How to Ignore Politics Without Leaving Home

I finally got my computer hooked up again late last night. For the past three days, we have been having the tile floors in our house cleaned and the grout color changed. This might sound innocuous, but 1590 square feet of tile is nothing to sniff at!

It finally dawned on me that the experience felt like I had been traveling, although we spent only one night out of our bedrooms, crashing on our fold-out furniture. We were forced out of the house and sat around alot outside or in the garage, an experience that one could equate with long waits in airport terminals. Then there was the food situation…we really HAD to buy sandwiches for lunch and then eat dinner out 4 nights in a row because either the kitchen was in turmoil with drying grout stain or we were simply too exhausted to even think about cooking something.

The whole event began to take on the feel of an “if it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium” tour as we moved clothes, medicines and other vital items around from room to usable room, the garage, and the car. Then there was the marathon shopping day of searching for rugs and other floor coverings to protect the newly cleaned tile. Definitely not as much fun as browsing for the perfect souvenir!

I lost track of what was going on politically as one day blurred into the next. The complete immersion in personal survival during our disrupted routine made politics irrelevant. Imagine! Three whole days away having to read about the latest Democratic Party nonsense!

Adding to the sense of being away was the fact that our 3 dogs were in the boarding facility at the vet’s for the very first time ever. We worried how they were doing the first day, but by days two and three we were so confused and discombobulated that we figured they were doing fine. How soon we forget….

But they didn’t forget us! When we arrived to pick them up today, mass joy broke out! I had dogs under me, over me and jumping on me. Apparently, while we were working our tails off surrounded by chaos, Toro, Tico, and Slicker had had enough time on their hands to reflect on how good it is being home.

And, tonight, with my computer hooked up, the bathroom up and running and my wonderful bed awaiting me, I can honestly say that it’s good to be home again…even though I never left town!