Memo to Obots & Obot Bloggers Who Thought Obama Was a Feminist…..We Told You So…Here’s the PROOF!! UPDATE 1X– SEGREGATED! UPDATED1X Add This To the List…

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

For all of you asshats who believed the great conman back in the 2008 primaries, let me tell you that YOU are to blame for our descent into Stupakistan.

It was all laid out for you, but you bought the hype.

Only the old timer heading NOW gets it.

Seems that NARAL and Planned Parenthood (national) are still not letting go of their adored Obama, since they think he’s being “forced” by nasty conservatives to screw us with a big fat executive order at the behest of the Stupak gang.

Really?  Then how do they explain what Obama was doing back in 2008?

Maybe you’ll get it now…but I doubt it.

June 11, 2008

So, What’s Obama Going to Give Away to Conservative Religious Leaders and Constitutional Law Profs Who Work with Ken Starr??(Just Say No Deal)

June 26, 2008

Part 1: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–Non-Pastors (UPDATED 1x)

June 28, 2008

Part 2: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–The Pastors

July 10, 2008

Matthew 25 Network PAC Hits Christian Radio with Pro-Obama Ad as Christian Conservative Leaders Decide to Support McCain (UPDATED 1X)


February 11, 2009

Hidden Health Care Provisions in the “Stimulus Package”: the Ghost of Daschle Lives On and Will Haunt Us All, Especially Seniors…This is BAD NEWS!! (Link to Bill Language Here)



Women, more than half the population, are now SEGREGATED and now have been officially codified as being unequal by the misogynist in the White House…

I hereby direct the Director of OMB and the Secretary of HHS to develop, within 180 days of the date of this Executive Order, a model set of segregation guidelines for state health insurance commissioners to use when determining whether exchange plans are complying with the Act’s segregation requirements.

From the first Black president, no less…What a complete PIECE OF SHIT!

Part 1: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–Non-Pastors (UPDATED 1x)

In my June 11 post entitled “So, What’s Obama Going to Give Away to Conservative Religious Leaders and Constitutional Law Profs Who Work with Ken Starr??” I focused on mega-pastor T. D. Jakes and Doug Kmiec, a conservative Catholic constitutional lawyer who serve in the Justice Department under Reagan and Bush I and who is now a faculty member at the Pepperdine University School of Law, whose dean is none other than Ken Starr.

But there are others who attended Obama’s “reach-out” to conservative Christian leaders earlier this month who should be introduced. Although the guest list was not announced, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody seemed to get a hold of a few names, in addition to the exclusive on the June 6 announcement of Obama’s “Joshua Generation Project.”

Part 2 will focus on the pastors who were at the meeting. Today, Part 1 gives some brief information on some of the “non-pastor” attendees whose names were leaked:

Rich Cizik

Cizik is the Vice President for Governmental Affairs for the National Associaton of Evangelicals. His bio states:

Richard Cizik is Vice President for Governmental Affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals. His primary responsibilities include editing publications such as NAE Washington Insight, directing NAE’s Washington Insight Briefing and Christian Student Leadership Conferences, setting its policy direction on issues before Congress, the White House, and Supreme Court, as well as serving as a national spokesman on issues of concern to evangelicals.

Paul Corts

Corts is the fifth president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) and prior to holding this post, Corts served as Assistant Attorney General for Administration for the U.S. Department of Justice under Bush from 2002-2006. Prior to his stint at Justice he was president of Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian school in Florida, for more than 11 years.

Cameron Strang

Strang is a “well-disguised evangelist” according to a 2004 story in USA Today.

Three silver hoops in his ears. Stubble-haze beard. Casually hip duds that the Fab Five from Queer Eye wouldn’t change.

No plans to preach. No pulpit.

Yet he’s hot-wired to a generation of young adult Christians he says are “on fire with faith” — a generation that eludes many churches, retailers and publishers.


“Sight, sound, experience — that’s what my generation is about,” says Strang, founder and CEO of Relevant Media Group. He has created an edgy magazine, Relevant: God. Life. Progressive Culture, to reach believers in ways their elders can’t — or won’t. (Link to Relevant Media Group.)


Relevant‘s target reader, Strang says, is a 27-year-old who is “grounded in the world of work and adult relationships,” who’s unwilling to sit still, even in church.

Strang is particularly interesting to me because of his focus on the “younger” voters whom Obama is going after via the Joshua Generation Project. It will be interesting to find out if Obama and Strang are co-ordinating their efforts beyond this June 11 meeting.


While Obama is making friends with these guests, he apparently is purging the names of people on his website…Check out Rezko Watch…”About Obama’s Klonsky Purge” which discusses Obama’s pattern of ditiching people and then goes on to delve into the meaning of the word “sociopath” and how it applies…

UPDATE July 9, 2008

Also attending this meeting–Steve Strang, the father of Cameron Strang.  See his latest report where he discusses the meeting with Obama.  Steve Strang was the only one to attend both Obama’s meeting and the one in Denver which was held by 100 conservative leaders.  That group decided to back McCain.  Strang says his son got a phone interview with Obama, but senior is still trying to get one.

So, What’s Obama Going to Give Away to Conservative Religious Leaders and Constitutional Law Profs Who Work with Ken Starr??(Just Say No Deal)

I’m not one of the faith crowd, preferring quiet meditation and the study of Eastern philosophies.

So, it’s really off-putting to see Obama “reaching out” to the likes of a mega-church pastor and a pro-life consitutional law professor, namely mega-pastor TD Jakes and conservative Catholic constitutional lawyer Doug Kmiec.

Obama meets

To quote David Brody of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network):

This is one more example of how Obama is not just bringing in the ‘religious left’ into his coalition. He wants to bring in conservative figures, too.

If this were a meeting held by a strong, separation-of-church-and-state politican, I wouldn’t be so jittery. But Obama is no such thing. He is a panderer who’s chosen to brush off key groups of Democratic voters. It’s hard to trust his actions when it comes to meeting conservative religious figures.

T.D. Jakes, according to his website

… pastors what Christianity Today calls “one of America’s fastest growing mega-churches.” The Potter’s House, a multiracial, nondenominational church with 50-plus active outreach ministries, has dominated church growth records since its inception in 1996. In its almost 10-year existence, the church has grown from the 50 families that relocated with the Jakes family from West Virginia to Dallas to more than 30,000 members to-date. Rivaling many corporations, the ministry employs nearly 400 staff members, including full-time finance, human resources, information technology, materials distribution, public relations, publications and television production departments. The Potter’s House is fiscally sound, retiring within four years the financial debt incurred by the 191,000 square foot, $45 million sanctuary construction.

On a personal level, this rings alarm bells. A family member has dragged my relatives into a “non-denominational church” in NJ where it’s all about following a single personality. The church has grown to the point of building a huge facility that looks like a car dealership. They even offer “Christian counselling” for about $100 bucks an hour. Meanwhile, there seems to be very little “Jesus” in a lot of the activities that are ongoing, along with a remarkable lack of interest shown toward relatives who are not involved with the church. One could say that the “believers” have cut out those who don’t believe. It is quite disconcerting, to say the least.

Doug Kmiec should make any liberal nervous. He is a member of the faculty of Pepperdine University School of Law which, according to the Dean:

…is committed to the “highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.”

And who is the Dean of Pepperdine’s School of Law? Remember KEN STARR?

Kmiec also has a highly visible political past:

Beyond the university setting, Kmiec served Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush during 1985-89 as constitutional legal counsel (Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice).

Somehow, this information doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy…

In a follow-up article on the Obama meeting, Brody writes:

That’s a big deal. A really big deal. The fact that these two conservative men are meeting with Obama may be a signal that Obama’s campaign is ready to break down the traditional wall of separation between conservatives and liberals when it comes to religious talk.

This meeting with Obama is made up of religious leaders from several denominations including Evangelicals, Mainline Protestants and Catholics. There are about 30 people there and these are leaders from Chicago and outside Chicago. Some in the meeting have shown their support for him. Others have not. I’m told that the meeting consisted of prayer as well and it lasted two hours. A campaign source tells me that besides Jakes and Kmiec, other religious leaders in the room today include Religious leaders include Rich Cizik with the conservative National Association of Evangelicals, best selling Christian author Max Lucado, Luis Cortes, Paul Corts, Cameron Strang, Bishop Phillip Cousin, Rev Stephen Thurston, Glenn Palmberg and Dr T Dewitt Smith. This campaign source tells me:

“Reaching out to the faith community is a priority for Barack Obama and will be a priority under an Obama Administration. This is one of several meetings he will have over the coming months with religious leaders.”

There may be a “wall” between the two groups, but there certainly has been dialogue with many inter-faith activities for years. So to build up Obama’s meetings as “a signal that Obama’s campaign is ready to BREAK DOWN the traditional wall” seems to me to be an indicator that more is going on here…that some influential conservative religious leaders are “in the tank” for Obama already and starting the sell to their large group of followers. I’ve read that in Washington state, fundamentalists were already on board during the primaries, so things have been cooking for quite awhile.


Is this going to be like Bush’s Faith office in the White House, which funneled tons of taxpayer money to religious groups??

I mean, first crack out of the barrel, Obama is in with the religious angle…I don’t see him rushing to talk to women, do you??

Brody and CBN seem to be really in the loop, because it was CBN that first reported the launching of Obama’s “Joshua Generation Project” in an exclusive by Brody on June 6 (.

The Brody File has learned that in the next two weeks Barack Obama’s campaign will unveil a major new program to attract younger Evangelicals and Catholics to their campaign.

It’s called the “Joshua Generation Project.” The name is based on the biblical story of how Joshua’s generation led the Israelites into the Promised Land.

A source close to the Obama campaign tells The Brody File the following:

“The Joshua Generation project will be the Obama campaign’s outreach to young people of faith. There’s unprecedented energy and excitement for Obama among young evangelicals and Catholics. The Joshua Generation project will tap into that excitement and provide young people of faith opportunities to stand up for their values and move the campaign forward.”

The official rollout won’t be for another two weeks or so, but The Brody File has been told the activities will include house parties, blogging, concerts and more.

This really creeps me out! My first thought on reading this was of those ads for Christian music CD’s that you see on TV–you know, the ones with young people waving their arms and looking like they are in a trance. Perfect. I bet we’ll see fainting again…More cultish behavior coming down the pike.

I swear, if I hear that the Promise Keepers are getting involved, I’ll be ready to flee the country.

As time goes on, I suppose the Obama blogs will embrace all this without a flicker of concern. I guess there are a lot of ways to practice “blind faith…”

Over at the BlackAgenda Report, the reporter was casting a different light on “self-proclaimed Joshua candidate” Obama back in April:

Barack Obama & Voter Supression: Where’s Joshua’s Horn When We Need It?

Self-proclaimed “Joshua generation” candidate Barack Obama launched his political career with a highly successful 1992 Chicago voter registration drive. But instead of barriers to ballot access on the part of minorities tumbling down on “Joshua’s” watch they are becoming higher. Where is Joshua’s trumpet on the erosion of voting rights, the legal sanctions and limitations placed upon present-day voter registration drives, and the wholesale ethnic cleansing of voter rolls?

I guess the writer of this observation isn’t one of those ready to fall into a trance when the music starts playing…

Just Say No Deal