Sharia Finance: Rapidly Increasing Inroads Via American Banks…With the Help of Our Treasury Department

(Editor’s Note:  IA has visited the subject of Sharia law several times…See below for earlier posts on the topic. The accepted spelling is Sharia or Shariah.)

~~By American Lassie

The first thing I’d like to state before I get into the meat of this article is the fact I hold the opinion that most Muslims are just like you and me, only believing in a different religion. Their everyday lives are much the same as ours. It is the fanatical Hanbali form of Islam that is so autocratic and dangerous and considered authoritative in Saudi Arabia and other areas around the Persian Gulf.

During the Bush Administration, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Robert Kimmett’s visit to Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Persian Gulf states was with the purpose of recycling of petro dollars in the form of foreign investment in the United States to alleviate the financial crisis.  I’m sure Mr. Kimmett was told by the Saudis and others that in order to obtain their money, the banks would have to abide by Sharia Finance Law.  Whatever went on in his meetings with the Persian Gulf States, he came back to America and co-sponsored the Harvard University Law School’s Project on Islamic Finance.  The host of a seminar held at the Treasury Building was Neel Kashkari, Interim Secretary of The Treasury for Financial Stability and also administrator of the first of the TARP money while George Bush was President.  Kashkari was Henry Paulson’s top assistant.  Unfortunately Shariah-Compliant Finance seems to be the current party line in The Treasury Department.   (See:

I’ll come back to this seminar later, but first I would like to present a little more background. This seminar is very important so please stay with me until the end of this article.

The United Kingdom is in deep trouble with all the concessions they have made to Sharia Finance and Sharia Law.  The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has caused a lot of turmoil in England with his pronouncements in favor of Shariah Law. Her Majesty’s government has allowed the establishment of at least five Shariah Courts to hear (initially) family law cases.  Polygamists in the UK can get welfare for each of their wives as long as all marriages beyond the first were performed overseas), Sharia promoting Islamists are seeking to achieve “parallel societies” here and elsewhere in the West.  Islamists secure footholds over other Muslims through “parallel societies” and then to non-Muslims.  This is an insidious industry meant to foist Islam on the policy community, the markets and western countries.

The differing views of Archbishop Williams and the Bishop of Rochester, England, Michael Nazri-Ali, are causing a rift in the Church of England. The debate over the path of the western sociopolitical system is the most pivotal in today’s world.  This is more and more evident in the crack it is causing in the Church of England.

Multiculturalism and universalism are fundamentally opposed beliefs.  The  level of danger to Britain, Europe, and the entire West created by homegrown Islamists  will be determined by which system prevails.

An op-ed by Dr. Nazir-Ali (January 11, 2008) discusses why he believes that “Britain’s campaign to reconstruct itself as a multicultural society has failed.” (See:

Dr. Nazir-Ali has resigned his post to devote his time to working in communities where Christians are a minority.  He said he was inspired by the story of Hanna Shah, an imam’s daughter who faced being killed by her family for refusing an arranged marriage before she became a Christian.

Radical Muslims have became more militant as Britain has increasingly accomodated the strictures of Islam’s law:

“The death threats that followed Nazir-Ali’s essay only bolstered his thesis.  ‘The irony is that I had similar threats when I was a Bishop in Pakistan”,  he noted,  “but I never thought I would have them here.'”

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, suggested that official acceptance of some facets of Sharia not only “seems unavoidable” but could actually improve social cohesion. To Williams the idea that “there’s one law for everybody and that’s all there is to be said, and anything else is completely irrelevant in the process of the courts – I think that’s a bit of a danger.”

Michael Nazir-Ali witnessed the realities of Sharia Law as a man in Pakistan.  He came to Britain to escape this for himself and his family and now finds himself in the same situation in Britain.  And the cultural split becomes more prevalent as native Britons see more and more acquiescence to Islamic Law. There will be more strife.  It will be battling enclaves with more and more social unrest.

Discussion about Sharia Law

From the Middle East Forum: David J. Rusin, a research associate at Islamist Watch and a Philadelphia-based editor for Pajamas Media, writes:

“Historians may one day look back on these two prelates and the church they serve —- a body faced with plummeting attendance and approaching disestablishment  — as a symbol of the early twenty-first -century discourse over the future of the West.  For now, Michael Nazir-Ali and Rowan Williams illuminate the diverging paths before us: one paved with an ardent defense of Western Liberties, the other with a nihilism that leads inexorably to dhimmitude. (See:

Melanie Phillips in the Spectator newspaper offered this statement in her rebuttal to Williams’ comments. (See:

“One law for all is the very basis of legal and social justice and is the glue that binds a society together.”

DO WE WANT THIS FOR AMERICA? Our Treasury Department is inviting just this scenario because of the greed of our officials.  In the wake of all the brouhaha about the banks–the Wall Street crisis, the enormous bailouts, The Federal Reserve’s suspect bailouts of AIG–one thing troubling me is the lack of publicity on our government’s support of Islamic financing. Is it being done under cover of all this other money boondoggle so that the American people don’t know what is going on?


“While America struggles with the sub-prime and credit market crisis, Sharia-Compliant Finance, is quickly infiltrating our financial markets – and bringing Islamic Shariah Law with it.  As one leading Islamic authority on Shariah-Compliant Finance has stated, “it is jihad with money.” In a new ACT! for America video, Joy Brighton, ACT! for America’s financial expert on Shariah Compliant Finance warns America of this chilling threat.” (See:

Sharia means “path” or  “path to water.”  It means God’s Law that will provide salvation if followed.  The Quran, Islam’s holy book is considered the literal word of God.  Unfortunately, the Quran is interpreted in different ways by different teachers.

Sharia governs all aspects of life, not just financial.  It governs men and women’s relations, education and inheritances.  Some Islamic nations temper the application of Sharia in criminal law, but Iran and Saudia Arabia are exceptions.  They fully implement Sharia in all areas of the law.


FROM:  Shariah, Law and ‘Financial Jihad’: How Should America Respond?
Analysis and Findings of a Workshop Co-sponsored by: The McCormick Foundation and The Center for Security Policy


The primary purpose of Shariah is to promote Islam as the only legitimate theo-political system and to accomplish it’s dominance, through violent jihad if necessary, worldwide. (This is what is meant by the “Islamist” agenda.)  Shariah rules govern all aspects of life but are most notorious for the mandate they provide for–toning of adulteresses, execution of homosexuals, amputations for petty crimes, beheading of Muslim Apostates, institutionalized misogyny and myriad other violations of western values and international norms. For example, a popular poster from the Islamic region of Nigeria, shows the dire punishments of Shariah in a country torn in two by conflicts over new Shariah Courts.  In the top row, a woman is shown riding a bike with a man, and next is shown her punishment: being stoned to death. (Page 7)


The Law of Shariah is the source of the command for faithful Muslims to practice jihads. For peaceable Muslims the term is usually interpreted to mean a personal, introspective “struggle” against Muslims own sins or temptations.  The authoritative rendering of Islamic jihad, however is a ‘just’ war against non-Muslims and Muslims who have gone astray.  “Shariah-adherent Muslims must engage in jihad to bring about the global Islamic state under a caliph who governs pusuant to Shariah. (Page 10)


Islamic Finance and the U.S. Treasury Department

The United States Treasury Department is opening the back door to Sharia Law in this country by wooing the money of the Muslim States. This wooing of Sharia began in the Bush Administration.  In addition to the Nov 6, 2008 seminar at the Treasury Dept. there was an earlier seminar on April 26, 2002. Following are the introductory remarks by John B. Taylor, undersecretary for International Affairs at the Islamic Finance 101 seminar at the Treasury Department (

“Welcome to Islamic Finance 101.  As the Undersecretary of Treasury I want to thank you for joining us at this seminar on the fundamentals of Islamic Finance….We are very  grateful that this diverse panel is here today to share their knowledge with us.  They have joined us from great distances – traveling from Bahrain, Houston, Boston, and New York to share their expertise with us”
Treasury’s Office of International Affairs implements the U.S. Government’s international and finance and economic development polcies and develops U.S. policy toward the World Bank and IMF.  We have had a growing interest (sic) Islamic finance because of its rapid growth and significant presence in many partners of the United States such as Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Pakistan.”
“Today’s seminar was inspired by a round table that Secretary O’Neill attended last month in Bahrain.  At the roundtable hosted by Citibank Bahrain’s Islamic Investment Bank”—
“The Secretary wanted to make sure that we hosted a similar event in the United States to “demystify” Islamic Banking for our colleagues in Washington who may not have exposure to this topic.”


Then on Nov 6, 2008 there was another seminar at the Treasury Deparment.  This was the first time I learned that this was planned by the Bush Administration.  It had to be with the knowledge of the man who had just been elected to replace George Bush.

ISLAMIC FINANCE 101, Nov. 6, 2008.

Welcome by Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary and custodian of the first TARP money.
PURPOSE: “This forum is designed to help inform the policy community about Islamic Financial services, which are an increasingly important part of the global financial industry.
The Department of the Treasury, working with Harvard University’s Islamic Finance Project, will host speakers from academia and industry to share information on the development of Islamic Finance, both in the U.S. and globally.  The primary audience of this seminar is comprised of staff from U.S. Banking regulatory agencies, Congress, Department of Treasury and other parts of the Executive Branch.  For some in attendance this may be their first and only opportunity to learn formally about Islamic Finance.  We expect about 100 people in the audience.  The presentations will be short and focused, and directed toward policy makers rather than academics.

Representative Peter King, R-NY reacted, warning that “There are too many people who are sympathetic to radical Islam.  We should be looking at them more carefully.”

While our Treasury Department is courting these people, they are teaching insurrection on our very soil.  Their mosques and schools and Islamic Centers across the country are inciting insurrection by Saudi trained imams.

“Of particular concern is the progress being made to establish Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF) within Western, and most recently, U.S. banks and other institutions that trade securities.  Islamic finance’s leading Shariah authorities have made plain that they consider SCF to be “jihad with money”, “financial jihad” and a means of promoting their objective of destroying the West’s economic system and replacing it with an Islamic one.

“Incredibly, in recent days, the Treasury Department has begun embracing Shariah-Compliant Finance.  Deputy Secretary Robert Kimmett has professed an interest in “studying the salient features of Islamic Banking to ascertain how far it could be useful in fighting the ongoing world economic crises”.  According to a press report out of Saudi Arabia he has declared that “experts in the Treasury Department are currently learning the important features of Islamic Banking.” (See:

Robert Kimmett and his crew in the Treasury Department had better be sure they read the fine print.  When you accept Shariah money, you must accept Shariah Law with it.  These greedy officials at Treasury can’t see beyond their noses.  Their stupidity is going to land us in the same soup pot as the United Kingdom is in if we don’t manage to stop them.

At least Peter King, R-NY sees the danger in what is happening here.  Maybe if enough of us contact him he will raise a ruckus in Congress.  It’s worth a try.


Hanbali Islam (From Overview of World Religions from the University of Cumbria)–
“Today the school is officially recognised as authoritative in Saudi Arabia and areas within the Persian Gulf.”

Wikipedia article on Hanbali

Hanbali Material in English

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~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Wanna be FREAKED? Watch this Charlie Rose interview form Wednesday (11/5) with Newsweek bigshots Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas.  Rush Limbaugh played excerpts on his show…he thought he detected fear. When I watched, Meacham seemed a bit “pained.”  I’ll say one thing: These suckers re-delivered all the Obama-myth in this interview, but went to other places…places they SHOULD HAVE BEEN before the election.

And one more thing!  The pre-election posts here at IA about Obama’s “techniques” (see GG’s post “I Demand More Than Your Vote–I Want Your Mind!!”–A Call to Boycott Obama’s Media Buy (10/29) (UPDATE 1X–Verdict: Infomercial a Flop) and my post on Obama’s handwriting (Obama–A Look at the Personality Behind the Handwriting) are right on the money!!!

Here’s the link to the Rose interview.

Listen to them discuss Alinksy right at the beginning (“no militancy involved,”  “you can’t threaten the whites…they really didn’t want race in there at all…they were very sensitive about this.”   WHAT PLANET ARE THEY ON?????

Minute 4:30— “It’s hard to get at Obama, he’s very self-contained…inclusive yet self-contained…can be unnerving if you’re in the cross-hairs…wouldn’t really telegraph where he’s going…he’s a very self-contained guy.”

Minute 6:11— Meacham starts: “…he’s very elusive, Obama…he is the chief custodian of the story of Obama, he is a stand-alone brand,  I was very struck watching the stagecraft, and this comes out again and again in the project. at Grant Park, He walks out with the family…then they go away. Biden’s back locked in the bar or something, they won’t let him out.  Have you ever seen a vitrory speech with where there was no one else on stage, no adoring the wife, no cute kid?”

Thomas says:  “There’s a slightly creepy cult of personality about this….It just  makes me a little uneasy uneasy that he’s so singular….he’s clearly managing his own spectacle…he knows how to do it, he’s a deeply manipulative guy, ..,.this can be a useful thing in a leader..I think he’s always in control, he controls events,  events don’t control him. He’s a pretty calm guy, he seems to be able to get people to do pretty much what he wants”…At Harvard, “He manages to persuade all of them  that he’s on their side. and..He realizes that people want to help him, it makes people feel good to  help and this is an important insight for him…He knows he has this gift, that people want to help him,”…I’ll let them help me…”

Minute 8:30–“He understands the character of Obama in this drama he’s constructed..I’m a screen on which people project project their visions, their hopes…he could be a redemptive figure as long as race was implicit, not explicit….he could be the center of attention, the star of this…”

He’s “like Reagan, like great charismatic leaders, who project brilliantly but who are very much in control behind the scenes”…Rose says “he ascends to look at the circumstance,…he watches us watching him.”

Minute 10:26–“He has the self-awareness to know that this CREATURE he’s designed isn’t necessarily a real person” … He has constructed something he believes America is looking for. He gets beyond the ’60’s, people are so SICK of the 60’s  and the cultural wars…  He doesn’t have a grievance, he not part of a group, doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder, he doesn’t do “identity politics” or victim politics, and he  he makes that very clear…”

HOLY SHIT!! These are REPORTERS, are they seeing what we saw and heard????????

Minute 12:35–“He seems not only like the smartest kid in the class…he seems like the responsible one”…   “Prudence,”  “knows the culture well”  (refers to street talk, etc.)

Minute 13:25–Rose says: He knew  that the  “stars were in alignment for a candidate like him, and therefore, he merged what he was with that.”

REALITY THEN SETS IN FOR A MOMENT (OR IS MEACHAM TRYING TO CONVINCE  HIMSELF??)…Meacham says progressive should be very careful in thinking that the “millenium” will come…things move slowly…”he’s very practical…a lot like Ronald Reagan…his core followers may forgive him….he may be able to govern CENTER-RIGHT.”

Minute 15:35— “His whole life is the narrative, he wants the story to end well.”  1

Minute 6:10– Talks about himself “as if he’s a character, not quite like Nixon, 3rd person, but damn close.”

Minute 18:00— Rose…”Where is he courageous, not Machavellian?”–THE TWO NEWSWEEK churnalists come up pretty empty here….”he’s RISK-AVERSE.”

Who will be the principal opposition, queries Rose.  “Gov. Palin will have a very large platform” Repeat of all the crap about the clothes, running up bills, etc. and how “frustrated” aides were… (If these assholes in conjunction with the Obama crowd don’t destroy her, the GOP insiders will.)

I have nothing else to say…it speaks for itself!!



I got a couple of early emails from AL on Thursday morning:

“Just a short note to alert you to a seminar to be held at 10am at the Treasury building. The title of the seminar is “Islamic Finance 101.” This is a seminar for the policy community, and I think it will be conducted by Neel Kashkari, Asst. Treas. Secy.

A warning about this at “Center for Security Policy” and at “Human”.

This is one of Bush’s final gifts to us women.  Introducing Sharia Law to the US and doing it with our own money. The $700 billion troubled asset relief money that Paulson & Co. has in its clutches.  Scary, and it should be disseminated to all. They creeped into Britain with this and the women have had to suffer.

…updated 2nd email

The time of the seminar has been changed to 1pm to 5pm.  They have a website now “Islamic Finance 101.”

I call it “Brainwashing 101.”  Welcome to the New World Order control of the whole world’s finances…

Shariah law, indeed.  This is still America. isn’t it?  If women, any women, in America have to be subjugated to the whims of men under the guise of religion, let the Saudi’s keep their oil and their outdated beliefs in their own country.  This is one of the things that worries me about foreign debt.

InsightAnalytical-GRL ADDS:

Islamic financing by Sharia law has been in operation around the globe for quite awhile and is not necessarily a first step toward full Sharia Law being included in our legal code.  As far back as 2006, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL was running sessions by the “Islamic Finance Group” under name “Islamic Finance 101: Introduction and Career Opportunities” under the auspices of Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

So, we’ve got HARVARD UNIVERSITY/LAW SCHOOL, BUSHCO, and OBAMACO….all doing their thing on SHARIA INVESTING .Coincidence?????  (UPDATE:  See Al-Mansour connection below)

Michelle Malkin (I can’t believe I’m citing her, but facts are facts!) put up a post on this Treasury event later yesterday/Thursday.)

I couldn’t find the story at Human Events when I tried yesterday, but I did track down it down at the Center for Security Policy. They may sound over the top, but…They were holding a press conference on all this…did you hear about this subject in the MSM?  Think not…

I’m going to add “DO MORE RESEARCH” to my already long “to-do” list….

More on Sharia in this earlier IA post….

While Hillary and Sarah Get Trashed in the U.S., Muslim Women in Britain Get Sharia Law



I can’t believe Hillary is still shilling for Obama…and money!  I got an email from HillPac with this ridiculous message. I’m sorry, I’m SO OVER THIS:

Dear XXXX:

We did it! In this incredible year, we have changed our politics, our country and our nation! And I could not be more proud or more grateful to you for sharing this journey with me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything you have done, for me, for Barack Obama, and for all our Democratic candidates, to make these successes possible.

I know that President-Elect Barack Obama will lead our country in the new direction we need. And with the great success of our House and Senate candidates, we can make our agenda a reality.

God Forbid that this “agenda” is made into reality…nightmare time!



The al-Mansour connection from GG’s post on Obama’s Connections…from October 2, 2008

Parts 1 & 2–The Lineup: A Who’s Who of The Associates of Barack Obama

clip_image012Percy Sutton: This 87-year-old icon of the Civil Rights Movement recently recounted a story where he claimed he was asked to write a recommendation for Barack Obama to enter Harvard. Sutton’s quote follows:

“I was introduced to him by a friend who was raising money for him and the friend’s name was Dr Khalid al Mansour from Texas. He is the principle adviser to one of the world’s richest men. He told me about Obama. He wrote to me about him and his introduction was ‘there is a young man that has applied to Harvard and I know that you have a few friends left there because you used to go up there to speak, would you please write a letter in support of him?’ That’s before Obama decided to run. And he interjected the advice that Obama had passed the requirements, had taken, and passed, the requirements necessary to get into Harvard and become President of the Law Review. That’s before he ever ran for anything. I wrote a letter in support of him to my friends at Harvard saying to them I thought there was a genius that was going to be available and I surely hoped they would treat him kindly.”

clip_image014Khalid al Mansour/Donald Warden: The mysterious man Percy Sutton referred to in his interview is somewhat difficult to identify (a very common name in several countries). The al Mansour that is also known as Donald Warden has ties to both the radical Black Panthers and has served on the board of a bank in Nigeria that may have connections to money raised for Barack Obama. For more detail, I recommend the following 2 articles, and bear in mind again the caveat “follow the money”: (photo not readily available)

More at Texas Darlin’s blog:

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