The “Meaning” of America

~~Posted by kenoshaMarge

The “Meaning” of America

Presented As Nothing But My Opinion

The meaning that I am talking about is the mean-spiritedness that is rampant in the United States and perhaps around the world for all I know. I can only speak of what I know and see. I am not well educated enough to write some scholarly dissertation about it. I articulate how it looks from my perspective. It’s
just my opinion folks and if it doesn’t jibe with yours I accept beforehand that I should be boiled in oil or stood against a wall and shot.

No day, no hour, hell no minute goes by that there isn’t some nasty little twit on television, radio or on some blog tearing into someone for some real or imagined offense. The pile on commences and before long some clumsily expressed thought has a metamorphosis into full-blown conflagration.”How dare he/she say that,” the pundidiots and blogsnots thunder; while conveniently ignoring that he/she didn’t say thatt all.

Television on Friday the 8th of August 2008 is a prime time example of the lunacy perpetrated upon us. Cable “news” was in full-blown hyperventilation over the John Edwards affair. Oh the horror of it all. Hour after hour CNN and FOX wasted our time with this nonsense. Tell what happened and move on. We don’t
need nor want to know what every pinhead in teevee land thinks about another story about another politician that couldn’t keep his pants zipped. Not like he’s an endangered species.

MSNBC may have done the same but since I never watch their sleazy channel I cannot honestly attest that they did. Good heavens right there I am more of a journalist than anyone on their payroll. I don’t presume to report without facts. Never get the big bucks that way Marge.

Maybe it’s just that we love to be pissed off. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the blogosphere. Safely ensconced behind our keyboards we can venture forth to do battle with those that we find unworthy.  All too often that simply means those with whom we disagree. Lest I get smacked down because “you” don’t do that, let me say, if the shoe doesn’t fit…

It seems to me that there is a tone to our interaction that is in many instances just plain nasty.  I am not one of those sweet little old ladies that think we should all get along. I am not, in fact, a sweet anything. I can swap expletives with the best and them and will continue to do so in the future. I simply try to find a balance and try not to head out with all my artillery blazing to shoot down a trifle.

I do not want to play nice with bigots, liars and ignoramuses. I can get mean, nasty, insulting when confronted with idiocy. Mostly, why bother? I have better things to do with my time.

Trolls are vermin that should be eradicated whenever possible and ignored when not. Fact, mean-spiritedness or both?

Converse with an Obama supporter? Why? They love him; I loathe him, what conversation? Obama supporters like to frequent Obama Loathing blogs to hijack a conversation or insist on going over arguments hashed, rehashed and long decided by both sides. Insults are traded, they’ve hijacked a post and they won.

I wish we could get from the blogosphere what we need to get from our dysfunctional media. Facts. Just facts. For the most part information is so well hidden that most of us have to search out our facts like a damn snipe hunt.

And pieces like this? My opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

Pundidiots like Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews, Cafferty, Blitzer, O’Reilly, Hannity, Colmes, Martin, Limbaugh, Rhodes and others of their ilk that infest our airwaves should never be allowed to get away with pulling words outa their ass and passing them off as facts. A big bold disclaimer should flash across out screen or be repeated hourly on radio wherever these pundidiots are free to roam. “THIS IS THE UNBRIDLED OPINION OF AN OVERPAID IDIOT.” Or is it too mean-spirited? Is my pot meeting my kettle?