Obama Energy Plan Includes Nano-Generators That Bite

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

It’s coming soon…as part of the Obama Energy Plan.  Forget about oil and clean coal and carbon trading.  This is the real deal.  We’ll be able to power our own mobile phones someday.

Thank goodness! We are SAVED!!

Hamsters in jackets harnessed for energy

Scientists have managed to harness the energy-producing power of hamsters by fitting them with tiny detector jackets.

Role Model for Humans

Proto-type for Future Human Nano-Generators

The devices are strapped to the animals as they run on their cage wheels, capturing the biomechanical energy they release as they exercise.

Experts believe the technique could one day be used to capture power produced by humans.


Although it would take 1,000 hamsters to generate enough energy to power a mobile phone, Dr Wang said the technology could have practical applications when applied to larger animals and humans.


Personally, I’ve been a gerbil owner and think their personalities are better than what hamsters display.  Let’s give them a try, too…Never hurts to have a backup plan!!