The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party

~~By kenosha Marge

Celebrate Democrats! Celebrate Liberals! Celebrate that after 8 years of George W. Bush there is now a Democrat in the White House. Not a good Democrat. Not an honest Democrat. Not a person of judgment, tolerance or character. He calls himself a Democrat and hooray, he’s an African-American. Actually he is not but that’s just one more lie. He’s a Kenyan American and has no history in the struggle for rights and dignity of actual African-Americans.

The Democratic Party has given you the wonder of Obama, the lying scum bucket. If didn’t know that you just ain’t been paying attention. Or if you are an Obamacrat you are incapable of paying attention with your partisan head so far up your partisan ass.

In order to win the Democratic Party had to cheat, lie, steal votes, disenfranchise voters and otherwise engage in the thuggish Chicago style politics that birthed Obama’s campaign. But celebrate; we will have a Democrat in the White House. And celebrate that many of those people that were treated so abominably punished the party by voting for their candidate. Good thinking Michigan and Florida, that’ll keep them from ever messing with you again!

We will have a Democrat in the White House that stands for very little of which the Democratic Party has always claimed to stand. Hooray, we will have an African-American Democrat in the White House. A misogynistic, homophobic Democrat in the White House is not something to celebrate. Unless you think that the only bigotry that matters is racism. Then you must be very happy in your narrow little world. Who gives a damn about the LGBT community that was totally disenfranchised by the so-called liberal voters of California?

In my little world homophobes aren’t liberal and liberals are not homophobes. Sorry folks, but in my little world misogynists aren’t liberal and liberals are not misogynists. Liberal/homophobe and liberal/misogynist should each be considered an oxymoron. And only morons would think like that, at least in my little corner of the world.

So,  no, after being a liberal all my life I am not celebrating. Celebrate because an African-American will be in the White House? I do not care to celebrate the color of a person’s skin. It is now and has always been immaterial to me. I cannot celebrate that a person of any race or religion will sit in the White House if they do not believe in equal rights for every citizen of this country. And Obama does not. Many of his supporters do not. Certainly the 2/3 of the African Americans in California that voted against the rights of Gay citizens in that state only believe in civil rights for themselves. Hypocrisy knows few bounds and no color.

I will not celebrate. I will instead commiserate with my brothers and sisters who still do not have equal rights in this country. I will bow my head in shame that I belonged to the Democratic Party for so many years thinking that they were the party that believed in equal rights for every man, woman and child in this country.

You celebrate, if you must, that a ½ Kenyan man has been elevated to the highest office in this land by a corrupt media, a corrupt political process and an apathetic and uninformed citizenry. I will not celebrate the color of a person’s skin because that does not matter. The color of a person’s character is what concerns me. And I have seen the color of Obama’s character. I don’t celebrate the elevation of liars and cheats.

The Democratic Party is dancing for joy and congratulating itself for having elected a man of color to the White House. In order to do so they had to abandon the rights of women and the gay community. In order to do so they had to abandon many of the things that liberals, real liberals hold dear. Things like honesty and integrity.

The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party has lost many of its staunchest supporters. Some may come back. Most will not. I will not.

I judge a person by the color of their character. Obama is a hollow man. And the Democratic Party has become a hollow party. Celebrate? I think not.