him get off easy if he takes control.

4) Not being a Democrat anymore…well, I want to be able to support SOME party! Which means we have to not only WATCH the Democratic officeholders and Party, we have to start making noise to try to get them back to being a party we all can recognize. That means keeping up a strong PUMA movement!  I heard callers on the Rush and Sean shows that sounded like PUMAs to me…and it was good to hear them!

5) And finally, the subject of Hillary Clinton. Lady Lynn Rothschild was on Greta last night (Monday) and she was quite blunt about Hillary Clinton. Friend or no, she said Hillary should be thinking about how she is going to explain why she decided to work so hard for Obama. Those are not my words, those are Rothschild’s.  She even brought up how Ted Kennedy didn’t support Carter  in 1980 on principle. (Maybe it wasn’t just principle, but that’s not the issue now.)  Rothschild clearly felt that Kennedy’s refusal showed a lot more guts, for whatever reason he did it, than what Hillary Clinton displayed.  I’m on the same page with Lynn Rothschild on this one.

Now I can’t speak at the moment for anyone else who blogs here. However, kenosha Marge sent me her thoughts on both possible outcomes of the election.  I’m just going to post both of her little essays regardless of whether I actually find out who won tonight.  She writes so well and I just enjoy reading her!!

Grail Guardian and American Lassie may have something cooking and if they send along their thoughts, they will be posted.  But for now, this “PUMA Dame” is going to the kitchen to make dinner and then I may sit through the Western on TMC.  I never watch Westerns, but I’m in the mood for a simple morality play tonight without any modern-day contraptions making noise.  I’m into horses, dust, and ladies in fancy hats tonight. Ironically, the movie is called “Decisoin at Sundown.”   I guess I can’t TOTALLY escape what’s going on even while watching a 1957 movie!

Now, onto kenosha Marge…

The Morning After the Day Before

~~By kenosha Marge

McCain/Palin wins:

I knew that no matter how the election ended I would still be angry. I knew I would be angry because I don’t like being lied to, bullied or treated in a condescending manner.

I watched this election cycle in dismay. I ended up voting Republican for the first time in my life. I believe with all my heart that the Democratic Party is corrupt and they will never have my loyalty or my support again . I will vote for and support certain Democratic candidates but not the Democratic Party. Ever!

There is one villain that has emerged that should be hated by all people that care about democracy. That villain is the media.

If you think a biased media is fine as long as they are biased in favor of your beliefs, your candidate and your party, congratulations you are a partisan and not a patriot.

If you think misogyny is wrong when it is used against a liberal woman but fine when it is used against a conservative woman, congratulations you’re a partisan not a feminist. Misogyny is wrong. Period.

If you believe that a biased, misogynistic media is what we should have in this country, congratulations you are a part of the problem that women who fight for equality must face. You are not liberal and you are not a feminist. You are one of those Fauxgressives or one of those Liberal Women that believe only liberal women can be called feminists.

I find satisfaction in knowing that in spite of the shenanigans from the Democratic Party and the corrupt bias of the media that John McCain will be our next president. I find satisfaction in that because I respect John McCain and like and respect Sarah Palin. I believe him to be a man of honor who will do the best he can for the country he loves and I believe that she will be a fresh breeze in Washington D.C.

I also believe that the media will continue to savage her. But since they have no longer have any credibility the only people who will pay any attention to them will be women-hating men and the self-hating women who all ready hate her. No surprise in any of that.

I believe that John McCain loves his country and will be an honorable president. I believe that Sarah Palin’s incredible energy will be put to good use. I wish them luck and I wish them well.

The Morning After the Day Before

Obama wins:

I knew that no matter how the election ended I would still be angry. I knew I would be angry because I don’t like being lied to, bullied or treated in a condescending manner.

I watched this election cycle in dismay. I ended up voting Republican for the first time in my life. I believe with all my heart that the Democratic Party is corrupt and they will never have my loyalty or my support again. I will vote for and support certain Democratic candidates but not the Democratic Party.

There is one villain that has emerged that should be hated by all people that care about democracy. That villain is the media.

If you think a biased media is fine as long as they are biased in favor of your beliefs, your candidate and your party, congratulations you are a partisan and not a patriot.

If you think misogyny is wrong when it is used against a liberal woman but fine when it is used against a conservative woman, congratulations you’re a partisan not a feminist. Misogyny is wrong. Period.

If you believe that a biased, misogynistic media is what we should have in this country, congratulations you are a part of the problem that women who fight for equality must face. You are not liberal and you are not a feminist. You are one of those Fauxgressives or one of those Liberal Women that believe only liberal women can be called feminists.

For 8 long years I have often said, “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for that clown. Now I have at least 4 years to look forward to saying the same.

I can also look forward once again to not believing one word that comes out of the President’s mouth. I can look forward to changing channels the minute the President or the Vice-President appear. I will not listen to nor believe the State of the Union speeches.

I will not wish him/them well. I don’t like cheats and crooks. I don’t support cheats and crooks. I don’t want my country represented by cheats and crooks.

I will how ever look forward to saying, “I told you so”, every time some Obamacrat voices disappointment. I did tell them so, over and over again. That will be about the only satisfaction I will get out of seeing Obama in the White House. Otherwise just one more presidential term where some putz in the Oval Office doesn’t speak for me and doesn’t represent me. You would think I would be used to it by now. You would think we all would be used to it by now.


Well, nothing is going to change for me…it’s like the continuation of Bush…I won’t listen to one word coming out of the FRAUD’s mouth in the future.  But we will open OURS…



~~By American Lassie who rose off her sick-bed to email me this before the election was called….

Right now I’m brain dead.  I agree about “hawks”. No matter who gets elected tonight they need to be kept under close scrutiny.  If it’s Obama we will be worried about our liberty, our privacy and our safety.  The Farrakhan troops showing up at polling places in Philly scares me to death.  If they are this brazen now God help us if he wins.  I don’t agree with all of John McCain’s policies but he is our only salvation right now.  I fear for our country on so many levels tonight.  I feel the world is watching our election to see if we are going to be fair game for our enemies to move in while so many people are divided.  Call me “Cassandra” but I am frightened.  I don’t know what else to say at this point.  One of the main things we need to work on as soon as possible is to solidify our base.  If we can’t clean up the Democratic Party I don’t want any part of it.  Third parties don’t seem to be too viable.  I wonder how many people feel the way I do?  Like I’m lost in space without a tether.  This transition period is going to be difficult whether it is McCain or Obama.   There is all that bail-out money out there, and it doesn’t seem to be going where it should.  There is also the indecision as to whether to bail out the auto industry, and Pelosi wants another large booster, refund, or whatever she calls it.  We are already so in debt to China and the deficit just keeps growing.  This is one thing you could mention – our huge deficit and our foreign debt.  And while I think we are expected, as human beings, to be compassionate towards those less fortunate, Mr. “Spread The Wealth” is going to bankrupt us all with his tax policies.  I am just an average American getting by like so many others who find that there is less and less disposable income in my pocket each month that I wonder if there is any light at the end of this tunnel. The energy costs have risen so that by the time you heat your home and pay your taxes the average family is lucky to have anything left over to put food on the table.  And he wants to bankrupt the coal companies which would make our energy costs that much higher.  Forgive me for running on this way.  I think my medication has taken over what little brain I had left.  After the results are in tonight and we know which way we are going maybe I will be a little less anxious.  That is, if it is settled tonight.  If it is a close tally we are in for a fight. (Or a takeover).


We may slow down on our posting over the next couple of days as the dust settles and we catch our wind.  As of now, we have no plans to retire gracefully.

Celebrating 100,000 Hits with the PUMA Dames at InsightAnalytical! (Featuring Dog Testimonials and Recipes for Disaster/Democracy)

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Well, amazingly, we are approaching 100,000 hits here at InsightAnalytical!  Thanks to all who have visited this site!

Many thanks to kenosha Marge, Grail Guardian, our contributors, as well as guest poster American Lassie. And, of course, to all the folks who have left great comments!

Back during the primary season, my 3 dogs, Toro, Tico, and Slicker, decided to put their paws up for Hillary Clinton, but now are hoping for an Obama-free future.  No matter what happens, they intend to stay involved in politics, lobbying for more no-kill shelters and a real plan for pet healthcare!  Although they are not too fond of cats, they have made an exception and are PUMAs to the core!

Looking Forward to the Future

Looking Forward to the Future

Meanwhile, Grail Guardian has offered this duo of recipes–choose which one you like better!

Recipe for Disaster

Take 1 unknown entity of indeterminate origin suffering from aggressive NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Stir in 1 publicly humiliated former Governor and his brother, 2 unrepentant domestic terrorists, 2 lunatic clergymen promoting Marxism, 1 ultra-liberal Past President who negotiates with terrorists, the weakest Congress in history, add Communists and Socialist influences to taste.

Use mixture to beat qualified female candidates and women everywhere.

Spoon into a faux Democratic pan and half-bake at 250 degrees for 35 years. Do not let the finished product cool, as it will lose its flavor quickly. Sprinkle liberally with Muslim extremism. Serves 17 million initially, but most will walk away hungry for something else.

Recipe for Democracy

Take 18 million American voters and beat them about the head and ears for several months. Stir constantly with race-baiting, sexism, misogyny, and elitism. Let the mixture sit until it turns bitter.

Add the strength and policies of a known bastion of Democracy, the heroism and leadership of a maverick war hero, and a fresh Alaskan Governor for a totally unexpected flavor.

Let the new mixture rise slowly until it becomes an undeterrable force. Exposure to the recipe above will make this mixture harden quickly.

Shape the final product into a puma and remove from pan. It will slowly spread without assistance from traditional methods and overtake all opposing recipies. Serves the entire world.

kenosha Marge writes that she has been busy primping for the event…out for a hairstyling and a shopping spree.  She’ll probably show up later for the party, but in the meantime, we’re wondering what will be on her mind in the future! Marge was one of the first two people to find this site who “knew” me from the old Buzzflash days (the other posts as “Leslie” on a regular basis).  It’s been a happy reunion and we look for many more enjoyable days blabbing together!

So, once again, a big THANK YOU for all the support we’ve received! We hope we can keep delivering posts that will keep visitors interested and informed!


kenosha Marge has arrivedwith her escort!!!!



Part 3–Independent Thinking: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS

Editor’s Note: This post concludes a three-part series. For previous posts see Part 1–Independent Thinking: PARTISAN NO MORE and Part 2–Independent Thinking: THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY/LATRINE NEEDS THE TY-D-BOL MAN .

Strange Bedfellows

~~By Grail Guardian

I met some great new friends the other day over at Uppity Woman’s place, courtesy of Hang Right Politics. Republicans. Republicans that think PUMAs are brave and patriotic. Many of them came to Uppity’s site and commented about our struggle of country before party, and it started me thinking about how much things have changed over the past political season.

I live in a rather conservative area of upstate NY, and frequently find myself at odds with many neighbors, co-workers, and family members when it comes to politics. This year, for the first time in, well, ever, I find myself having comfortable, agreeable conversations with these former opposites. I can sit in a restaurant and actually discuss the election and the economy without getting into a heated argument (just getting heated up in anger). I even watched the VP debate with my father, a long-time Republican who cringed when I registered as a Democrat in my 20’s.

Conversely, I find myself at odds (and often holding my tongue) with friends and associates I used to agree with almost all of the time. We used to mock conservatives and blame George W. Bush for just about everything. We believed in the same things, or so I thought, until this year. I find I risk a friendship here, a working relationship there by being honest about how I feel, yet these people who I had so much in common with have not the slightest compunction about offending me or even calling me a racist. Me! Can you believe it? Me, who has always had minority friends; me, who has always been tolerant of everyone, no matter how off the wall; me, who has defended the rights of others at my own expense and fought to make those who felt outcast welcomed and loved.

But I’ve also been noticing that I’m not the only one experiencing this phenomenon. The world has gone topsy-turvy with no real explanation. People blog that they’ve lost lifelong friends over this election. Twenty, thirty, even forty year Democrats have left the party and registered as Independents or even Republicans. People that had diaries on Daily KOS and other liberal sites long before I’d ever visited a blog were thrown off for stating the most innocuous of truths. The media I’d depended on for my entire lifetime for news suddenly offered nothing but commentary and opinions. Places like NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN became mouthpieces for a single candidate long before it was prudent to do so, and I found myself unable to trust anything they reported. I was basically raised on broadcast media, and now I barely even watch TV or listen to radio other than music. (I lunge for the station buttons in my car whenever a DJ starts to speak, because I know they cannot avoid discussing politics.) I found myself reading Lyndon Larouche and agreeing with some of what I read. The Fox network became the least partisan news on TV. Conservative web sites featured stories I agreed with and often quoted.

Then the unthinkable happened. It became crystal clear that the Democratic Party had sold the country for a few shekels and didn’t want my vote anymore. They violated the rules (and I felt the law) on May 31, 2008 and didn’t care that their constituents didn’t like it. They bulldozed over Hillary Clinton like she was an unqualified poseur, and started to sound like Republicans of old when they attacked her and demanded she quit the race. Then on one life-altering day in early June, Hillary abandoned me and 18 million of my closest friends and quit. Worse still, she began to actually campaign for the evil she had sworn to defeat, namely Barack Hussein Obama. Well, I guess she had to keep her promise to campaign for him, but I can always count on the Big Dawg, right? Holy crap! Is that Bill Clinton, the man Barack Obama labeled a racist for the rest of his life, campaigning for this sham of a Democrat too? WTF? Wait, the next thing you’ll tell me is that Karl Rove is giving advice to Obama. Aw, come on now! This can’t be real! What’s that you say? The Republicans have selected a female Vice Presidential candidate that’s got more experience than the Democrat’s Presidential candidate? The Republicans are going to put the first woman in the White House? Huh? Wait, what do you mean the Democrats are calling her a C#$%???? Well at least we can count on the Republicans to launch all kinds of nasty 527 ads, right? What do you mean there aren’t any? But good old Bill O’Reilly will tear Obama to shreds, right? Right? What? O’Reilly shilling for Obama, McCain saying there’s nothing to fear with an Obama presidency??? What now, Democrats rigging the elections like the Republicans did in 2000 and 2004? What?? Who the hell is ACORN, anyway?

Suddenly there was a crisis on Wall Street. Isn’t this the one Hillary was talking about months ago? The one John McCain tried to fix years ago? Well that won’t go well, since we all know Bush caused the crisis, right? What? It was the Democrats that sank the economy and caused the sub-prime problems? And Hillary was tanking her own solution to the housing crisis just because McCain used it? Exactly what is going on here?

But I truly began to realize that I had somehow been transported from Kansas to Oz when I started to look at my former candidate (and current Senator) Hillary Clinton. Ok, at first I understood her fulfilling her campaign promises to “work my heart out” for the Democratic nominee. Heck, I even defended her. All any one had to do was watch her body language and read between the lines to see she was just doing her duty. But damn, does she have to keep doing it? She raised money for him; she stopped the roll call vote at the convention (which really pissed me off) to keep her own name out of nomination, and appeared wherever he asked her to go. Why is she still pushing for him? Why can’t she just support the down-ticket candidates? I agonized day after day, wanting to be loyal to the woman I felt was the most qualified Presidential candidate in years (if not decades), but she certainly wasn’t making it easy on me. Or any other PUMAs.

On Not Your Sweetie commenter Diana said:

What is Hillary doing? McCain gave her credit for the plan. She’s going to start chasing her own supporters off with this kind of stuff. Out and out lying for Obama? I can understand her having to campaign for Obama, I know she’s afraid of loosing her seat in the Senate, but this? Her supporters all know this was her plan. Most of us have seen the video.

Which caused Lee M. to note:

This is not the Hillary that I knew and loved.

And Cookiegramma observed:

It may not be the Hillary you knew and loved lee M., but it is now typical of the Democratic party that I am glad I quit.

Back at Uppity Woman, Typewriterstreaming said:

…After watching Hillary Clinton, (a women I have held in the utmost esteem) this morning on Fox TV stoop lower than ever and lecture PUMAS on the great qualities of Obama and to go further and say she is “disappointed” in Dems. who refuse to back the One,(she’s disappointed????)this post was really needed. I worked hard for Hillary’s campaign and after this morning will not vote for her next Senate bid. It is about Country first and I am shocked to see how far the Clinton’s can put themselves before everything. I am sorry to the people on this post that are Hillary supporters. I mean no offense to anyone. But I am stunned and outraged at what flies for the good of this country in Clinton land.


And the nail in the coffin came from Deadenders:

Hillary Clinton has done the 18 Million that voted for her a great disservice. This is a disgusting display of party before country.

She was lying in the primaries or lying now. Take you pick either way she is supporting a fraud and trying to get him elected.

I’m sick of fellow pumas trying to decipher body language and vocal tenor to say that she is just acting. Well the casual political observer doesn’t see that, and believes only what they hear in the past 5 mins.
They hear Hillary saying he’s the one, and will vote for the bastard because of it.

Hillary has failed us.

Hillary has failed us. Wow. Now I was starting to hear the self-reproaching words of people like Kathy from Hang Right Politics:

Because today, I’m taking myself to the woodshed. I’m kicking my @$$. Why? For being foolish, for getting distracted, for forgetting that my country comes first.

And our own Kenosha Marge

Partisanship forces people to hang onto the most outrageous nonsense in an effort to avoid admitting they’re wrong. Some will refuse to see what is indisputable simply because they don’t want to see.

As much as I don’t want to believe it, I have to start questioning Senator Clinton’s motivations here. She started a movement, and then refused to leave the Democratic Party to lead the millions that gathered in her name. She promised to fight for us, and she did for a while, but then she didn’t anymore. Not even for me, a resident of New York (she voted for the Wall Street bailout fiasco, even though she knew it wasn’t the right solution). She fought misogyny in the primaries, and while she refused to be Obama’s attack dog on Sarah Palin simply because McCain selected a woman, did she really do enough to denounce the treatment her own beloved party gave to Governor Palin? The party she loved more than me and my 18 million friends?

This is a difficult call for me. I’ve supported Hillary vigorously since she was First Lady. I was thrilled when she came to New York for her Senate run. I defended her voraciously throughout the campaign, despite personal attacks and being called a racist until the word lost its meaning. But the words of Deadenders keep echoing in my head. “She was lying in the primaries or lying now.”

So here’s the million-dollar question: Can I vote for Hillary Clinton again?

I can only think of one answer: Country before personal loyalties.

McCain Fires 1st Torpedo at the Obama Garbage Scow Known as the "The Hope-y Smile-y Good Ship Lollipop"

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The admiral’s son finally began to take command of his ship yesterday in what many are saying is the  best speech of his lifetime.

The fact that he did it in Albuquerque, within earshot of the Santa Fe, home of  Bill Richardson’s little cesspool and the Obama elite crowd, warms my heart as I watch from southern NM.

Texas Hill Country has the entire text of the speech up and it’s available at C-Span.

Let’s just say that McCain has probably set up the message for the last month of his campaign.  Some are worrying that he’s tipped his hand, but I think that’s being too worried.  After all, the Obama crowd knows full well what’s down in the hold of the HSGSL and has been working diligently along with the media to hide it all along. I’m sure they have all their excuses all set up…unless Axelrod and Obama begin to commit more of what many see as a big faux pas (adding more fuel to the fire about the Ayers connection) as the pressure mounts.

During the debate, McCain needs to needle Obama with some of the points he made in his speech.  The object, of course, will be to get Obama stuttering and off his memorized script.  I fervently hope we can witness enough hemming and hawing coming from Obama to begin to destroy his much-vaunted “rhetorical skills.”

And I must give a huge amount of praise to Sarah Palin, who readied the first torpedo tube a few days ago when she dared to bring up Ayers.

The last couple of days prompted me to walk into McCain campaign headquarters yesterday (perish the thought!) where I met a group of very nice older women who knew all about PUMA. The office was in a crummier part of town in a dilapidated office center, much different from the free-standing building on the main drag that the Obama campaign is using.  (The regular Democratic Party has a permanent office in another neglected part of town)

One of the women indicated that she was an “independent” like me and I was able to pick up 3 stickers all related to Palin alone ( for example, “Palin Power, ” “Sarah! Girl Power” and “Read My Lipstick-Vote McCain-Palin”).

At the time, I was unaware of what McCain was saying in ABQ, but something must have been in the air…

From here on in, I’m hoping that the torpedoes come thick and fast and that all the rats below deck on the Obama Hopey-Smiley Good Ship Lollipop are sent overboard…all along with the captain and the crew…


~~By Grail Guardian

Something strange has been happening since the Vice Presidential Debate last Thursday. I first noticed it as I watched the debate with my Dad. He follows what’s going on (like most people his age) but gets most of his news from the MSM (thankfully, he watches Fox a lot, so he gets some reality). Not a dyed-in-the-wool political junkie at all, he’s learned most of what he knows about Obama from me. So I was a bit surprised as we watched and he began to call Biden out on his BS. In my head I was yelling “Way to go, Dad!” In real time, I agreed with him and began to call out a few things he missed. I left afterwards feeling pretty good about the debate since a non-political guy like my father had seen through the crap.

On Friday and Saturday, I began to notice that people I spoke with fell into 1 of 2 categories: they felt that Palin had won the debate and the media was wrong in deriding her victory OR they were repeating the MSM line about why Palin hadn’t really done that well. But there are 2 important things of note here. Just about everyone I spoke with had actually watched the debate in its entirety (including my 92 year old great aunt), and those that fell into category 2 (regurgitating the MSM bull) were very easily convinced that Palin really did well. It took almost no effort on my part to get them to agree that her performance was actually better than Biden’s; obviously they had felt that way when they watched it, but were simply spitting back what they’d heard afterwards so they wouldn’t appear uninformed. Once they knew someone agreed with them, they abandoned the groupthink stance practically at once and praised Palin’s performance.

Fast forward to this afternoon when, driving on a local expressway, I spotted something unusual. It was one of those hand-lettered sheet signs hanging from an overpass. I don’t normally see a lot of the homemade variety here (the City hangs their official festival announcements and reminders to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, but not many protest signs), and I was rather surprised to see that the sign was demanding that there be “No Bailout.” I noted it, and the fact that at least 1 person was riled up enough about the “Rescue” bill to create and hang a sign (there was some artwork on it that was rather well done) on a busy overpass. There must have been some serious anger involved, as this is not an easy task and the sign was well anchored and not fluttering in the wind.

This was all kind of rolling around aimlessly in my brain for a day or so before I spotted this piece at Not Your Sweetie about calling Obama on his bs on the new $ trillion bailout. In it, she quotes a post called Obama Betrays the Middle Class: Votes for “Bail out the Rich Act” from one of the folks over at Fire Dog Lake, one of the progressive blogs that drank the Kool Aid early on. I’ll let you check out the links for all the details, but here’s a quote from author Ian Welsh I couldn’t resist:

I assume he’s [Obama] willing to give up the 700 billion for the near dictatorial power over the US economy which is still embedded in the bill, power which he will wield through his Treasury Secretary. Or maybe, encouraged by his economic advisers, almost all of whom were amongst the architects and cheerleaders of the policies which made this crisis occur, he really believes that bailing out the rich with middle class money is how the country has to operate. After all, some people are important and some people aren’t, and since the middle class can vote for him or for a man who has made himself into a national joke with Sarah Palin as the punch line, what are they going to do?

As if that wasn’t juicy enough, the comments aren’t much more optimistic. For instance, poster MsAnnaNOLA said:

He will get what he deserves. If Paulson and gang are stealing this money, and all indications are that they are:

This could be the nail in the Dems coffin.

I am talking 3rd party all the way.

What will the Dems have to offer us after this? Seriously?

Answer: Nothing.

Read next this piece by Jake Tapper who seems to think that the October dogs are about to bite Obama’s backside with the story of his shady associates like Rezko and Ayers, then this one by Uppity Woman which supports that the MSM is starting to talk about Ayers. Add to these the plethora of links to ACORN problems on You Tube and across the Blogosphere (here and here and here and here and so on) and this excellent article Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer on Obama’s mental state and massive Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and pretty soon you can’t ignore it all.

So I started to ponder, and all these random events started to come together. If America is starting to see through the MSM’s crazy con job (all they need is a little encouragement and they’re practically PUMAs), and they are pissed off enough about this feeding frenzy known as the Wall Street bailout (even those that seem resigned to it being a necessary evil are still mad, and the adding of pork to get Republican votes was like poking a hornet’s nest), and they are blaming Obama for the bill (I think he’ll be regretting taking credit for someone else’s work this time – be sure you read the post from Fire Dog Lake about how Obama owns this bill) then you really need to wonder: Is it possible that Obama’s house of cards is starting to implode?

That’s when it hit me: We are about to break through. The brass ring (America) is ours for the taking (or keeping) if we’re just willing to do a few things:

1. Talk to anyone and everyone about the shoddy and unacceptable state of the media in this country. This seems to be something everyone is starting to agree on, and needs to be reinforced in peoples’ minds as frequently as possible. Talk about CNN and MSNBC being so over the top that you can’t believe anything they say anymore, even if it’s not about the election. After they lied about an election as important as this, who knows what else they lie about?

2. Express how you can’t understand why they’re saying Palin didn’t win the debate. If they watched (and I’ll bet they did) they know what happened. They saw it first-hand and unedited. Talk up how the Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interviews were edited to make Palin look bad, but obviously when she had the eyes of the world upon her and every network rolling tape she stood up to the incredible scrutiny quite well and didn’t have to lie outright 14 times like Biden did.

3. Relate the moment you personally felt Palin won the debate. Many say it was when she asked Ifill if they could go back to talk about Afghanistan, but for me it was when she said to Biden that she wasn’t going to answer the way he wanted her to or the way the moderator wanted her to, but she was going to speak directly to the American people; game, set, match for me.

4. Redirect the attention back from Palin to Obama, especially on the experience issue. The Obama campaign has actually managed to divert America’s attention away from the fact that he hasn’t done anything prior to running for POTUS.

5. Focus on the bailout bill and how Obama owns it, but we’re going to be stuck paying for it. Point out that it’s been the Democrats that forced this mess down our throats after people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Jimmy Carter were responsible for creating it and ignoring it until it exploded. And be sure to let them know that it’s the Democrats that are supporting George W. Bush! Things aren’t right in Oz once the Wicked Witch becomes the heroine and the Wizard becomes the bad guy.

6. Remind people that we sent the Democrats to Congress with a majority and a mandate in 2006, and they haven’t done a damned thing! They refused to impeach Bush, haven’t done anything to end the war in Iraq, and pretended nothing was wrong on Wall Street so we’d all continue to invest our life savings into GSE’s like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while their former chairs walked away with tens of millions of dollars and left us with no savings and the 700 billion dollar check. Point out that when House Republicans voted against the bill, the Dems added plenty of pork in order to entice the naysayers to the taxpayer funded trough.

7. Point out that Obama is now using the Wall Street Crisis to back out of any campaign promises he may have made (or “put them on hold” as the campaign calls it). He’s using the massive feeding of the political pigs at the trough to say no to Universal Healthcare, Education reforms, Alternative Energy, and just about anything else he vowed to do. Where’s the change in that?

8. Discuss ACORN and all the instances of voter fraud being reported across the country. Be liberal with the You Tube videos, and point out that ACORN was included in Obama’s original bailout bill (earmarked to get 20% of any profits, even if the taxpayers were still paying). Bring up ACORN’s ties to Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven and how the far left wants America to become a Socialist state, and this bailout is just one more step in that direction.

9. Stress that a McCain presidency will last only 4 years. He will not be re-elected, and he does not wish to run for a second term. America can handle 4 years of a moderate McCain Administration with Congress as a counter-balance. No laws get passed without Congress, no Supreme Court judges get appointed without the Senate’s approval, and as Senator Obama is so fond of pointing out – no wars get started without Congress’ say so. We can all tread water for 4 years as long as Bush is out and the country is safe.

10. Discuss how many Centrist Democrats that may have been thinking about voting for Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader as a protest vote against both of the major parties are now saying they just cannot afford to waste their votes; this election is too important to America and the world.

If we can keep letting friends and neighbors know that there’s no shame in seeing the light now, as long as they’ve seen it before it’s too late, we can help them to accept that this election is no longer about Hope or Change or ending the Bush regime. It’s about saving America, and we must all put our country above politics and parties. It’s OK to be a Republican for a day (or even for 5 minutes inside the voting booth). Americans need to know that they are not alone; we’ve all been hoodwinked and bamboozled. By the media, by George W. Bush, by the Democratic and Republican Parties, by Wall Street, and by our own unwillingness to take a long hard look at ourselves and what we’ve allowed our political process to become.

This is a time for change, but not some empty slogan or political promise. Change must be what we the people deliver to the electoral system of the United States. That is our only Hope.