What? ACORN Given 20% of Bailout Money under Original Bailout Proposal??????? UPDATE 1X

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL


NoQuarter has posted the draft agreement on the bailout and notes section 3-c which pertains to ACORN…


The ACORN Poison Pill

By Larry Johnson on September 26, 2008 at 2:39

A commenter has raised the question over whether ACORN would actually be getting 20% of the $700 million package or whether it would get a portion of “the profits.” This section of the draft refers to this mention of “profits.”

But that still leaves the question about why ACORN and other groups mentioned would even be included in this bill as an earmark!  Why wouldn’t “profits” be distributed to things like shoring up Medicare or paying down the national debt, rather than going into organizations like these???  I don’t know about the other two mentioned, but “ACORN” and the term “transparency” are not exactly synonymous…

And I am still waiting for the mainstream media to do a thorough investigative report on ACORN and Obama…HA!


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