ALERT! Local Paper Actually Allows Vets to Say Something Not Fawning about Obama Visit!

…but offers enough other comments to offset their impact…a few Obama clone comments, anti-Clinton, pro-Clinton comments, too. (Of course, my comment would never be printed since I nailed the paper for complicity…)

Here we go!

I am insulted. Mr. Obama and Gov. Richardson both came here to pander votes. I am a veteran, Navy, 1963 to 1966. I wasn’t invited to the speechmaking. To hear that Richardson compared Obama to President John F. Kennedy is the ultimate insult. Neither of them served. For Richardson to make such a comparison insults President Kennedy, a Navy veteran.

(The) Sen. Obama … event was limited to veterans by invitation only. I am a veteran of World War II. I am also a registered Democrat. I am active in community affairs. Did I get an invitation? No! Guess who I am going to vote for. Nobody! None of the candidates is good enough to be my president and commander-in-chief. What a sorry state our political system is in.

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