Celebrate the Exit of Tom Daschle with a Smattering of Smiles….

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

After a week of screwed up email by Comcast’s new “SmartZone” setup, I’ve caught up with a few things from the crew at IA…but first:

TOM DASCHLE, whom Obama was “standing by” has withdrawn!   Well, I’m so glad my post from way back was on track with Daschle, his wife and his “Mansion-gate”…See The Scanner-Politics 11/20/08 (CHANGE?? Daschle at HHS, His Wife and Lobbying; Organic Consumers Org. So Ticked at the Thought of Vilsack at Agriculture That Their Petition is Already Going Strong; Froma Harrop on “Palin’s Next Career Move” Will Raise Your Blood Pressure) (Updated 1X) for some of the stuff I dug up from S. Dakota back then…


From our intrepid Chicago Correspondent Leslie… here’s this little tidbit from the Chicago Sun-Times in case you missed it…says Leslie: “Because we’re SO post-racial…”

Michelle Obama under fire for not wearing black designer

January 26, 2009

The usually celebrated sartorial splendor of First Lady Michelle Obama is coming under fire by a former runway model upset that Obama didn’t wear an inaugural design by a black fashion designer.

Amnau Eele, co-founder of the Black Artists Association, told fashion industry publication Women’s Wear Daily she plans to “file a formal appeal” with Michelle Obama’s office about the lack of a black designer.

“It’s fine and good if you want to be all ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘We are the World’ by representing all different countries,” Eele is quoted as saying at wwd.com, the magazine’s Web site. “But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael, Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers do something, too?”


Boo hoo!  But, hey, Michelle has brought her Chicago chef to the White House, what more do you want???  An appeal?? HA!!!!


Kenosha Marge sends along a few “Canadian Billboards” courtesy of her friend Donna which aptly describe the “state of the nation”–OUR nation!



goldsgym-men-margeEnjoy the day!

Tomorrow kenosha Marge returns to the blog!